This is DORO‘s 20th album – and it’s arriving just in time for her 35th live stage anniversary! And yet it’s not just these two great anniversaries that make ‘Forever Warriors, Forever United‘ a truly extraordinary album. It’s also not just the fact that the metal queen is releasing her very first double album.

No, ‘Forever Warriors, Forever United‘ is so special because DORO presents 25 brand new hot tracks that all have one thing in common; an incredible variety and stylistic range, paired with the highest quality. There is simply no weak song on this album it’s “All killer, no filler!”

On ‘Forever Warriors, Forever United‘, Doro delivers a musical firecracker with an unbelievable amount of hits. From stadium anthems to ballads, from heavy metal to classical the queen of rock & metal proves beyond doubt on this double album that she rules all facets within the rock genre (and far beyond)!

And, ‘Forever Warriors, Forever United‘ is also more than just a double album – it’s actually two new Doro albums in one!

On Forever Warriors, Doro presents herself as a wild warrior.

Listen to the tracks ‘Bastardos‘, ‘Blood‘, ‘Sweat And Rock’n’Roll‘ or the first single ‘All For Metal‘. In this ultimate metal anthem, icons such as Mille of KREATOR, Chuck Billy, SABATON and the unforgettable Warrel Dane have contributed to the song as well as to the video.

Doro explains: “To be honest, this song could become a new All We Are! The idea came to my mind last year at Wacken Open Air, where we also instantly started working on it.

On August 3rd 2018, this will come full circle: Doro will present the new album live in front of 80,000 heavy metal maniacs from around the world in a fantastic headliner show at Wacken Open Air! And to celebrate her 35th live stage anniversary, a bunch of legendary guest stars will pay tribute to the blond metal angel.

Speaking of guests; “I’m thrilled that two amazing guest musicians are playing guitar on the new album,” says Doro; guitarist Doug Aldrich (WHITESNAKE, DIO, DEAD DAISIES) and former Warlock guitarist Tommy Bolan, who also contributed to the highly acclaimed album ‘Triumph And Agony‘ in 1987.

Sounds promising! Doro; “Doug is such a great guitarist and a really nice person. He was immediately on fire when he became a part of this album and contributed an insane solo. And Tommy is a good, old friend of all Warlock and Doro fans anyway. He’s a beast on stage and a true powerhouse in the studio.

Speaking of beasts, prepare yourself for ‘If I Can’t Have You, No One Will‘, the duet with AMON AMARTH bellower Johan Hegg, which will be released as the 2nd Single. This song contains brute force that will hit you right in the face. You have never heard Doro like this before!

Forever United captivates with the emotional side of Doro, which of course focuses on topics such as friendship, love and deep connections. Examples are the Lemmy anthem ‘Living Life To The Fullest‘, ‘Heartbroken‘ as well as the 3rd single ‘Lift Me Up‘ and the 4th single ‘It Cuts So Deep‘, with which Doro has succeeded in producing even more great songs!

We have toured very intensively over the past few years, gathering so many impressions along the way and meeting so many great people. That really inspired me,” explains DORO. “The songs and ideas literally flooded our minds and this also didn’t stop in the studio. From over 50 song ideas we quickly had 14 songs for an album, then suddenly 20 and in the end it was 24. Then I decided to also record one more in our last studio week: ‘Caruso’.

Consequently, Doro presents their fans with ‘Forever Warriors, Forever United‘ two new albums in a double package – with 19 regular tracks and six bonus songs that are full of great surprises.

The kick-off to this unique songwriting marathon was the track ‘Living Life To The Fullest‘ in January 2016. Doro: “I was on the plane on my way to Lemmy’s funeral, when the melody and the lyrics came to my mind. Lemmy was always incredibly important to me. Then it just went on always with the same procedure; as soon as a song idea came to maturity, I went into the studio – between all the gigs and tours – to capture the fresh wind and live energy of the songs.

The album includes the MOTÖRHEAD cover ‘Lost In The Ozone‘, in honour of Lemmy, as well as ‘Don’t Break My Heart Again‘, an outstanding cover version of the Whitesnake hit. Doro: “I have a very deep personal connection to ‘Lost in The Ozone’ and Whitesnake have always been one of my absolute favorites. That’s also why my first ever band was called Snakebite!

