Review: Suckerpunch – Redneck Gasoline Wormholedeth Records (April 21st, 2023) Reviewer: Chris O’Connor Danish Southern Rock? Who’d a thunk it? If you love the likes of Georgia Satellites, The Stitchpig Revival, Havana Black (circa ‘Indian Warrior’), Motor Jesus, Alligator Jackson, The Georgia Thunderbolts … then you very simply NEED this album. This is balls to […]

Review: Burning Witches – The Dark Tower Napalm Records (May 5th, 2023) Reviewer: Stephen Brophy Having only begun the process of getting the band together in 2015 and releasing their debut self-titled album in 2017, it has been a very busy 6 years for this Swiss all female Power/Heavy Metal band Burning Witches, with ‘The […]

Review: Sabbat – Mad Gods And Englishmen Noise (May 19th, 2023) Reviewer: Dan Mann Sabbat are one of those bands that on paper I shouldn’t really like as they’re towards the edge of ‘heaviness’ that I like personally. When their debut album ‘History Of A Time To Come‘ was originally released back in 1988 there […]

Review: Buckcherry – Vol.10 Earache Records (June 2nd, 2023) Reviewer: Jason Hopper I am not a Buckcherry aficionado, but I have liked a few of their songs over the years, the classic ‘Lit Up’, the driving anthemness of ‘Rescue Me’ and the “lyrics that make me smile” beauty of ‘Crazy Bitch’. I asked to review this […]

Review: Midnite City – In At The Deep End Pride & Joy Music (June 23rd, 2023) Reviewer: Jason Hopper Midnite City is back with their fourth album ‘In At The Deep End’. Having had the pleasure of reviewing their last album (2021’s ‘Itch You Can’t Scratch’) and rating it highly, I had grand expectations for […]