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illustr8ors Debut EP Announcement


Wave goodbye to BlackWolf (2014 Classic Rock Magazine ‘Best New Band’ Award Nominees + Planet Rock Radio Tour Headliners) and say hello to illustr8ors and their stunning, self titled debut EP (out 14th October 2016).

Featuring four white hot songs, this forthcoming ep is sharp, drenched in groove, ladened with hooks and melody, whilst intelligent and a straight to the point collection of music. No messing about, no gimmicks…this is what rock music sounds like right NOW.

illustr8ors is a different animal to BlackWolf. Whilst the band line up remains the same; this young five piece from Bristol, UK have been on a musical journey of discovery, both as a band and as individuals. Simply put, this is illustr8ors.

In their previous guise illustr8ors scored tours and supports with the likes of The Temperance Movement, Winger, Blues Pills, Von Hertzen Brothers and The Answer to name a few; a nomination for Classic Rock Magazine’s ‘Best New Band’ roll of honour award, numerous playlist slots on major rock radio stations and a debut headline tour endorsed by Planet Rock Radio. However, it was time for a change. A time for a more decisive stride towards a definitive and individual sonic identity. A rebirth. That’s when illustr8ors were born.

 From the initial coffee shop conversations between new producer Toby Jepson (The Virginmarys) and frontman/singer Scott Sharp, right the way through to the numerous days of recording in the studio, the aim was simple. The band was in search of a new voice, one they could call their own and one that had something relevant and relative to say.

It didn’t take long before band and producer were shedding away the fat and cutting at the bare bones of what this band were: A slick, riff loving, funked-up (slightly off-centered) melting pot of sas-mouthed rock’n’roll. Growth came quickly and the new songs came out swinging. From the immediate soaring hooks of ‘Your Animal‘ to the foot-shuffling, popadelic declaration of identity that is ‘Shush Shush‘, the excitement between band and producer was tangible. The end result is a selection of songs that tell the story of a unique band striding confidently forward into a contemporary music world, whilst not forgetting what it was about rock’n’roll that set their hearts alight in the first place. No throw back gimmicks. No bullshit. Just rock music as this band hears it today.

 illustr8ors self titled debut EP is released 14th October 2016.


Scott Sharp – Vocals

Jason Cronin – Rhythm Guitar

John Greenhill – Lead Guitar

Ben Webb – Bass Guitar

Thomas Lennox-Brown – Drums

Official Website



Soul Seller’s ‘Matter of Faith’ Album Trailer Released

Soul Seller - Matter Of Faith

After 5 years Soul Seller returns with their second album Matter of Faith which will be released by Tanzan Music on September 19th.

This new record produced by Alessandro Del Vecchio (Hardline, Revolution Saints) is powerful; it’s pure hard rock with great melodies.

Matter of Faith’ features 12 tracks and a brand new line up; the album release will be anticipated by the video clip of the first single ‘Tide is Down’.


1 Neverending
2 Given To Live
3 Tide is Down
4 Memories
5 Get Stronger
6 Echoes From a Distant Future
7 Get Away From the Light
8 Alchemy
9 Wipe your Tears Away
10 Matter Of Faith
11 Strangers Apart
12 Made of Stone


Eric Concas – Lead & Backing vocals
Cris Audisio – Lead, Rhythm & Acoustic Guitars, Backing vocals
Dave Zublena – Rhythm & Acoustic Guitars, Backing vocals
Mike Zublena – Bass
Simone Morandotti – Keyboards & Programming
Italo Graziana – Drums & Backing vocals

Pride & Joy Music Signs Norwegian Melodic Metal Band Darkest Sins

Darkest Sins - The Broken

Darkest Sins is a five-piece Melodic Metal band from Ålesund, Norway founded by Marius Danielsen and Anniken Rasmussen in 2009. For the last three years, the five-piece has been working on their debut album ‘The Broken‘ which now will be released on Pride & Joy Music on October 21th, 2016.

Previously, Darkest Sins have released a demo album back in 2011 and an EP in 2013. So, “The Broken” marks the first real album coming from Darkest Sins.

The debut album ‘The Broken‘ was mixed and mastered by Piet Sielck (Iron Saviour) who also has mixed albums for Blind Guardian, Gamma Ray, Grave Digger, Paragon and many more.


Marius Danielsen – Vocals, guitar

Anniken Rasmussen – Vocals, bass

Sigurd Kårstad – Guitar

Peter Danielsen – Keyboard and orchestration

Ludvig Pedersen – Drums

Guest appearances on ‘The Broken‘ by:

Fabio Lione (Rhapsody of Fire) lead vocals on the 8th track, ‘Far Away’.

Esa Ahonen (Cryonic Temple) guitar solo on the 8th track, ‘Far Away’.

Jimmy Hedlund (Falconer) guitar solo on the 1st track, ‘The Broken’.