Following the Doro tradition, there will of course be another German song on the album. A midtempo track, dealing with a deep friendship, just as in ‘Für Immer‘!

A hymn like ‘All We Are‘, a German ballad like ‘Für Immer‘ and a former Warlock guitarist… with ‘Forever Warriors, Forever United‘, Doro has a new mega-album under her belt which shows the rock queen in all of her countless, wonderful, varied facets. This album is another milestone in Doro‘s great career.

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The world’s most notorious rock band Mötley Crüe release ‘The Dirt Soundtrack‘ out today on Mötley Records and E7M (Eleven Seven Music) to coincide with the band’s biopic, The Dirt, now streaming on NETFLIX based on their New York Times bestselling autobiography with Neil Strauss. The soundtrack is available digitally, on CD and vinyl HERE.  You can also find The Dirt inspired merch bundles HERE.

Mötley Crüe kicked off release week as NASCAR Grand Marshals giving the famous command, “Drivers, Start Your Engines,” followed by the song, ‘Kickstart My Heart‘ to begin the first race at NASCAR Auto Club 400 on March 17.

In anticipation of the soundtrack and film release, the band revealed an exclusive painted mural by Los Angeles based artist, Robert Vargas at The Whisky a Go Go HERE on the iconic Sunset Strip.

The World premiere of The Dirt was held on Monday, March 18 at The ArcLight in Hollywood with the band and cast in attendance.

The 18-song soundtrack features a collection of Mötley Crüe classics mastered by GRAMMY winner, Dave Donnelly that underscore significant moments that shape the film. The album includes 14 chart topping fan-favorites including ‘Dr. Feelgood,’ (#6 on Billboard’s Hot 100), and the anthemic ‘Girls, Girls, Girls,’ (#2 on Billboard’s Top 200) amongst others. Additional hits featured are ‘Kickstart My Heart,’ ‘Same ‘Ol Situation (S.O.S.),’ ‘Shout At The Devil‘ and the iconic ballad, ‘Home Sweet Home’ that landed the band mainstream recognition (and as mostly recently heard on the Stranger Things 3 trailer HERE.)

Exclusive to the film and soundtrack, Mötley Crüe recorded four new songs with iconic Producer, Bob Rock featuring the single, ‘The Dirt (Est. 1981) (feat. Machine Gun Kelly),’ that reached #14 on the US and Canadian radio charts this week. Additional tracks include, ‘Ride With The Devil,’ ‘Crash And Burn‘ and the band’s own spin on Madonna’s Like A Virgin.’

“During the filming of our movie we got excited and inspired to write new music. Getting back in the studio with Bob Rock just fueled the creative fires for us. To me, the music sounds like classic Mötley. The lyrics were written for the movie and are a reflection of our life.”   – Nikki Sixx

In celebration of the launch of the film, the band has created a YouTube playlist featuring the official music videos to follow the soundtrack song list, check it out HERE.

1. The Dirt (Est. 1981) (feat. Machine Gun Kelly)
2. Red Hot
3. On With The Show
4. Live Wire
5. Merry-Go-Round
6. Take Me To The Top
7. Piece Of Your Action
8. Shout At The Devil
9. Looks That Kill
10. Too Young To Fall In Love
11. Home Sweet Home
12. Girls, Girls, Girls
13. Same Ol’ Situation (S.O.S.)
14. Kickstart My Heart
15. Dr. Feelgood
16. Ride With The Devil
17. Crash And Burn
18. Like A Virgin

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Black Label Society have released a new music video for their song ‘Spoke In The Wheel‘, taken from their upcoming LP due out this spring. Directed by long-time director and collaborator Justin Reich, this is the first music video we’ve seen from the band since ‘Trampled Down Below‘. was released last year from the ‘Grimmest Hits‘ LP.

Black Label Society will release ‘Sonic Brew – 20th Anniversary Blend 5.99 – 5.19‘ on May 17, 2019, via Entertainment One (eOne). ‘Spoke In The Wheel‘ is available as an iTunes instant gratification track, meaning fans who pre-order the album on iTunes will receive that single as an instant download. ‘Spoke In The Wheel‘ is available on all streaming services today.  Pre-order here:

Thanks to a new arrangement with record label Entertainment One (eOne), Black Label Society‘s back catalogue is now all in one place, uniting the band’s earlier work with their more recent output. The “re-blended” version of their classic debut is resurrected bigger than ever without sacrificing its familiar kick. Plus, there are two bonus cuts: a full band/piano version of ‘Spoke in the Wheel‘ and an acoustic take on ‘Black Pearl‘.

