Monument Release ‘Attila’ Lyric Video/Single

British Heavy Metal Band Monument have released a lyric video for the new single ‘Attila‘, the song is taken from their third studio album ‘Hellhound‘, to be out on May 25th, 2018 via ROAR Rock Of Angels Records.

Peter Ellis, the voice of Monument quotes: “Attila was one of these men of history who were more like a forces of nature than human beings and I felt that the music I had for the song fitted him perfectly so I wrote the lyrics based around his story. I am very proud of how this song came together.

The album, consisting of 9 plus 3 bonus  tracks of pure British heavy metal, will also be available in a limited 500 copy Boxset version, red, yellow and orange marbled double vinyl and on black vinyl (9 tracks only).

The box set includes:

  • Hellhound” Limited Digipack CD
  • Hellhound” Red/Yellow/Orange Marbled Double Vinyl (Boxset Exclusive Vinyl)
  • Artwork / Band Photo Poster
  • Signed Postcard
  • William Kidd” Official Flag 150x100cm
  • Monument Logo Patch

All MonumentHellhound‘ packages can be pre-ordered here

Hellhound“ Tracklist (9 Track Standard Versions):

Jewel Case CD

1. William Kidd
2. The Chalice
3. Death Avenue
4. Nightrider
5. Hellhound
6. Wheels of Steel
7. The End
8. Attila
9. Straight Through the Heart

Black Vinyl

Side A:
1. William Kidd
2. The Chalice
3. Death Avenue
4. Nightrider
5. Hellhound

Side B:
1. Wheels of Steel
2. The End
3. Attila
4. Straight Through the Heart

Hellhound‘ Tracklist (12 Track Limited Edition):

Limited Digipack CD:

1. William Kidd
2. The Chalice
3. Death Avenue
4. Nightrider
5. Hellhound
6. Wheels of Steel
7. The End
8. Attila
9. Straight Through the Heart

(Bonus Tracks):

10. Creatures of the Night
11. Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll (Rainbow Cover)
12. Deja vu (Iron Maiden Cover)

Red/Yellow/Orange Marbled Double Vinyl (Boxset Exclusive Vinyl):

Side A:
1. William Kidd
2. The Chalice
3. Death Avenue

Side B:
1. Nightrider
2. Hellhound
3. Wheels of Steel

Side C:
1. The End
2. Attila
3. Straight Through the Heart

Side D (Bonus Tracks):
1. Creatures of the Night
2. Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll (Rainbow Cover)
3. Deja vu (Iron Maiden Cover)

Line up:

Peter Ellis: Vocals
Dan Baune: Guitars
Lewis Stephens: Guitars
Daniel Bate: Bass
Gio Durst: Drums

Official Website


Felskinn Premiere ‘Rain Will Fall’ Music Video

Swiss heavy rock band, Felskinn, feat. MaxxwellKrokus and Live/Wire members, have released a new music video for ‘Rain Will Fall‘, the song is taken from their debut album, ‘Mind Over Matter‘, out now via ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records.


  1. Close Your Eyes
  2. Pictures In My Dreams
  3. Dying Man
  4. The Night Before The Dawn
  5. Our Favorite Game
  6. Bastards Out
  7. Break New Ground
  8. Superhero
  9. Rain Will Fall
  10. Mind Over Matter
  11. Wake Up On Mars
  12. I Hear You Calling

On the Album, Mike Terrana (RAGE, TARJA TURUNEN) laid down the drum tracks at Hansen Studios in Denmark, recorded by Jacob Hansen (VOLBEAT, PRIMAL FEAR, PRETTY MAIDS). The rest was recorded in Switzerland „with a little help” of former Bandmates Jgor Gianola (U.D.O, JORN, GOTTHARD) and Mandy Meyer (UNISONIC, KROKUS, GOTTHARD) on lead guitars.

