Review: My Dynamite – Otherside

My Dynamite - Otherside

Review: My Dynamite – Otherside

Listenable Records 2017

Reviewer: Dan Mann

My Dynamite are back, 5 years after their self title debut album, with a brand spanking new release entitled ‘Otherside‘.

If your familiar with the band then you already know exactly what to expect. For the rest of you, prepare to be hit from the off with swathes of the Black Crows, mingled with British 70’s rock/blues eg The Faces, Rolling Stones etc.

I for one am really liking this 70’s rock revisited trend of a lot of bands over the last couple of years. No it’s not all a nostalgia trip as bands such as My Dynamite manage to put their own signature to it.

There are also country undertones with the likes of ‘Can’t Tell Lies‘ and ‘So Familiar‘ which isn’t really my thing, but done very well never the less.

What is my cup of tea are tracks like ‘Round the Bend‘, ‘Witch Hat‘ and ‘Motortalkin’‘. If they don’t get your foot stompin’ and give you a feel good injection then you must be emotionless!

The ballad ending ‘Don’t Steel The Light‘ rounds off the album perfectly with some great acoustic guitar and melancholy vocals.

Overall the album is very pleasing to the ear but for me the country tones creeping in muddy the band’s identity somewhat style wise. However, this is still an album worth checking out.

Junkyard Set To Release New Album In April


Junkyard are all set to release a brand new album on April 21st on Acetate Records.

We maybe could have gone to some of the 1980s revival labels, and I think there was some interest from some of those labels. But we wanted someone who really understood what Junkyard did,” says Tim Mosher. “It just felt like a natural fit. Honestly, how it happened was I sent an email to Rick Ballard and said, ‘Hi, this is Tim from Junkyard, would you be interested in doing a Junkyard record?’ That was the level of pursuing a record deal for us. Junkyard doesn’t do the big, grand plan thing very well––I can say that. We don’t really know what we’re expected to sell or how we sell,” he says. “The requirements are for us to do a certain amount of shows within the year cycle of the record. 2017 will be more shows than we’ve done in the previous eight or 10 years, probably. We’re going to be out there playing and promoting it.”

That’s always been our stigma––that we were lumped in with the long hair bands of that era, but musically we didn’t really have that much in common with them,” says David Roach. “There was another scene going on simultaneously to the West Hollywood, Sunset Strip scene that people think about when they consider that period of rock & roll in L.A. A more alternative, garage rock scene including the Nymphs and Jane’s Addiction, that we were a part of.

Junkyard will be making a welcome visit to the UK as part of the Hair Metal Heaven festival in Hull, which takes place on 25 August–27 August.


Official Website




MelodicRockFest 5

melodicrockfest is excited to announce the return of MelodicRockFest for one more round. MRF5 will happen in May 2018.

Stuck with the problem of deciding between two amazing locations and two amazing venues, with two great partnerships to work with, we’ve taken the only responsible option – two MelodicRockFest events, back to back!

MRF-USA and MRF-Scandinavia

MRF5 will be happening as usual in the Chicagoland area; and for the very first time is also heading to the other side of the globe, for a special event in Sweden!

This initial announcement is being made 14 months out from the events to allow interested fans to plan ahead and save for what will be two unforgettable events.

Full lineups for both events are in advanced planning and will be announced in the not too distant future.

Both MelodicRockFest events will take place in May 2018 and will feature the best characteristics of previous fests, with a couple of new twists to keep diehard fans happy and offer up some tempting VIP options.

MRF organizer Andrew McNeice: “I was initially reluctant to dive into another event, but the partnership offers on both side of the Atlantic give me the confidence and enthusiasm to really deliver two exclusive events. I’m doing this for the fans. The true fans of this small, but amazing genre. I want to put on the two best MRF events yet and discussions with artists I’d love to take part suggest they will be.
I’m going to deliver lineups that offer something you won’t get at any other event, with the emphasis on the hottest acts fans in both locations have been demanding to see.
You can expect there to be a crossover of some artists at both events and for those looking for a double holiday, there will be ticketing options that cover both events.
It’s also a great opportunity for some artists to perform that wouldn’t otherwise get a chance and I’d love to deliver a few surprises from yesteryear that the diehards will embrace.

Further details will be announced in coming weeks including locations, exact dates and the all-important lineup and ticketing details.

There will be various vendor and sponsor opportunities. If interested, please contact:

Any other questions, enquiries or comments can also be directed to:

DangerAngel Releases Official Video For ‘Call My Name’

Call My Name

Greek hard rockers DangerAngel have released an Official video for the track ‘Call My Name‘, taken from the album ‘All The King’s Horses‘.

Line up:

Ethan Snow – Guitars
BJ – Vocals
Rudy Rallis – Bass
Tony V. – Drums
AHAS – Keyboards

DangerAngel band

Official Website


Sleaze N’ Roll Festival 2017 Athens, Greece


The first Glam Festival in Athens, Greece!

At Friday 7th and Saturday 8th of April, A.O.R., Hard Rock & Glam Metal bands from around the world, will perform live at Sleaze N’ Roll Festival on MODU clubs live stage in Athens, Greece. The headliners of the first day April 7th will be the Greek melodic rockers Wild Rose and the second day April 8th the Swedish glam rockers ToxicRose!

Line up April 7th:

Wild Rose (GR)

Sleazy Lizards(GR)

Heart Attack (GR)

Ganzi Gun (GR)

Line up April 8th:

ToxicRose (SWE)

Nasty Ratz (CZ)

Strangers (ES)

Design band (GR)

Venue: MODU, Athens, Greece (Kolonou 76, Athens, Greece)


1st day: 10euro

2nd day: 15euro Presale / 18euro Door

Both days: 20euro Only 100 tickets available!

Ticketing Pre-Sale:

Friday Ticket

Saturday Ticket

Double Day Ticket



Interview With Blaze Bayley


Interview with vocalist Blaze Bayley regarding his brand new album ‘Endure And Survive

Endure and Survive’ is set for release on 3rd March 2017 via Blaze Bayley Recording and will be accompanied by a world tour totaling some 120 shows. The European leg of the tour takes place principally between February and June 2017. After a small number of summer shows, Blaze will then go to the United States and Canada during August-September. It’s also planned to take the tour to Latin America in 2018.

Pre-orders for the new album are available now at

Hellbound Hearts Release Video For ‘The Light We Cannot See’


Hellbound Hearts have released a video clip for their new song ‘The Light We Cannot See‘, taken from their forthcoming debut album ‘Film Noir‘ (out 7th April)


Hellbound Hearts Tour Dates:

4th March – LONDON, Proud Camden

8th April – LEEDS, Key Club (album launch show)
16th April – BOLTON, B-Festival (Alma Inn)

3rd June – KEIGHLEY, The Exchange
23rd June – DUNDEE, Firefly

24th June – EDINBURGH, Bannermans
8th July – WESTCLIFFE ON SEA, The Venue

11th August – LEEDS, Yorkshire Rock And Bike Show

More dates to be announced.

Line up:

Danny Lambert – Lead vocals and guitar
Craig McLaren – Bass and backing vocals
Lee Brook – Drums and backing vocals

Official Website


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