We assure you, this was filmed ages ago, before any quarantine! No monkeys were harmed. No viruses spread. Not even a vegetarian was offended. Stay safe, rejoice responsibly and see ya down the line. DP.” …exclaim Dirty Power, who in times of gig cancellations and uncertainty throughout both the music industry and the world, have taken the opportunity to send out some digital cheer, releasing earlier than expected their latest track ‘Oh God’, newcomer to the bands 2018 EP ‘Notions’.

Influenced by gloriously timeless ‘legacy acts’; Dublin based hard-rock trio Dirty Power are driven by an independent D.I.Y. punk ethic, in everything from the writing, recording and release process, to approaching performing and touring. They stick to doing what they want to do, and do it their own way.

Dirty Power is an ever evolving collective of musicians, and ‘Oh God’ is their 2020, gorilla reincarnation. Think Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Audioslave and Rage Against The Machine, all in one giant melting pot of influence yet creative originality. Having taken to the stage internationally, the live scene is where Dirty Power’s music really comes alive, but since the unfortunate cancellation of their recent London show (curated by Camden Rocks) due to the worldwide pandemic, amongst other engagements, Dirty Power have taken to the net to dish out one giant “clean elbow wave” in the form of ‘Oh God’. And rest assured, when the live scene is back in action, so will Dirty Power be… Expect ‘Fist-pumping, cathartic, mosh-pitrock for the mind’ and ‘Heavy rock riffs, big grooves, with tricky solos and sing-along choruses’.

Oh God’ – Available to download via BandCamp ONLY at: http://bit.ly/DPnotions

Read the bands full biography here: www.dirty-power.com/dirty-power-bio

Rejoice, release, and feature at your free will!

Official Website


Today the brand new episode of The Blues Podcast is out featuring Bernie Marsden (Whitesnake / UFO / Cozy Powell / Paice Ashton Lord). Recorded at John Henry’s in London the legendary guitarist sits down with host Big Boy Bloater and talks about his love of the blues, his life including his time in Whitesnake and how he wrote the iconic song. ‘Here I Go Again’.

The podcast launched last month with three sizzling episodes on the same day featuring the queen of modern blues Beth Hart, the multi-platinum selling Kenny Wayne Shepherd and the fast rising British blues-rock star Kris Barras.

The series is presented by the inimitable Big Boy Bloater – the current drive time presenter for Feedback Radio and former host of the popular Blues Magazine Show for Team Rock Radio.  A successful musician too, he has toured the world and has fans in the shape of Jools Holland, Imelda May, Craig Charles and Paul Jones and he’s played with the likes of Carl Perkins, Wanda Jackson and Paloma Faith to name a few.

The naturally charming Big Boy Bloater knows what makes musicians tick and how to get inside their head, which is what makes The Blues Podcast so special – to find out about the person behind the music. It’s a chat amongst friends where they sit down and chew the fat of life and what has shaped them into who they are. Over the episodes he’ll be talking to not only musicians but is also expected to chat to leading industry figures, from journalists to promoters and beyond. Subscribe now to join Bloater and his guests for a peak behind the curtain, to find out how to keep the blues alive.

Click on The Blues Podcast logo to listen to via Spotify, Apple Podcast/iTunes, Google Podcast, YouTube, and PodBean.

Brit Newcomers False Hearts will reveal their engrossing new EP, ‘Remedy’, on Friday 3rd April. The highly rated four piece have also just released a stunning new track and video, also called, ‘Remedy’.