Upcoming Live Shows:

07. May – Kofmehl, Solothurn, CH
12. May – Metbar, Lenzburg, CH
19. May – Kulturwerk 118, Sursee, CH
26. May – Hall Of Fame, Wetzikon, CH w/ Crystal Ball + King Zebra
04. July – Schüür, Luzern, CH

Line up:

Andy Portmann – Vocals (Krokus, Ain’t Dead Yet, Meyer/Portmann)
Cyril Montavon – Guitars (Maxxwell)
Hef Häfliger – Guitars (Maxxwell)
Beat Schaub – Bass (Live/Wire)
Flavio Mezzodi – Drums (Krokus)

Official Website


Sharon den Adel aka My Indigo Releases New Video for ‘Crash And Burn

Lead singer of the rock band Within Temptation, Sharon den Adel aka My Indigo has released a new video for the track ‘Crash And Burn‘, the second single from her solo project.

The first single, also titled ‘My Indigo’, was released last November. Listen here:

Released early 2018, the album ‘My Indigo’ is the beautiful and raw result of two years of retreat, healing and exploration. It was Sharon’s opportunity to get out of the limelight and come to terms with hardships in her personal life, and take a break from the strain of touring the world as the singer of the internationally successful rock band, Within Temptation.

“My Indigo is my blues; my feelings and emotions. Not only negative, but also positive emotions and feeling, but negative feelings often have more impact.”

Even though ‘My Indigo’ is Sharon’s debut as a solo artist, it’s not the first time she released music outside of the band Within Temptation. In 2008, a collaboration with DJ Armin van Buuren titled ‘In And Out of Love’ became an international hit song.

Official Website


The Rocket Dolls Release New Video Ahead Of Album & UK shows

Grunge rock trio The Rocket Dolls have released a grim video ahead of new album and UK tour this April. The band will be appearing live at Wildfire Festival and Ramblin’ Man Fair.

In the new video ‘DeaDHead‘, The Rocket Dolls vocalist/guitarist Nikki Smash takes on the role of grim reaper to deliver a message of death courtesy of his bosses, played by band mates Benji Knopler (drums) and Joe Constable (bass). Eventually having enough of delivering punishment and the misery it inflicts, Nikki delivers a rose to the crime overlords and punishes them for using him to do their dirty work, giving them a taste of their own medicine!

The Rocket Dolls new music video was directed by Dave Neale & James Eldridge of Wild Stag Studios.

Smash talks about the song,”‘DeaDhead’ is just simply about my battles with depression, battle with drugs and prescription painkillers. After a particular heavy day, I hadn’t a clue where on earth I was, I was actually in a flat downstairs from my own and I couldn’t for the life of me get back to my own. The day after, I realised something had to change. I couldn’t carry on being that reckless, and this song is very much me wearing my heart on my sleeve.

The new album ‘DeaDHead‘ is out 6th April 2018 and is available to pre-order now.

Live dates:

6th April – Southampton, The Firehouse
7th April – Worthing, Bar42
10th April – Sheffield, West Street Live
11th April – Newcastle, Trillians Rock Bar
12th April – Edinburgh, Bannermans
13th April – Glossop, The Globe
14th April – Birmingham, The Hammer & The Anvil
15th April – Northampton, The King Billy Rock Bar
19th April – Cardiff, Creature Sound
20th April – Weymouth, Finns
21st April – London, Dublin Castle
26th May – Brighton, Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar
4th Aug – Hastings, Black Market Vip
June – Wiston, Wildfire Festival
Date tbc – Maidstone Ramblin’ Man Fair

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POMPEII ‘The Supergroup That Never Was ‘ – Releases Long Lost Album ‘The Secret Sessions’ On Record Store Day

Known as “The Supergroup That Never Was,” Corky Laing’s POMPEII recorded ‘The Secret Sessions‘ between 1976 and 1978 after a re-introduction to old friend Ian Hunter via Steve Wax of Elektra / Asylum.