Black Label Society have also announced their “20 Years of Sonic Brewtality Tour“, a brand-new batch of 2019 North American tour dates in conjunction with the new release. The band will play two shows in each market – the first night will feature Sonic Brew played in its entirety, while the second night will see the band play a set of greatest hits. Support will come from Conan and The Atomic BitchwaxBlack Label Society will also participate in U.S festivals Sonic Temple, Epicenter, and Welcome to Rockville on this run.

Line up:

Zakk Wylde – Vocals/Guitar

John DeServio – Bass

Dario Lorina – Guitar

Jeff Fabb – Drums

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On May 17th, Music Theories will release ‘Behold Electric Guitar‘, Paul Gilbert‘s newest album with 12 new original songs, all with Paul’s most expressive, and inspired guitar playing to date!

Paul comments on ‘Havin’ It‘: “I finally wrote a song with long guitar solos! It took me decades to stretch beyond my pop song structure habits, and it feels great to be FREE, and just play, and play, and play. The song still has melodies and themes, and those were inspired by the idea that when you have something good… You still want MORE. Havin’ it… don’t make me stop wantin’ it!

After his recent move to Portland, Oregon, Paul set out to connect with the best and grooviest musicians in the area, and record an album in his brand new hometown. Brian Foxworth (drums) and Asher Fulero (keyboards) were both obvious choices to play Paul’s mix of rock, blues, jazz, and pop flavors. When Paul’s regular Portland bassist Kelly Lemieux was unavailable (due to his touring with Buckcherry), Paul reached out to New Orleans bass legend, Roland Guerin. Roland came to Portland weeks before the recording dates for intense rehearsing and arranging sessions.

With the band complete, Paul enlisted legendary producer and engineer John Cuniberti. John is well known for his work with Joe Satriani, but Paul was primarily interested in John’s expertise with “one mic” recording. Paul explains, “It’s so easy to make albums with overdubbing and editing these days, but I really prefer playing live and just getting the music to sound right because the musicians, the songs, and the performances are good.” After hearing Paul’s band, John recommended a few more mics, but still agreed that the music worked best as live performances with no overdubs. “There is not one overdub on the record. Everything you hear is four guys jamming, listening to each other, and making room for each other. The music almost mixes itself that way! And it’s just a great mindset to have. When you know that you won’t be fixing or adding parts later… It keeps your mind very active to get things right!

Paul will be touring with his band this year to support ‘Behold Electric Guitar.’ Make sure to catch him at the peak of his powers! Behold Electric Guitar!

Paul’s extensive tour schedule will bring him to Europe and the US and the dates can be found here:

Track list:

  1. Havin’ It
  2. I Own A Building
  3. Everywhere That Mary Went
  4. Love Is The Saddest Thing
  5. Sir, You Need To Calm Down
  6. Let That Battery Die
  7. Blues For Rabbit
  8. Every Snare Drum
  9. A Snake Just Bit My Toe
  10. I Love My Lawnmower
  11. A Herd Of Turtles
  12. Things Can Walk To You

Just prior to entering the studio to record fresh material, Leicester power-trio SKAM release a new single from their acclaimed album, ‘The Amazing Memoirs of Geoffrey Goddard‘.

Bring The Rain‘ will be available on all major download and streaming platforms on Fri 22 March 2019. The new single is accompanied by an illustrated lyric video produced by Drew Hamley at Unit 15 Productions.

Bassist, Matt ‘The Melting Face’ Gilmore, said, “We feel this will be the last single from ‘The Amazing Memoirs…’ and its fitting that it is Bring The Rain as its one of our favourites from the album. It was the song with the longest gestation period; we knew we were on to something special, but we persisted until it all came together in one perfect moment.

The version that made the album was actually the seventh, so it seemed fitting for it to be the seventh song on the record.

The song itself is about Geoffrey Goddard being caught phasing between two time periods of the same geographical location. The Caledonian invasion by the Romans and the Battle of Falkirk. Struggling with his own internal turmoil Goddard confuses the different aspects of the two different time periods. In defeating the Roman patrol he comes round from the haze and rallies north to meet William Wallace to face the English.”

