Swedish Hard Rock band Free From Sin have extended their collaboration with Pride & Joy Music and will release their second album entitled ‘II‘ on the German Metal label on July 20th, 2018.

Free From Sin’s self-titled debut album was released in mid 2015.  After good sales, reviews and press feedback, the Swedish based group is now back with a vengeance and with a new record called ‘Free From Sin II’!

The band has added new band members to the line-up which resulted in a much darker & heavier sounding release in comparison to the first one. Free From Sin is again going back to basics, with a classical 5 piece line-up, with hammond organ, guitar, bass & drums together with aggressively vivid vocals and now is featuring Per Englund (ex-Blacksmith, vocals), Patrik Lämborg (guitars), Fredrik Strömberg (keyboards), Ulf Kronsell (bass) and Paul Ekdahl (drums).

There is a clear message and thought throughout the lyrics, this in combination with massive guitar riffs will for sure capture the listener’s attention and mind…….cast the second stone!

With strong influences from Deep Purple, Judas Priest, Rainbow, Iron Maiden etc., Free From Sin is again merging these ingredients in riff- based songs together with a modern sound. “II” was again produced by Mankan Sedenberg with Free From Sin at Pama Studios, Sweden.


Per Englund (vocals)

Patrik Lämborg (guitars)

Fredrik Strömberg (keyboards)

Ulf Kronsell (bass)

Paul Ekdahl (drums)

Official Website

The Shape Of Blues To Come‘,the brand new album from The Apocalypse Blues Revue which features Godsmack’s Shannon Larkin (Drums) and Tony Rombolo (Guitar). The album is due out July 20th via Provogue/Mascot Label Group.

The band have also dropped a lyric video for ‘Hell To Pay‘, the first track to be released from the album.

Speaking about the track, drummer Shannon Larkin explains: “This song is about finding the balance between the dark and the light aspects of spirituality, and in the end realizing that one needs to find and conquer both to choose your own ultimate path to divinity.”

Shannon Larkin discovered Ray Cerbone at a biker bar. The singer had no idea that he was speaking to the drummer from Godsmack, it was just a couple of guys hanging out. “It wasn’t a recruitment at all,” Larkin says. Just two guys who liked to ride, and enjoy music. “It wasn’t like I was a guy in a big band, and he was star struck at all. I went over to Ray’s house with my wife to have dinner, and I happened to see his guitar sitting in the corner. I didn’t know what he did, so I asked him to play a song, and I really loved his voice.”

Grizzled “Rafer John” may be no spring chicken, but the truth is that this is his first band, though he has for years worked as an acoustic blues troubadour. He picks up the story, “Next thing you know, Shannon calls and says that he and Tony are down the road in a recording studio working on a blues song, and they needed someone to sing it. I said, ‘Yeah, I know a few guys who could sing that for you, and he said, ‘no, I want you to sing it! I got in there, sang that song, and the rest is history.”

This is more than a side project, “We’re very excited about this second record. I’ve never seen four wills join so strongly with one intent as I have in this band. That’s something special,” affirms Larkin.

Larkin tells of a pre-production meeting with producer Dave Fortman (Godsmack, Evanescence, Anthrax). at The Vibe Recording Studios in Southwest Florida (Fort Myers), in which the two settled into the control room, ingested certain mind-expanding compounds, and they then proceeded to listen to many hours of the records they loved the most. The phrase Larkin comes back to again and again are, “it has to be real, it has to be genuine.” This record is exactly that. It drips with the existential stew of four guys playing together in a small room, in fact, that is exactly much of what we are hearing—the band laid the basic tracks in just one long day, but they captured it all with the cinematic vision and clarity of a great filmmaker.

Larkin continues, “Our mission is to see if Apocalypse can reshape the shape of blues to come. We’re a different shade of blue. Our approach is to write and play as a traditional blues band. Our original influences came from Zeppelin, Johnny Winter, Stevie Ray Vaughan, we came to the blues later in life, and we’ve found our groove and sound, and it sounds unique and original to us. We don’t try to hide our rock influences, it comes through creating a new shade of blue.”

The band again wrote together for this record, but in a strange twist of coincidence, the tracks selected were all lyrically from the pen of Shannon Larkin. In terms of lyrical content, he reveals that his lyrics are often spiritual in nature, but he hesitates to define his meanings as he defers to the imaginations of the listener to find their own meanings.

Somewhere there is a kid who has been listening to Godsmack, who will now come to know The Apocalypse Blue Revue, and from this revelation of the blues they will back pedal to discover the long and honorably trod path that leads to Robert Johnson, the Kings (B.B., Albert, and Freddie), all the way forward to The Doors and the British blues rock boom, which finally leads straight to today.