Laing recalls, “The late 70s was a turbulent time as the musical taste went through a generational change. Punk was just beginning to surface in the rock landscape. It replaced the increasingly complacent era of glam and classic rock with a new confrontational and rebellious attitude. Bands like Mountain and Mott the Hoople were becoming oldsters. In this environment, my record company Elektra/Asylum was preparing to bail on me, but before doing so, they asked if I wanted to form a so called “supergroup”. I had no choice, and so began the journey into ‘The Secret Sessions‘. Steve Wax, the president of E/A hooked me up with an old mate, Ian Hunter to begin the work. Bob Ezrin was brought in to produce and together we proceeded to invite our famous friends to the Briarcliff Studios in Westchester, NY to see if we could put something interesting together.” Before long Laing and Ezrin had assembled a cast that included Free’s Andy Fraser, the Alice Cooper Band’s Steve Hunter, Lee Michaels and Ian Hunter. Just as things started to click, Laing says, “it all went south. Well, actually Ezrin went EAST – all the way to the UK to record ‘The Wall’ with Pink Floyd. Then Steve Hunter got a call from Bette Midler and became the musical director for her film, “The Rose.” Andy Fraser really did go south – to continue with his solo project – and Lee Michaels went, well, wherever Lee Michaels wants to go.” At this point that left Corky and Ian Hunter to salvage the embryonic supergroup. “To my surprise, Ian invited Mick Ronson to join in and I asked Felix Pappalardi to step in on bass.

As the deal was being made to release ‘The Secret Sessions‘ for Record Store Day, Laing and Rouge Records decided to have Corky go back in the studio and re-record 3 songs on the original album with Corky’s current solo band consisting of Chris Shutters and Mark Mikel.

Thrilled that the songs that had been hidden for 40 years would now see the light of day, Corky played the record to them and they loved the repertoire. “In the end, we decided on their favorites, ‘Easy Money,’ ‘Silent Movie’ and ‘Growing Old with Rock & Roll’ and made them fresh at Mark’s studio in Mauhee, Ohio. Jason Hartless (Ted Nugent) came in to play the drums on ‘Growing Old’ while Craig Adams and Steve Feehan joined in on the keys. I hadn’t played these songs for decades and they felt all new to me. Being 70 years of age this year, I suppose that one could say that I’m indeed growing old with rock & roll, but I’m planning to do plenty more growing!

There’s an additional bonus track only indirectly related to ‘The Secret Sessions‘: “The excitement in the studio while working on the bonus tracks got our creative juices flowing, and Mark, Chris and myself came up with a whole new original song called ‘Knock Me Over’. We had a blast laying that track down,” Laing relates.

Track Listing:
1 Easy Money (Corky Laing, Ian Hunter)
2 The Best Thing (Corky Laing)
3 I Ain’t No Angel (Corky Laing, Ian Hunter)
4 I Hate Dancin’ (Corky Laing)
5 The Outsider (Ian Hunter)
6 Silent Movie (Corky Laing, Ian Hunter)
7 Growin’ Old With Rock N’ Roll (Corky Laing)
8 On My Way To Georgia (Corky Laing, Leslie West, Mick Jones)
9 Just When I Needed You Most (Randy Van Warmer)
10 Lowdown Freedom (Billy Joe Shaver)

Bonus Tracks (included on digital download card):
Easy Money (2017 Re-Record)
Silent Movie (2017 Re-Record)
Growing Old with Rock & Roll (2017 Re-Record)
Knock Me Over (New Song by Corky Laing, Chris Shutters, Mike Mikel)

Drums, Vocals – Corky Laing (All Tracks)
Keyboards, Vocals – Ian Hunter (tracks: 1-6, 9,10)
Bass, Backing Vocals – Felix Pappalardi (tracks: 1-6, 9,10)
Guitar, Backing Vocals – Mick Ronson (tracks: 1-6, 9,10)
Guitar – Leslie West (tracks: 2, 5, 10)
Guitar – Dickey Betts (tracks: 8)
Guitar – Eric Clapton (tracks: 8)
Guitar – Pete Carr (tracks: 7),
Guitar – Tommy Talton (tracks: 7)
Bass – Calvin Arline (tracks: 7, 8)
Harmonica – John Sebastian (tracks: 6)
Horns – Muscle Shoals Horns (tracks: 7, 8)
Keyboards – Neil Larsen (tracks: 7, 8)
Organ, Backing Vocals – Todd Rundgren (tracks: 2, 5)
Bonus Track Credits:
Drums & Vocals – Corky Laing
Guitar & Vocals – Chris Shutters
Bass & Vocals – Mark Mikel
Drums – Jason Hartless (on “Growin’ Old with Rock’n’Roll”)
Piano – Craig Adams & Steve Feehan (on “Growin’ Old with Rock’n’Roll”)