Despatching a sound that lifts from everyone from Halestorm, Muse,and Shinedown, to The Foo Fighters, False Hearts deliver fiery riffery, contagious choruses and a captivating live show. Born in Cambridgeshire in 2016, the modern rock quartet are comprised of vocalist/guitarist Emma Hodgson, lead guitarist Ali Westwood, drummer Adi Bowes and bassist Phil Benton. Since their formation, False Hearts have racked up an impressive list of accolades; the rising rockers have a movie credit for their single, ‘Cynical Love‘, which appeared on the soundtrack of Strangers 2: Prey at Night.The single was pulled from the band’s 2018 EP, ‘Dirty Little Soul‘, which reached the Top 30 on the iTunes Rock Chart. The EP also picked up extensive praise,widely increasing their fanbase. False Hearts have supported Hollowstar and Austin Gold, as well as playing alongside the likes of Those Damn Crows and Mason Hill,to name a few.

The band have also played countless festivals throughout the whole of the UK. False Hearts are now set to soar even further with the launch of their brand new EP, ‘Remedy‘. The record teems with four killer tracks,with each song demonstrating its own personality, groove and adhesion. Current single and also the record’s namesake, ‘Remedy’, is one of the many highlights, and it gleams with crunchy riffs, powerful structuring and anthemic refrains.

You can pre-order the band’s EP ‘Remedy’, Here

Official Website




Having recently signed to Golden Robot Records part of the Golden Robot Global Entertainment Group, the legendary L.A. Guns are set to release their new single ‘Crawl’ on April 20th. ‘Crawl’ is now available for Pre-Order / Save.

Pre-Order / pre-save ‘Crawl‘: https://smarturl.it/LAGuns-Crawl

If there was a band synonymous with the infamous Sunset Strip it is L.A. Guns. Born into a scene that will never be replicated, L.A. Guns rode alongside Motley Crue, Guns n’ Roses, Ratt, Poison, Quiet Riot and co. in one of the biggest movements in Music history. L.A. Guns are without a doubt Hollywood Rock Royalty and their new album ‘Renegades‘ (produced by Steve Riley) will be released later this year.

The band was formed in 1986 and signed with Polygram Records in 1987, recording their first album that summer. This first album, titled ‘L.A. Guns‘, went on to sell over 1,000,000 copies giving the band its first platinum award. Tours with AC/DC, Iron Maiden and Def Leppard followed. A compilation of the videos made from this first album also earned the band a gold video award. L.A. Guns went into the studio to record their second album, ‘Cocked and Loaded‘, in the spring of 1989. It was a hit right away with the release of ‘Rip and Tear‘ as the first single and video. ‘Never Enough‘ and ‘The Ballad of Jayne‘ followed, pushing the album toward platinum status once again. The video compilation from this album earned the band its second gold video award. A successful world tour followed. The band’s third album, ‘Hollywood Vampires‘, was recorded in the fall of 1990. With the release of ‘Kiss My Love Goodbye‘ as the first single and video, and another successful world tour, the album gave L.A. Guns its third platinum in a row.

Vicious Circle‘ was released in early 1995 and was followed by another successful world tour. In 1999, L.A. Guns went into the studio to record a greatest hits package titled ‘Black Beauties‘ that also included five new songs written for the album. In 2001, the band released its sixth studio album, ‘Man in the Moon‘ and in 2002 their 7th Album ‘Waking The Dead‘ followed.

After a 2003 world tour to support ‘Waking the Dead‘, L.A. Guns recorded ‘Rips The Covers Off‘ with producer Andy Johns. This was a collection of 70’s rock songs. L.A. Guns began work on ‘Tales From The Strip‘ and it was released in August 2005. It received some stellar reviews and critical acclaim. A live CD, ‘Loud and Dangerous‘, was released late August 2006 with the band again supporting it with a world tour.

In November 2011 the band signed their latest record deal with Cleopatra Records, releasing their tenth studio album ‘Hollywood Forever‘ in June 2012. The album was produced once again by veteran music producer, Andy Johns. The new record debuted at #25 on the Billboard Rock charts with the title track ‘Hollywood Forever‘, and it was considered one of the best Hard Rock albums of 2012 by fans and critics alike, proving once again that L.A. Guns were on top of their game with tracks like ‘You Better Not Love Me‘ and ‘Sweet Mystery‘.

