Review: Mother Road – Drive (remastered) Metalapolis Records (April 23rd 2021) Reviewer: Dan Mann It doesn’t seem seven years since ‘Drive‘ was originally released, that’s time that has truely flown by. But here’s some great news for those of you who missed out buying Mother Road‘s debut, as it is being re-released, having also been remastered […]

Review: Lee Aaron – Radio On! Metalville Records (June 18th 2021) Reviewer: Jason Hopper According to the press release, Lee Aaron’s ‘Radio On!‘ was completely written over one weekend by the band in lockdown. Most musicians would struggle trying to come up with material in such trying times in a short span of a few […]

Review: Electric Boys – Upside Down Mighty Music (April 30th 2021) Reviewer: Dan Mann Those Scandi funksters the Electric Boys are back with their seventh album ‘Upside Down‘, which will be released on April 30th via Mighty Music. I’ve been a fan of the band and their blend of rock music since buying their debut […]

Review: Justin Larner – Hot And Dangerous SnR (April 20th 2021) Reviewer: Jason Hopper Guitarist Justin Larner’s second album ‘Hot and Dangerous‘ is a project that features four singers and covers an array of musical landscapes where the singers that were selected best suit the material crafted by Mr. Larner. If there’s one word to […]

Review: T.U.R.N – The United Rock Nations February 22nd 2021 Reviewer: Jason Hopper The United Rock Nations (T.U.R.N) is a band formed by musicians from several different countries (Sweden, USA, and England).  Their debut album took three years to write.  According to the band’s bio, “The United Rock Nations (T.U.R.N) is a quality band that […]

Review: The Outlaw Orchestra – Powercut Voodoo Queen Records (March 26th 2021) Reviewer: Dan Mann After the release of ‘Pantomime Villains‘ last year (review Here) that Southern (as in Southern England as well as musical style) three-piece The Outlaw Orchestra deliver us another dose of their unique blend, but this time in the form of […]