Review: Legions Of The Night – Sorrow Is The Cure

Review: Legions Of The Night – Sorrow Is The Cure

Pride & Joy Music (August 20th 2021)

Reviewer: Dan Mann

The band name Legions Of The Night is not one plucked out of nowhere. It’s a very large clue as to what you should expect from ‘Sorrow Is The Cure‘.

For those of you not familiar with the name or who just need a nudge with a pointy stick, if I was to mention the legendary power metal band Savatage then maybe the clouds would lift.

Legions Of The Night was put together by Dawn Of Destiny‘s Jens Faber with Henning Basse on vocal duties and Philipp Bock on drums.

Sorrow Is The Cure‘ is heavily influenced by the afore mentioned Savatage which for me personally is absolutely fine. Actually it’s more than fine as for someone whose a huge Savatage fan, this album delivers in spades. It’s not just some tribute album that’s been thrown out there, there’s a lot more on offer here, giving you a coherent power metal package.

Okay the band do cover Savatage’s ‘Sirens‘ which they make a decent stab at, although I much prefer the original with Jon Oliva’s vocals.

With tracks like ‘Walls Of Sorrow‘ ‘Shoot And Save‘ and ‘We All Walk Alone‘ we are absolutely in classic power metal territory, with huge soundscapes, pounding drums and piano, this just ticks all the boxes and gets your speakers shifting some serious air!

For Savatage fans I’d say this is a must buy, but also for anyone whose a classic power metal fan, I think you’ll find this is right up your street…………or is that Streets?