10 Rogue Release Debut Single ‘Erased’ On 10th November

On 20th October 10 Rogue, release their ferocious catchy debut album ‘Serpentine’ on BUT! Records through Universal Music. Serpentine‘s unmitigated unbridled, and unique energy makes for one of the best debuts of 2017

Multinational band 10 Rogue, founded in Johannesburg S Africa, based in Belgium, have been a going concern since 2014 and ‘Serpentine‘ is their International debut release.

10 Rogue is a band that explores music that exists somewhere on the border between Hard Rock & Metal, crossing back & forth across the boundary as they see fit. They are also one of those bands that will have the tag modern & contemporary applied to them by many, as their specific take on this style of music isn’t one that comes direct & easy to grasp references to era specific sounds or household names in music. Which makes the genre descriptions alternative rock & metal ones easy to fall back on.

With 10 Rogue you have here a band that delivers some fairly straight forward & uncomplicated tunes. Those fond of complicated structures & an array subtle details flavouring the arrangements won’t encounter too much of those here! BUT compelling & pleasant songs, & fairly often with a strong radio-friendly feel to them, are served up in ‘Serpentine‘ one after the other. At times with gentler expression to AOR style Hard Rock, at other times with a darker & wilder expression adding a bit of grit & even sleaze, plus a subtle echo of Grunge. Harmony style chorus sections is another strong detail 10 Rogue has good grasp of, that help categorize this release as “Rock ‘n roll, crossover of old and new school rock/metal.

What you hear on the album is 100 years of combined experience!”

To pre-order ‘Serpentine go to 

iTunes: http://hyperurl.co/dic8mo


CD Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/SERPENTIN…/…/B074TXVFYW/ref=sr_1_1

Track listing:

01        Erased.

02        Amphetimine.

03        Dark Angel Princess.

04        Disappear You.

05        Get Myself Free.

06        I Am The Light.

07        Know Better.

08        Unscathed.

09        Love Hate.

10        You’re Killing Me.

11        Some Day.

12        Dysfunctional.

13        When Ya Down.

Line up: 

Peter Evrard  vocals

Vincent Weynen  guitar

Zan Geerarts  guitar

Stan Verfaillie bass

Bruno Goedhuys  drums

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Carousel Vertigo To Release ‘No More Hesitatin’ From Upcoming New Album ‘Revenge of Rock And Roll’ September 29th

French/American rockers Carousel Vertigo will be releasing the first single, ‘No More Hesitatin‘ off their upcoming new album ‘Revenge of Rock And Roll‘ on September 29th.

Revenge of Rock And Roll‘.  The title says it all and the second album by Carousel Vertigo released on 29th September, makes a clear musical statement; about a trend-proof musical genre, about its importance, now and always, to the loyal millions who will forever support it, and about how that shit just never grows old, say what you will about it.

Revenge of Rock And Roll‘ finds Paris-based Carousel Vertigo, three native French rockers and an American, doing what this band does best and loves the most, regardless of opinions or passing phases, because hard rock truly is timeless and ever-present.

Carousel Vertigo’s masterful take on it, the band’s innate understanding of the history of rock’s past and a vision of its future, is convincing and current enough to have attracted some
stellar accomplices on ‘Revenge of Rock And Roll‘, not least among them Garry Tallent, long-serving bass player with Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band, who happily guested for ‘a bottle of Bourgogne’ on one of the album’s ten tracks.The lyrical reach of those songs ranges from the rallying call of the title track to, on ‘Don’t Take It To Heart’, a hometown point of view on the terrorist attacks in Paris on November 13, 2015.

The nucleus of the band, Gibson Guitars-endorsed Parisian Vincent Martinez and New Jersey son Jansen Press, formed Carousel Vertigo purely out of a shared love of the classic rock music they both revelled and could play so well.  Although each came from a different culture and country, they were instantly united by the other’s ability to express that music in different but complementary ways, and a dual-lead guitar partnership of virtuosity and instinct was born.  Riding above it all, Vincent’s vocal, one moment a pure, hair-raising wail, the next soulful and sweetly emotive honey, establishes Carousel Vertigo as the real deal.