Sat 20 Apr – TMR Rockfest, The Patriot, Crumlin, Newport
Sat 11 May – WDFD Festival, The Station, Cannock
Sun 26 May – Glastonbudget, Wymeswold
Sat 08 Jun – LoveRocks Festival, Bournemouth
Fri 21 Jun – Route 44, Birmingham
Sat 13 Jul – The Underworld, Camden w/ Massive
Sun 14 Jul – SOS Festival, Manchester
Sat 24 Aug – MoFest, Melbourn Rock Club, Royston
Sun 25 Aug – Rockwich Festival, Northwich
Sat 21 Sep – Crazy Cowboy Festival 4, The Face Bar, Reading
Sun 29 Sep – Four Sticks Weekender, Amersham Arms, London
Fri 11 Oct – ComMUNIon Fest, Muni Arts Centre, Pontypridd

Line up:
Steve Hill – vocals/guitar
Matt Gilmore – bass/vocals
Neal Hill – drums/vocals

Official Website





JOANovARC will release their new passionate, soulful and powerful self-titled album ‘JOANovARC‘ through Pledge Music/ Holier Than Thou Records on Friday 31st May 2019. The album was mixed and mastered by Wayne Proctor. The band will release the single ‘Jane’ on Friday 22nd March.

The new album follows JOANovARC’s critically acclaimed debut album ‘Ride of Your Life’ (2016) produced by Grammy award winning producer Gil Norton and recorded at Rockfield Studio. Gil Norton dubbed the band as ‘The new Queens of Rock’.

The band will launch the album on Hard Rock Hell Radio with DJ Moto on Saturday 1st June from 7pm. Listen Here 

Acoustic guitars on “When We Were Young” recorded at Superfly Studios, Nottinghamshire. Engineered by Andrew Banfield.

To celebrate the release of the new album, JOANovARC will embark on their May/June UK Tour. Tickets for all concerts can be booked via

The new energetic and diverse album features 11 finely crafted songs. ‘JOANovARC’ are delivering powerful rock anthems with a modern twist. This four-piece band are a driving force live which transcends on to their new album. The opening track ‘Burning’ is ballsy, brash, passionate and will hit you in the face.

We are family, true flesh and blood and best friends. This has always given us a special bond and an automatic connection with our songs. We have always written songs together from when we were teenagers based our own true experiences. A sibling band always delivers true passion.

The album encapsulates JOANovARC’s live energy and reveals a dynamic mix of dark and light. From ‘Burning’ to the soulful sounds of ‘Try It On’ which showcase both Sam and Laura’s diverse vocals.

The new album has been completely funded by a very successful Pledge campaign. JOANovARC decided to record the new album at the start of 2018 and the Pledge campaign response was phenomenal with their goal being achieved within a week. The many fans who supported ‘Ride of Your Life’ were more than happy to support this new album.

We are role models, we want to inspire young females and empower them”. The ‘JOANovARC‘ album is an inspiring statement and speaks for itself.

The ‘JOANovARC‘ album is a continuation of the band’s journey and includes songs that have been written by the Walker sisters over many years.

We are all great friends, as mentioned in our last album we have been through everything together, heartache, death, illness, sweat, blood, great times, addiction, narcotics, break ups, celebrations, fights and tears!

Track listing:

  1. Burning
  2. Waiting For
  3. Down By The River
  4. People Coming Up
  5. Take It Out
  6. When We Were Young
  7. Try It On
  8. Jane
  9. This Way
  10. Slipping Away
  11. Go Home

Line up:

Bass and vocals: Samantha Walker

Lead guitar and backing vocals: Shelley Walker

Rhythm guitar and vocals: Laura Ozholl

Drums: Deborah Wildish

Official Website





Fast rising Scottish dirty blues trio, The Howling Lords, dispatch a hypnotic, dirty garage rock sound with stout riffs, casting comparisons to everyone from the Black Keys and Queens Of the Stoneage to Creedence Clearwater Revival. The ascending three piece continue their rise with a UK tour and a brand new captivating video for the track, ‘Soul To Sell‘.

If you are new to The Howling Lords then you’re missing out. Born in late 2015 and hailing from Isle of Lewis in Scotland, the band have a rugged grit and iron determination to expand their horizons. The Howling Lords current album, ‘Texas Medicine‘, recently wooed industry tastemakers from Classic Rock Magazine, Powerplay, Moshville Times, Distorted Sound Magazine and Maximum Volume Music through to Ramzine.