Now after some down time, the band is back and firing with the return of Kelly Nickels on bass, Steve Riley on drums, Scotty Griffin on lead guitar and Kurt Frohlich on lead vocals and guitar.

With more than 30 years’ worth of noteworthy material, the band have proved to be true warriors of the 80’s genre and are geared to tear it up across the world giving audiences the high-octane Rock-n-Roll that is L.A. GUNS.

Pre-order link: https://smarturl.it/LAGuns-Crawl 



On April 24th, King Diamond will release CD and LP versions of the classic albums ‘Abigail‘ and ‘Fatal Portrait‘ via Metal Blade Records. The vinyl editions feature spined sleeves with an insert and download card; the CDs contain a mini-LP CD-insert with a small fold-out poster.

King Diamond adds “These are not remasters. These are the albums as they were originally done in the old days from the original production masters. They retain all the original dynamics that were captured at the time. It’s very exciting to present these to fans as they were originally released.

Pre-order your copies now at:

UK: Eyesore Merch

USA: Indie Merch  / EU: Kingsroad

See below for an overview of available formats:

Fatal Portrait CD and LP versions:
– hardcover digisleeve “mini-LP” CD
– opaque tangerine vinyl (US exclusive – limited to 700 copies)
– orange w/ red spots vinyl (US exclusive – limited to 300 copies)
– 180g black vinyl (EU exclusive)
– melon orange marbled vinyl (EU exclusive – limited to 1000 copies)
– golden yellow marbled vinyl (EU exclusive – limited to 500 copies)
– clear blue / red marbled vinyl (EU exclusive – limited to 300 copies)
– red / white marbled vinyl (EMP exclusive – limited to 200 copies)
– dark violet marbled vinyl (EU exclusive – limited to 200 copies)
– flame splatter vinyl (EU webshop exclusive – limited to 200 copies)
– orange / black melt w/ red splatter vinyl (EU webshop exclusive – limited to 100 copies)

Abigail CD and LP versions:
– hardcover digisleeve “mini-LP” CD
– cobalt vinyl (US exclusive – limited to 700 copies)
– clear w/ blue splatter vinyl (US exclusive – limited to 300 copies)
– 180g black vinyl (EU exclusive)
– midnight blue / white vinyl (EU exclusive – limited to 1000 copies)
– khaki brown vinyl (EU exclusive – limited to 500 copies)
– opaque light blue marbled vinyl (EU exclusive – limited to 300 copies)
– sulfur yellow marbled vinyl (EMP exclusive – limited to 200 copies)
– moss green marbled vinyl (EU exclusive – limited to 200 copies)
– clear blue w/ green and orange splatter vinyl (EU webshop exclusive – limited to 200 copies)
– olive / blue melt vinyl (EU webshop exclusive – limited to 100 copies)

Fatal Portrait track-listing (CD and LP)
1. The Candle
2. The Jonah
3. The Portrait
4. Dressed in White
5. Charon
6. Lurking in the Dark
7. Halloween
8. Voices from the Past
9. Haunted

Abigail track-listing (CD and LP)
1. Funeral
2. Arrival
3. A Mansion in Darkness
4. The Family Ghost
5. The 7th Day of July 1777
6. Omens
7. The Possession
8. Abigail
9. Black Horsemen