Darkest Sins band


Doomsday Outlaw Release Video For ‘Bring You Pain’

Doomsday Outlaw - Bring You Pain

Doomsday Outlaw follow up their hugely successful release of ‘Suffer More‘ with their new video for the single ‘Bring You Pain‘. 

Bring You Pain’ is a foot stomping monster rocker, heavily infused with blues and huge riffs and guaranteed to get the party started. If you like your rock big, bluesy and brash then this is a must!

Bassist Indy Chanda had this to say:
“The song’s about everyone who’s had a beautiful relationship implode on them and dealt with it in, perhaps, not the healthiest way – by going out and making questionable decisions and being a bit of a dick. But rather than make it miserable and angry – we decided to hitch it up to a neck-snapping blues stomper and celebrate the fact that you sometimes need to let off some steam!”

Quote from Powerplay Magazine on this new album:
“Holy shit this album had me tied up in knots it is that good. It is quite simply….perfect”

Hot on the heels of their last year’s release, the critically acclaimed ‘Black River‘, Midlands rising rockers Doomsday Outlaw spread their wings on their latest record ‘Suffer More, bringing their trademark Southern rock and metal alongside dirty heavy blues – the fifteen tracks of heavy groove-laden rock taking in Black Stone Cherry and Zakk Wylde, and weaving in classic Maiden, Faces and Hendrix to their sound. Play LOUD!

Doomsday Outlaw are:
Phil Poole – Vocals
Steve Broughton – Guitar
Gavin Mills – Guitar
Indy Chanda – Bass
John ‘Ironfoot’ Willis – Drums
John Willis makes his own ‘Ironfoot’ brand drums, which is pretty damn amazing! Indy is endorsed by Italia Basses through JHS, and Phil is endorsed by VocalZone.

Black River&Suffer More‘ available from all usual outlets &:


HRH AOR V Line-up Complete


Thursday 9th March 2017

The Quireboys


Dante Fox

Friday 10th March 2017

Lita Ford



Bang Tango

Jizzy Pearls “Love/Hate”


Romeos Daughter


Daylight Robbery

Psycho Kiss

Damn Dice

Voodoo Vegas



Black Bullets


Silent Jack

Bulletproof Rose

Saturday 11th March 2017


Michael Monroe

LA Guns (Tracii Guns and Phil Lewis)

Mike Tramp

Paul Laine (Danger Danger)




The Radio Sun

Trophies of Man

Falling Red



Hells Addiction

Art Nation

Sorded Lies

Saints Of Sin


Madame Guillotine


Review: Walter Trout – Alive In Amsterdam

Alive In Amsterdam

Walter Trout – Alive In Amsterdam

Provogue Records (June 2016)

Reviewer: Peter Scallan

Walter Trout is one of these artists that down through the years I have heard the odd song and never got around to buying any albums. Therefore, when offered the chance to review this album I jumped at the chance! He has been around for quite some time, including spells with both Canned Heat and John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers before becoming a solo artist. Recently he suffered serious health issues which could have been fatal, so I am guessing the album title is a play on the fact that he is still about, kicking up a storm.

From the get-go the man receives a standing ovation before launching into the opening track called ‘Help Me‘ which opens with Walter soloing his ass off and also includes an organ solo midway resulting in just over seven minutes of bluestatstic rocking. This is quickly followed by ‘a song with message’ in ‘I’m Back‘ and this rocks along too. The pace drops for some slow burning blues in ‘Say Goodbye to the Blues‘ which could comfortably sit on any of Gary Moore’s blues albums with the opening guitar salvo. The song is dedicated to BB King with Walter explaining his relationship with the late, great man. We slip back into some blues rock with ‘Almost Gone‘ which lyrically sounds like it could be autobiographical in terms of Walter’s health issues. Based on a driving blues rock riff it rocks along nicely. In fact, the next song is autobiographical in that it is about his stay in hospital during his illness. Entitled ‘Omaha‘ it describes his experience during his illness and is another blues rocker. ‘Tomorrow Seems So Far Away‘ has a funky blues feel to it and bounces nicely around a great bass line and keeps up the theme from the previous two songs. The feel and pace change dramatically for ‘Playin’ Hideaway‘ which is a pacey riffed-up rocker with Walter sounding great vocally too. It also has some crowd participation for the woahs in the chorus. The closing song on the first CD is ‘Haunted By The Night‘ which is more moody and laid back with great guitar part driving the song. So far, so good!