The Howling Lords will tour the UK this month; see below for dates. The shows will coincide with the release of the band’s mesmerising new video, ‘Soul To Sell.

Vocalist and Guitarist Felix Saunders discusses the motivation and background behind the track: “Soul To Sell seems to document my relationship with religion and how I struggle to understand how people just follow it so blindly, not questioning what they teach. The song is rooted in growing up on a very religious island and how I had little choice but to learn what was preached to me.” 

The Howling Lords Tour Dates:

Live In March:

21st INVERNESS Tooth and Claw

22nd ABERDEEN The Cellar

23rd GLASGOW 13th Note

24th EDINBURGH Bannerman’s

27th BRADFORD AL’s Dime Bar

28th DERBY Sitwell Tavern

29th WHITCHURCH Percy’s Cafe

30th LONDON Amersham Arms.




Elles Bailey – Whelans (Upstairs), Dublin – 07-03-2019

Review: Stephen Brophy

Photography: Stephen Brophy

Over the last couple of years Elles Bailey has become a force to be reckoned with on the Blues/Roots circuit and following on from some very hard work promoting and Touring her debut album ‘Wildfire‘, she is making a trip to my home town, Dublin,  in order to promote the follow up, the superb ‘Road I Call Home‘ and play her first headlining Irish date.

Opening the show this evening is Northern Irish Blues singer/songwriter Dom Martin, who plays a really good and gritty set. Prior to Dom hitting the stage though we get another insight into Elles Bailey, it is not very often in this day and age you will see a Headline act introduce their support for the night to the crowd, a very classy thing to do and generates a really cool atmosphere to kick things off. The songs are really good and the guitar playing even better, just creating a very nice sound, although the crowd at this stage of the evening was small they were certainly enjoying Dom’s set and that was very understandable. With songs from last years ‘Easy Way Out‘ EP, and probably the highlight being ‘The Rain Game‘, he certainly picked up some new followers tonight. Tracks like ‘Mercy‘ sounded great in an all too short set, always a great sign when a set flies by and you want to hear more.

Then it was onto the main event of the evening, for me I’d first seen Elles supporting Jo Harman in the Jazz Club in London, and I was hooked, not just from the music and delivery, but there’s an extremely engaging persona on stage, and the between song banter makes you feel a lot more involved in the show than perhaps with other artists. The band are extremely good, and the sound is great for a small room. The majority of the new songs were written in Nashville, some with renowned songwriters likes Bobby Wood and Dan Auerbach, and the fruits of this process are once again evident when you hear these songs live, just take the new single ‘Little Piece Of Heaven‘, it’s a cracker of a song, and is uplifting live. Plenty of highlights in tonights set ‘Deeper‘, ‘What’s The Matter With You‘ and ‘Medicine Man‘ from the new album and the title track of the debut ‘Wildfire‘ wonderful stuff. The musicians in this band all play a significant part in the show, and gel so well, but special mention has to go to Will Edmunds on guitar, who although spending the entire set in almost total darkness played beautifully, had there been one more light directed in the right direction it would have made a big difference, but he still made his presence felt.

When reviewing Elles new album I had picked out the closing track ‘Light In The Distance‘ as being one of the highlights of the release, but at the time did not know the back story from it, and as Elles told the crowd it elevated the song even more, this particular track, one that was written closer to home has a very personal feel to it but when you hear Elles singing it you automatically associate with the sentiments, it’s a piece of beauty especially with the keyboards and vocal powering through.

As Elles star continues to shine brighter this . This was for me always going to be ones of those “wow, I was there nights” I don’t think we are likely to see this artist again in venues like this for long, and as good as it is to be so close up and personal, you know that her music deserves to be heard by a wider audience. Can’t wait to to see Elles again and the pieces of magic from the album are even more magical live, go see these shows if you can.

Setlist –

Wild Wild West

Miss Me When I’m Gone


What’s The Matter With You

Little Piece Of Heaven


When I Go Away

Perfect Storm

Light In The Distance

Hell Or Highwater

Medicine Man

Woman Like Me

Help Somebody

Road I Call Home

Howlin Wolf


Girl Who Owned The Blues