The Secret Sessions‘ will include a Digital Download Card in the record and is set for release on Record Store Day – April 21, 2018 through Rogue Records (distributed by Sony RED / The Orchard).

Official Website



Review: Magnum – Lost On The Road To Eternity

Magnum – Lost On The Road To Eternity

Steamhammer (Jan 18)

Reviewer: Grant Foster

I’ve taken a while over this album. Let me be straight here. I’m not really a huge Magnum fan. I acknowledge their longevity. I admire their professionalism. Like Thunder, in their later years they have become more and more revered for being, well, themselves.

There were worrying reports lately that Bob Catley was not cutting it live. But this is a studio album right and worry not oh Magnumites, Uncle Bob sounds in fine fettle here. Whether it’s studio trickery or a good old fashioned vocal scrape (!), Bob delivers the goods. Yes, there’s a fair bit of vocal double tracking but that only enhances the melody, rather than boosting a weak vocal.

The new boy, Rick Benton, who replaced long time alumni, Mark Stanway, really shines here. He’s all over this album, but in a good way. Enhancing, poking, prodding and coming up with an array of different sounds which means you don’t get bored with the keyboard contributions.

And the album is sonically really good. The production is as smooth as a gravy sandwich, no nasty sharp bits to get snagged on and the mix is very sympathetic to Magnum’s progressive AOR.

Ok, so you are wondering, ‘What’s the problem here?’, as I’ve waxed lyrically so far.

To put it bluntly, they’ve stayed so close to their signature sound & formula, that they haven’t differentiated enough, to produce a song or songs that actually stand out.

Yes, in other words, as I worked my way through the album, I felt like the songs begin to blend into one another and that I’d heard the vocal melody line earlier too. The songs all seem to chug along at pretty much the same tempo too, which doesn’t help.

I’m sure the Magnum die hards will be spitting blood, but I have to call it thus – It’s a highly polished, professional progressive AOR styled piece of work, from one of Britain’s best loved rock outfits.

But unfortunately, it’s not for me.

Laurence Jones – ‘What Would You Do’ – Lyric Video

British blues guitarist Laurence Jones has released a lyric video for the track ‘What Would you Do‘.

25-year old British blues rock guitarist and singer-songwriter, Laurence Jones, released his new studio album ‘The Truth‘ on Friday 9th March 2018.

Laurence is often labelled as “the future of the blues.” He’s won several major awards and accolades, and has sold over 50,000 albums across four albums. He’s supported the likes of Status Quo, Gary Clark Jr, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, James Bay, Van Morrison, Buddy Guy, Robert Cray, Joe Bonamassa Jools Holland, Eric Burdon, and many more.

Hailed as “one to watch” by all corners of the music industry, including press, concert and festival booking agents, blues fans and various musicians. Over the past five years, Laurence has really come into his own, and with his new album ‘The Truth‘, he has now developing his own creative skin by writing and performing songs that are distinctive to his unique sound and identity.

Says Laurence, “The direction of this album is one I have always wanted to take and that’s crossover blues, just like my heroes John Mayer, Eric Clapton and even Jimi Hendrix. They managed to really bring the sound of the blues to the masses. This is definitely my favourite album that I have made to date. I can’t wait for people to hear ‘The Truth‘.”

