Review: Wild Freedom – Polarize Wormholedeath Records (October 22nd 2021) Reviewer: Jason Hopper Hailing from Barcelona, Spain, Wild Freedom return with their second album ‘Polarize’. The band label themselves as a metal band in their biography, but that is an oversimplification. This album takes some melody twists and turns that I did not expect, which […]

Review: Mostly Autumn – Graveyard Star Self Release (September 24th 2021) Reviewer: Chris O’Connor Mostly Autumn’s music is consistently graceful, timeless, epic, grandiose, they are a truly uniquely wonderful band. It’s now been over a decade since Olivia Sparnenn took on the mantle of frontperson for the band, and she and her husband Bryan Josh […]

Review: AFM Records – 25 Years Metal Addiction – The Rare and The Unreleased AFM Records (October 29th) Reviewer: Jason Hopper AFM Records is celebrating their 25th anniversary by releasing a 2-disk collection of songs that lay unreleased, ended up as region-restricted bonus tracks, or were previously released digitally only, a whopping 30 songs in […]

Review: Trident Waters – Opus Armada Roulette Records (October 15th, 2021) Reviewer: Dan Mann I’ve been looking forward to hearing a full album’s worth of music from Trident Waters. I first saw them must be three years ago at a small festival and promptly bought their then new EP ‘Hollywood To Vegas‘, plus ordered their […]