Offical Website



Photo: Melody Myers

Grammy Winning Megadeth bassist David Ellefson is set to release ‘Simple Truth‘, the new single from his eponymous solo band ELLEFSON in April, with all proceeds going to Italian Covid-19 relief. The track co-written by Ellefson and vocalist Thom Hazaert, with Italian guitarist and drummer Andy Martongelli and Paolo Caridi, will appear on the upcoming full length follow-up to the 2019 release ‘Sleeping Giants‘, a B-sides compilation featuring several new songs, and reworkings of previous David Ellefson instrumental solo material co-written and produced by Ellefson and Hazaert. ‘Sleeping Giants‘ was released as a companion album “soundtrack” to Ellefson’s 2019 biography ‘MORE LIFE WITH DETH‘, also co-written with Hazaert. The group have worked on the album remotely recording tracks in Italy, London, Phoenix, and Wisconsin during quarantine.
The track will be released on all digital outlets on 4/17, with a direct Bandcamp release on 4/10, via Ellefson’s Combat Records,  with all profits from downloads and streams donated to the CROCE ROSSA ITALIANA, the Italian Red Cross, who are at the front line of the war on Covid-19, coordinating  the nation’s pandemic response with Italy’s Ministry of Health.

Says Ellefson, “We actually wrote the song in Milan during a tour rehearsal, and a lot of it was recorded there. We’ve gone back and forth with Andy in Italy, from the Platinum Underground in Phoenix, and with our mixer and co-engineer Alessio Garavello in London. While we’re all staying positive and just keeping busy, it’s heartbreaking to see what’s going on over there with the death toll climbing every day.

He adds, “We played several shows in Italy on our European ‘MORE LIVE WITH DETH‘ tour last year, and I was just there with Megadeth back in February. It’s absolutely devastating to see what the country is going through right now.  The people, and it’s culture, have been so welcoming to me over the years, that I’m honored to do anything I can to give something back to them during this time of need

Adds Hazaert, “While David has been there a million times over the years with Megadeth, our tour last year was really my first experience with the amazing people and culture of Italy. Now half of our band, who have become dear friends, live there, which makes it hit even closer to home. Working on this record with these guys, who are just going after it 100%, while basically at ground zero for this whole crazy pseudo-apocalyptic scenario we’re all living in right now, really gives you a different perspective.

Lyrically, the song is really about not giving up, and not taking any shit. Tuning out the noise and going after your dreams no matter what, and not letting anyone tell you can’t do something. And, I guess, living out the bizarre “ROCK STAR” like scenario of being in a band with David, the guy from Megadeth, who really was one of my idols, I guess it’s fairly autobiographical. But we’re all extremely proud of it, and really this whole record we’re making, it’s just a straight up, ass-kicking heavy Hard Rock record. There’s an amazing musical chemistry, and I know, personally, I can’t wait for people to hear it. And to be able to use it as an opportunity to give back to our friends in Italy, makes it that much more special.

Ellefson has also given during the Covid-19 crisis to kids in need via his David Ellefson Youth Music Foundation, and their SCHOOL’S OUT initiative, partnering with the Grammy Music Education Coalition, Dolby, Cisco, Jackson Guitars, Hartke, Samson, and more, gifting displaced students with free instruments and equipment, and pairing them with lessons from Rock Star music instructors, including Ellefson and his Megadeth co-horts Dirk Verbeuren and Kiko Loureiro, Nita Strauss (Alice Cooper), Chris Kael (Five Finger Death Punch), Clint Lowery (Sevendust), Bumblefoot (Asia, Sons of Apollo, ex-Guns N’ Roses), Chad Szeliga (Black Star RIders), Chris Poland (Ohm, ex-Megadeth), Jimmy DeGrasso (ex-Alice Cooper, Megadeth), Marc Rizzo (Soulfly, Cavalera), and more.

For more information, to nominate a student, or to donate, please visit ellefsonyouthmusicfoundation.com 

Finnish melodic metal band Dark The Suns is back after almost ten years. The band released a teaser for the upcoming single ‘Suru Raivosi Sydämeni Pimeydessä‘ which is set to be released on May 21st 2020 by Inverse Records. This is the first single from the upcoming fourth album which is set to be released later in 2020.

Mikko Ojala commets:
After years of silence, Inka and I decided in early 2020 to continue making music together. Suru Raivosi Sydämeni Pimeydessä includes melancholic synth melodies combined with some aggressive elements. The song speaks of storming sorrow and grief. We have also written some new songs for our upcoming fourth album which will be released later this year.