Laurence recorded the new album at the old Sony Studios in Miami. It proved to be an amazing opportunity when Top Stop Music, a Grammy award winning record label, signed Laurence and proposed that he record the album in Florida. “The studio has so much history,” says Laurence. “It has always been a dream of mine to record in America and I wanted this album to have that USA magic that a lot of my favorite records have.”

‘The Truth’ was produced by Gregory Elias the owner of the record label. Laurence and his band had three weeks of pre-production in Curacao; a Dutch island in the Caribbean in January 2017. Gregory gave Laurence the freedom as an artist to go in the direction that he wanted to.

The new album is about the truth,” says Laurence. “Everybody is searching for the truth and for answers. Some people never find it and some people can see a clear vision. Then others stop searching just as they’re about to discover the answer. This concept lead me to write a crossover album reflecting on love, life and the reality of what is happening in today’s world.

Now into his fifth studio album, what sets ‘The Truth’ apart from all of his previous albums?

Explains Laurence, “The songs are more structured in a pop/rock way, all having a verse, chorus and middle 8. I am inspired by all kinds of music, I have mixed my new influences and old influences together to create this album. The vocals for me is what sets this record apart from previous albums. The vocals and story of a song connect emotionally with people. If you combine this with the rawness of the blues guitar that emotion can come across even stronger. It’s all about the melodies, people can sing along to all of these songs. Sometimes the simplest things come across more powerful.

The new albums sees ten brand new songs, but which ones is Laurence looking forward to performing on his upcoming tours in 2018?

I’m looking forward to playing What Would You Do because it has this infectious grove throughout the song. It has a real world music feel to it. I think this captured our Miami experience. With all the crazy things happening in the world right now this song is really relevant. The opening lyrics are – ‘What Would You Do if the war was over, what would you do if we were one?’.

The second track is Take Me. It shows a more sensitive side to what I can do. It’s a ballad and having more ballads on this album is a challenge I like to take on. I also love playing the guitar solo on this song which I extend live and gradually build it up.

The recording and song writing process for the new album was a different experience for Laurence this time around. It was done in four different development stages.

Says Laurence, “I first wrote 20 songs on my own for this album to take to the Caribbean for pre-production, secondly I introduced the songs to the band where we came together as a team and used all of our experiences to structure the songs even more. Thirdly, Gregory changed the structures of the songs even more, got most of them under four minutes and helped mature some important lyrics. The last stage of this process was where the magic happened in the studio. Gregory guided the band to get the best takes and feel for each song. We then over dubbed parts that we had not planned in the pre-production. This is where we added different guitar effects, drum sounds, keyboard parts, bass lines and catchy backing vocals. Grammy Award-winning vocal coach Guianko Gomez guiding me on my vocal takes.

What was the inspiration for the album?

My main inspiration was to create catchy songs with guitar solos. I listened to a lot of modern music and keep up to date with what’s in the charts. I just want to hear more guitar in today’s music and you could say my songs are commercial but with the guitar. My all-time inspiration is Eric Clapton. Everyone’s waiting for the next Eric Clapton. To me the guitar lines can be as catchy as the vocals and bring out of the message of the song. I love artists that show versatility and hopefully this comes across on the new album, The Truth.


  1. What Would You Do
  2. Don’t Let Me Go
  3. Hold Me Close
  4. Keep Me Up At Night
  5. Give Me Your Time
  6. The Truth
  7. Take Me
  8. Gone Away
  9. Can’t Go On Without You
  10. Never Good Enough



Laurence Jones (Vocals, Guitar)

Bennet Holland (Keyboards, Backing Vocals)

Phil Wilson (Drums, Percussion)

Greg Smith (Bass Guitar)

Laurence Jones- May 2018 UK Tour


Manchester, Band on the Wall                  Thursday 3 May

Leamington Spa, Zephyr Lounge               Friday 4 May

Southampton, Talking Heads                     Saturday 5 May

Birmingham, Hare & Hounds                     Thursday 10 May

Nottingham, The Bodega                             Friday 11 May

York, Fulford Arms                                          Saturday 12 May

Newcastle, The Cluny                                    Sunday 13 May

Official Website


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