The second disc doesn’t hang around opens with the superb ‘Fly Away‘ which is more blues with a melodic rock edge. It moves along swiftly with Walter giving an assured vocal performance. Next up is an acoustic ballad which sounds more country rock and for some strange reason reminds me of Pat Travers. Entitled ‘Please Take Me Home‘, Walter again provides a great vocal performance in terms of doing exactly what the song requires. In addition there is some rather tasteful guitar playing. Next up is a bit of a blues jam session with Walter introducing his son to the proceedings with the old blues standard ‘Rock Me Baby‘. While I am sure it is a real buzz for Walter playing with his son and pretty good to watch for me it does really translate to record as I found his son’s playing a little pedestrian in comparison to Walter’s – he still has a little way to go to be a chip off the old block! With ‘Marie’s Mood‘ the Gary Moore comparison is again valid. Walter treats us to some rather neat guitar work during this instrumental work out and shares the limelight with a great organ solo again. The mood is lifted for the slow burning blues of ‘Serves Me Right to Suffer‘. Opening with a great guitar solo, Walter trades off vocal and guitar licks as the song progresses. Coming in at well over eight minutes it highlights just how good a guitar player Walter is and also includes a drum solo. Last and by no means least, we have ‘The Love That We Once Knew‘ which is clearly a crowd favourite. Slipping back into an acoustic country rock vibe again, the crowd join in on the chorus and some it brings the set to a suitable close.

Having no real significant experience or knowledge of Walter’s back catalogue, this has served as a great introduction to Walter Trout for me. While by no means being innovative, Walter serves a great mix of rock, blues and a little country that really appeals to me. A sign maybe that I am becoming a boring old fart possibly, as the same time I find the melodic rock scene starting to converge on a generic style and sound, as it did in the 80s, that on the whole leaves me rather unmoved. My advice, check this out if you want to hear some real music – old guys rool!


Review: Rob Moratti – Transcendent


Review: Rob Moratti – Transcendent

Escape (June 2016)

Reviewer: Peter Scallan

Rob Moratti has been kicking around for quite some time with his first albums released in the early to mid-90s with Moratti. He also featured in Saga for a while and most recently on the last Rage of Angels album. Admittedly, I haven’t heard much of his back catalogue but he is highly rated amongst the melodic rock fraternity, so I was looking forward to reviewing this album.

Opening song ‘Answer of Life’ has a very Pink Floyd/Dave Gilmour intro which then bursts into a very Journey-like song. Right from the off there is no doubting the quality of this guy’s voice with his crooning and the soaring heights he reaches. The song is well crafted too, but for me the production is just so lack lustre and sounds like so many other AOR/melodic rock bands. ‘Don’t Give Up’ follows very much in the same vein in terms of sound but takes the pace up a notch or two with Rob really hitting the high notes. While I love the range of his voice, for me it would have most effect if used sparingly to create a real wow effect in a few choice songs. Next is a mid-paced rocker which suits the sound and for me is one of the few occasions when the album really works for me. Called ‘Edge of Love’ if anybody bothered to release singles properly then this would be the one from this album. ‘I’m Back’ quickly follows and falls back into the category of the first two songs and could be any one of a number of bands with a change of vocalist. Rob’s undoubted quality as a vocalist shines through on ‘Lost and Lonely’ but again the song just passes me by with the uninspiring production.

We then have the obligatory AOR dut-dut keyboard song in the shape of ‘I’m Flying High’. And like Edge of Love this song really suits the production and it certainly soars along with Rob’s voice. This is followed by ‘Within Your Eyes’ which is a similar song to the afore-mentioned Edge of Love, and while good, only lends itself to the sameness of the album. Although it works well, I hasten to add. ‘Mist of June’ is next and is back to the generic sound of the majority of the album and just passes me by. Rob then tries to rock it up with ‘There’s No Denying’ but the lack lustre production just doesn’t allow the song to reach its true potential. ‘To Be An Honest Man’ sees the return of dut-dut keyboard which again indicates for me lack of versatility in the songs and production and again just comes and goes with very little impact apart from the vocal performance in the chorus. There is a lush keyboard/bass intro in a similar vein to the opening track which then leads into a power ballad driven by acoustic guitar called ‘Baby I’m Yours’. For me, another good song hampered by the generic sound. The last song is ‘Euphoria’ and if I am honest I am feeling anything but euphoric about this album as it just comes and goes with very little impact. Point in case is the fact that it is guitar driven but the guitars just don’t rock the song like they should.

Now there is absolutely no denying that Rob Moratti has a stunning voice, but the old saying of the singer not the song just doesn’t stand up here for me. Sure there are some highlights and the songs are well crafted and executed. But it is so generic in places it could be any number of bands if the singer changed. In the 80s melodic rock/AOR started to sound the same as a few key producers were in demand and they had ‘their sound’ using the same old tricks for every band instead of actually producing them on the basis of what suited their songs and style. We seem to be heading in the same direction again, with engineers and producers making their mark instead of understanding the needs of the songs and the players within the band. You need go no further than the last Bryan Adams album as evidence with Jeff Lynne ‘producing’ this album and it sounding like Adams singing for ELO – if Jeff Lynne sang on it you would think it were a ELO album. I just hope for the sake of melodic rock we don’t make the same mistakes from the past and end up with lots of generic music that could be any one of a number of bands!


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