Dark The Suns was formed in 2005 by Mikko Ojala. Later the band got a full line-up and they recorded three studio albums ‘In Darkness Comes Beauty‘, ‘All Ends in Silence‘ & ‘Sleepwalking in a Nightmare‘ which all were released by Firebox Records.

Digital download pre-order: https://darkthesuns.bandcamp.com
PRE-SAVE single to your Spotify playlist: https://bit.ly/33JfMG2   


Mikko Ojala – Vocals, guitars, drums
Inka Ojala – Bass, Keyboards






Eric Gales has rescheduled his 2020 UK tour to February 2021 and has added two extra dates at the Brighton Concorde (Feb 3) and the Dover Booking Hall (Feb 4). The tour follows the release of his album ‘The Bookends‘ via Provogue/Mascot Label Group earlier in 2019. The album features collaborations with B. Slade, Doyle Bramhall II and Beth Hart. Tickets for the Brighton Concorde and Dover Booking Hall shows go on sale via www.thegigcartel.com. Tickets for all the other shows that have been rescheduled are still valid.

Special guest on all shows is the critically acclaimed British Blues rock guitarist Danny Bryant. Hailed as “A National Blues Treasure,” Bryant recently released his 11th studio album ‘Means of Escape‘ via Jazzhaus Records to great fanfare.

The challenge for making ‘The Bookends‘ was for Gales to challenge himself. “As a guitar player it’s been established that I can play a little bit, just a little bit,” he smiles. But for this album he not only wanted to push himself as a musician, but also as a vocalist, to build up his vocal discography. “What spearheaded that was the artists that I have on the record,” he says.

Written over a nine month period, the album was recorded at Recorded at Studio Delux, Van Nuys, California, The Dog House, Woodland Hills, California, Blakeslee Recording, North Hollywood and the day before he was due to fly to LA for pre-production the original producer David Bianco tragically died. It was Bianco’s management who then suggested Matt Wallace. “I heard his work and the kind of people he has produced such as Maroon 5, Faith No More and all these cats. When we met up together it was just perfect. I just trusted the guy and it ended up being great, I love Matt Wallace,” says Gales.

Eric Gales – February 2021 UK Tour

With Very special Guest Danny Bryant

Tickets: www.thegigcartel.com/Artists-profiles/Eric-Gales

Brighton, Concorde 2 Wednesday 3 February 2021
Dover, The Booking Hall Thursday 4 February 2021
London, O2 Academy Islington Friday 5 February 2021
Southampton, 1865 Saturday 6 February 2021
Bristol, Fleece Sunday 7 February 2021
Nottingham, Rescue Rooms Monday 8 February 2021
Leeds, Brudenell Social Club Wednesday 10 February 2021
Gateshead, Sage Thursday 11 February 2021
Glasgow, Oran Mor Friday 12 February 2021
Manchester, Academy 3 Saturday 13 February 2021
Bilston, The Robin Sunday 14 February 2021

Samantha Fish returns to the UK in March 2021 for a nine-date tour that kicks off on Friday 12th March 2021 at Edinburgh Queens Hall.

In September 2019, the genre-bending guitarist, singer, and songwriter released her critically acclaimed album ‘Kill Or Be Kind‘ which featured two rock radio singles ‘Bulletproof‘ and ‘Watch Them Die‘. Samantha’s incendiary live performances have been mesmerizing audiences around the world.

Tickets go on sale Friday 3rd April via www.alttickets.com, www.samanthafish.com

Kill Or Be Kind‘ has proven to be Samantha’s breakthrough album. The edgy roots music platter was recorded at the legendary Royal Studios in Memphis and produced by three-time Grammy winner Scott Billington and mixed by two-time Grammy winner Steve Reynolds. Boasting 11 original songs ranging from the electric cigar box stomp of ‘Bulletproof‘ to the sweet Memphis R&B of ‘Trying Not To Fall in Love With You‘, the album has established Fish as a potent force in roots, Americana and rock and roll.

