Review: Tony Mitchell – Radio Heartbeat Pride & Joy Music (July 21st, 2023) Reviewer: Chris O’Connor Prepare to be enthralled by the sheer brilliance of Tony Mitchell‘s fourth studio solo album, ‘Radio Heartbeat‘. After the awe-inspiring experience of reviewing his previous masterpiece, ‘Hot Endless Summer Night‘, I eagerly seized the opportunity to delve into this […]

Review: The Rods – Live At Rose Hall Independent (May 19th, 2023) Reviewer: Chris O’Connor Prepare to be blown away by The Rods‘ latest live album ‘Live At Rose Hall‘. These New York heavy metal legends, who reunited in 2008 after a lengthy hiatus, have unleashed their creative prowess with two remarkable studio albums, ‘Vengeance’ […]

Review: Extreme – SIX Absolute (June 9th 2023) Reviewer: Jason Hopper After fifteen long years, Extreme is back with their sixth album, the aptly titled ‘SIX’.  Six albums in a nearly thirty-five-year career are way too little output for a band with this much talent, but here we are after all this time with the […]

Review: Stormburst – III Pride & Joy Music (May 19th, 2023) Reviewer: David Mark Pearce If I could have got away with it this review would have simply said ‘’The Scorpions do AOR …… badly!‘’ Musically there’s nothing wrong with this, its all extremely well played and the song structure is great, but I just […]

Review – Imperium – Never Surrender Pride & Joy Music (May 19th 2023) Reviewer: Stephen Brophy Imperium is the solo project of Strike drummer Mika Brushane, and ‘Never Surrender‘ is the bands 4th studio release. Alongside Mika, who takes care of drums, keyboards, vst-bass and backing vocals we have the excellent Stefano Lionetti and Mikey […]