Track listing:

01 No More Hesitatin’
02 Honey Do.
03 Revenge of Rock and Roll.
04 Jackie Run Run.
05 Hideaway.
06 Hard Luck Lover.
07 Get It On.
08 Well, Alright.
09 Don’t take It To Heart.
10 May, I Might

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Review: Heaven & Earth – Hard To Kill

Review: Heaven & Earth – Hard To Kill

Quarto Valley Records (October 2017)

Reviewer: Dan Mann

Heaven & Earth are back with a brand new studio album, ‘Hard To Kill‘, four years after the release of the superb ‘Dig‘. Due to the sheer quality of ‘Dig‘, the band had set themselves rather a momentous task to better it.

So the question is have they managed it? Well the short and simple Fluff Freeman answer is “not arf”. Yes it’s a classic rock album, but it’s still like a breath of fresh air in a market stagnated with projects.

The level of musicianship on this album is sublime, this is a tight, coherent band showing you exactly what years of experience and skill can achieve. Some albums just have that ability to grab you by the scruff of the neck and make you take notice.

Yes the album is full of influences, show me an album that isn’t. The influences my lug holes can pick out are ones that are from favorites of mine. Be it the Whitesnake in the title track ‘Hard To Kill‘ or the heaps of Uriah Heep evident in ‘Till It’s Over‘, they just make me like the album even more!

While there are stand out tracks like ‘The Game Has Changed‘, which is an absolute delight of a foot stomper and ‘LA Blues‘, which certainly wouldn’t be out of place on any blues rock release currently out there, there really isn’t a single filler on this album.

If you dug ‘Dig‘ then you will absolutely love ‘Hard To Kill‘. If your a fan of no frills, honest , down to earth hard rock, then this really needs to be on your shopping list.

Carl Veheyen – Essential Blues Released This Friday

Guitarist Carl Veheyen will release his brand new album ‘Essential Blues‘ on Friday September 29th.

The album will be available on vinyl, too. This will be the first time we’ve released vinyl since 1988’s ‘No Borders‘. The album will be available to order Here

Official Website


Review: H.E.A.T – Into The Great Unknown

Review: H.E.A.T – Into The Great Unknown

Ear Music (Sept 22nd 2017)

Reviewer: Stephen Brophy 

Swedish Melodic Rockers H.E.A.T have been gaining a huge amount of traction in recent years, with some terrific album releases, a headlining appearance on the opening night of the final Firefest Festival and just a growing reputation as one of the best live acts on the scene. But late last year the announcement was made that Eric Rivers (Guitarist and major force in the band) was leaving which brought a raft of questions with it, this was closely followed by the news that Dave Dalone (Guitar) was to rejoin the band as his replacement. So interesting times ahead and a lot of interest in the direction that the new album was going to take.

Into The Great Unknown‘ features ten tracks, that may sound a bit different to what the band has done before. That of course doesn’t mean there aren’t great songs on here, it’s so very difficult to look past a song like ‘Eye Of The Storm‘ which really is a killer, perhaps showing off some more of Erik’s vocal talents than the more poppy songs. There is a bit of an epic feel to it, building and soaring while at the same time having more mellow moments.  Or take ‘Redefined‘ which to me sounds like it would fit brilliantly to the soundtrack of a movie like The Karate Kid or those of a similar ilk, that sounds a little flippant perhaps but not meant as a slight in any way it’s the intro and feel that just bring me back to that 80’s sound, but the more you listen to this one the more you get from it.

Tracks like ‘Best Of The Broken‘ and ‘Blind Lead The Blind‘ are H.E.A.T through and through and on the other end of the spectrum you have the lead track form the album, ‘Time On Our Side‘ which without any doubt has split a lot of opinion since it was unleashed on the world a little over a month ago, not all of that has been positive either, but for me anyway the more I’ve listened to it the more it’s grown on me, perhaps not the strongest track on show here but interesting and a very different approach.