After launching her recording career in 2009, Samantha quickly established herself as a rising star in the contemporary blues world. Since then, the charismatic singer-guitarist-songwriter has earned a reputation as a rising guitar hero and powerful live performer, while releasing a series of acclaimed albums that have shown her restless creative spirit consistently taking her in new and exciting musical directions.

As far as Samantha is concerned, her musical future is an open road. “I’m never going be a traditional blues artist, because that’s not who I am,” says Samantha. “But it’s all the Blues for me. When Muddy Waters and Howlin’ Wolf came out, what they were doing didn’t sound like anything that had been done in Blues before. You’ve got to keep that kind of fire and spirit. I’m never going to do Muddy Waters better than Muddy Waters, so I have to be who I am and find my best voice.

Samantha Fish – March 2021 UK Tour
Tickets: www.alttickets.com, www.samanthafish.com

Edinburgh, Queen’s Hall Monday 15 March 2021
Newcastle, Wylam Brewery Tuesday 16 March 2021
Bath, Komedia Thursday 18 March 2021
London, Shepherd’s Bush Empire Friday 19 March 2021
Nottingham, Rock City Saturday 20 March 2021
Manchester Academy 2 Sunday 21 March 2021

Following his much-appreciated, live-streamed, online show on Thursday 26th March, Danny Vaughn is planning another, at the request of his fans, with whom he’s long built up a close relationship: one, he’s acknowledged, that helped him overcome challenges and hardships, like the PledgeMusic problems last year that put his solo album in jeopardy.

Danny’s track record especially touring with that fantastic new solo album ‘Myths, Legends & Lies‘, and with Dan Reed for their joint acoustic project Snake Oil & Harmony, has honed his lifelong love of storytelling, song and contact.

Isolation is not a good state of affairs for performers,” Danny admits, “We’re an odd group because we are outwardly extroverted but inwardly introverted, if that makes sense? But those two opposites make up a balance that is key to who we are.

This,” he adds, “would account for why so many singers and performers are putting up videos of themselves right now: singing for us, sending us messages of encouragement or reading us Shakespeare. We’re doing what we always have done: reaching out to the hearts of others.

Live performance matters to Danny: “For myself, I knew that if I didn’t sing and play for somebody after 12 days in isolation, I would start to climb the walls. So, I set a date and time, boarded the social media train and got the word out — as fast and as far as I could — that a show was coming.

Last Thursday – for a little over two hours – I sang for and connected with over 600 people from at least two dozen different countries! We exchanged greetings, I told stories, people put in requests and there was an unexpectedly deep feeling of community and solidarity: a success on every level! We aren’t alone and we are in this together.”

The whole thing was so well-received that I have been asked by an overwhelming majority to do it all over again. So here it comes: Thursday, 2nd April — 8pm GMT; 3pm EST; 12 Noon Pacific.

“These performances are free, but to watch you have to have a Facebook account and go to the page Danny Vaughn’s Myths, Legends & Lies.

Make some good food, get comfortable on your couch, and put me up on your big screen TV! My wife will be manning the laptop, so you can send in your messages, questions, thoughts – whatever you like — and we will see them.

Danny has valued many things about the gigs. “I need to acknowledge the incredible generosity of so many people who watched me on Thursday,” he says, “These concerts are free, as I say, but so many of you went to my website and made donations that I felt overwhelmed and humbled.  Thank-you for helping me keep the lights on!  I look forward to sharing another evening with all of you on 2nd April! Thank you all so much! Stay well and stay safe.

Make a date with Danny Vaughn, and if you didn’t catch his lockdown debut, check out the following link, where you can watch last Thursday’s concert in its entirety:

Stay safe and hold the line!