H.E.A.T are no different to any band, sounds can change as they experiment with different styles and develop, if you look at this bands history there are places where this has occurred, generally with changes to band personnel. The first two albums sound very different to anything with Erik singing, and ‘Tear Down The Walls‘ was a large progression from ‘Address The Nation‘, so we shouldn’t be too surprised in the fact that this new album sounds different again. Not as immediate, perhaps it’s the general flow of the tracks that is different, or the energy.

Musically the band sound great, Dave has fitted back in really well, Crash, Jona and Jimmy are as solid as ever and great backing vocals, Erik vocally continues to smash it, the aggression is still there, ‘Bastard Of Society‘ and ‘Shit City‘, and there’s a still a lot of power in places, this is a really good album, but not 100% convinced everything works together, the band should be applauded for continually exploring new avenues, looking to advance their sound and develop, and this album is still growing on me, but there are also bumps in the road. No doubt there are some new monsters here to be add live, and the next release will be very interesting.

Sweden’s Coldspell Release ‘Forevermore’ Music Video

Coldspell have released a music video for the song ‘Forevermore‘, the track is taken from the new album, ‘A New World Arise’, which is out today September 22th, 2017.

Line up:

Niclas Svedentorp – Vocals
Michael Larsson – Guitars
Chris Goldsmith – Bass
Per Johansson – Drums

With three albums released so far the wait is over. Coldspell are ready to strike again with the brand new album titled ‘A New World Arise‘. This is stunning recording that features 12 new songs of epic proportions and it’s going to put ColdSpell firmly on the map. This is Scandinavian melodic rock of the highest order and will be a strong contender for the hard rock album of 2017.

Official Website


Stan Bush Releases Animated Video For ‘Never Surrender’

Legendary AOR singer/songwriter (Emmy Award winning recording artist) Stan Bush has released a brand new animated video for ‘Never Surrender‘, the song is taken from ‘Change Of World‘ the 13th album, and out today September 22th, 2017.

The ‘Change the World‘ album also includes ‘Warrior’, featured in the Shadow Warrior 2 game. The title track ‘Change the World‘, one of Stan Bush’s best songs contains a message of hope and unity. ‘Born to Win‘ and ‘Live Your Dream‘ are songs about winning and believing in yourself. ‘The Story of Love‘ is a power-ballad about how confusing love can be. Another amazing song is the closing track, ‘The Secret‘ which contains a powerful message of love. The all-time classic Stan Bush songs ‘The Touch‘ and ‘Dare‘ from ‘Transformers: The Movie‘ round out this masterpiece of an album. Look for Stan Bush to break through to a worldwide audience with this gem of an album!

Track listing:

  1. Change The World
  2. Warrior
  3. Born To Win
  4. Never Surrender
  5. The Story of Love
  6. Live Your Dream
  7. Break These Chains
  8. The Other Side of Love
  9. Dare
  10. The Touch
  11. The Secret

The album was produced, engineered and mixed by Holger Fath at The Barn StudiosMoorpark, CA and mastered at Aftermaster Audio, Hollywood, CA.


Stan Bush – Lead vocals and backing vocals
Holger Fath – Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
Tom Walsh – Drums

World-class rock singer, Stan Bush is best known for his song “The Touch” featured in “Transformers: The Movie”. An anthem for Transformers fans around the world, “The Touch” was also featured in the movie “Boogie Nights”, on Chuck (NBC), and American Dad (Fox), The Goldbergs (ABC), Guitar Hero, and the Saints Row IV game. Stan Bush was inducted into the Transfomers Hall of Fame in 2014.

In 1997 Stan Bush won an Emmy Award for Best Original Song, ‘Til I Was Loved By You‘. Another of his songs “Capture the Dream” was featured in the 1996 Olympics. His tracks were used in two Jean-Claude Van Damme films: “Kickboxer“, a major film sequel to the action adventure film, “Bloodsport.” Stan Bush has written with many top songwriters like Jonathan Cain (Journey), Jim Vallance (Bryan Adams; Aerosmith), and Paul Stanley of KissStan Bush has toured extensively throughout the U.S. and Europe.


Official Website


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