Rombola provides the six string fireworks with tight, tough riffs and incendiary solos, while Larkin brought a sheaf of lyrics that are straight ahead reflections of the biker’s blues life. As close as they get to metal mythology is on the sultry, “Sincere”, in which Cerbone intones, “Some say I worship the devil, I say he worships me.” These songs are about walking the walk of life. Somewhere between Larkin’s metal alter-ego and Cerbone’s Americana roots there lies a place where passion, the roots of the blues, and the combined experience of everyone in the room work together to create a tantalizing path.

Sonically, ‘The Shape Of Blues To Come‘ covers a lot of ground, from the traditional blues changes of ‘Sincere‘ to the more cerebral textures found on the Floydian ‘What A Way To Go‘ with Rombolo’s evocative late night Strat tones, Larkin’s soft, musical touch on the drums, sweet background choirs, and Cerbone’s sung-spoken recitation of “What a way to go, when the wind’s never at your back.” ‘Open Spaces‘, which opens the album with a nod to Jimi’s blues, then gradually ups the ante as the band’s rock blood begins to boil and cast about with heavily flanged guitars and vocals is an ideal way to get a panoramic view of what is to come. The beauty lies in the fact that this band has been six years in the making, and while the album lies rooted in very traditional blues structures and sounds, Rombola, Larkin, and Carpenter’s rock roots do shine through. The album’s closing number, ‘Noumenal Blues‘ finds Cerbone duet with Nancy Koerner, whose silky tones match Ray’s earthy baritone alongside Carpenter’s languidly loping bass line and some fingerpicked acoustic guitar before Larkin, Carpenter, and Rombola put the record to sleep with a bit of unabashed rock.

There is a healthy dose of psychedelia that infuses the record, filtered through the blues of Jimi HendrixDavid Gilmour, and Billy F. Gibbons, and guitarist Tony Rombola runs the gamut from earthy comping to explosive shards of metallic but no less bluesy slide guitar on ‘We Are One‘. Rombola’s riffing, writing, and soloing is a beautiful blend of chops and taste. This is a great guitar record, and Rombola displays a lifetime of woodshedding, listening, learning, and his playing is a thrill from beginning to end. Another important piece of the puzzle here is the rhythm section of Larkin and bassist Brian Carpenter—Carpenter’s huge, gritty tones are a perfect complement to the dynamic drum work, and together they have the feel and sound of a classic blues rock engine room.

Six years in, and it feels like The Apocalypse Blues Revue is just getting started….

Track Listing:
1. Open Spaces
2. We Are One
3. Hell To Pay
4. Have You Heard?!
5. To Hell With You
6. Nobody Rides For Free
7. Sincere
8. What A Way To Go
9. Noumenal Blues

Seeking to continue the broad-shouldered and durable sound of the late 1980’s & early 1990’s, sensational British hard rock quintet 10. Gauge are poised to unleash their slick and heavy-set debut EP Rain’s Comin’,due for public release on 18th June 2018.

Based on the outskirts of North London, 10. Gauge mark the occasion with the release of their cool rock ballad ‘Hand You’re Dealt‘ as a video single. The track will become available for download from 28th May 2018.

Sharing a stylistic palette with modern alternative hitters Black Stone Cherry (and with a hint of Alter Bridge’s arena rock sound), the chunky riff-riot of ‘Hand You’re Dealt‘ sees vocalist Rob Jewson equip the same vocal grit given to Appetite for Destruction by Axl Rose, and has the makings of a true summertime favourite.

On the creative direction of Rain’s Comin’, the band remarks;
We wanted to give a positive twist to the concept of approaching rain. Sometimes a deluge is needed to eliminate the old and replace it with the new. Rain washes away the dirt and brings vitality, freshness and, of course, life. This is an idea we wanted to capture in our debut EP”
We have five songs, written five years ago — five quarters, no cents, five in the eye: it’s a collection of five hard-hitting belters that will get people to take notice!”

Produced by Wes “Wesonator” Maebe at Monnow Valley Studio, Rain’s Comin’ is filled with carbide-strength, armour-piercing riffs, hammer-blow drums and intensely emotional voices; all linked to the close-knit work ethic of the band — always organized — forever connected.

Live Dates
26th May. The Lounge
2nd June. Camden Rocks
7th July. 3G festival. Gravesend

Rob Jewson – Vocals
TJ – Lead Guitar
Kieran Best – Rhythm Guitar
Gareth Dearing – Bass
Neil Felgate – Drums

Official Website


US power metal band Reverence have released a new lyric video for ‘Phoenix Rising‘, the track is taken from their latest EP ‘Foreverence‘. The video was edited by Tracy Holland.

Reverence have recently singed a multi album deal for Europe, CIS and UK with ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records. Reverence is working in the moment on a live CD and writing on a new full length studio album for an release later this year.

Line up:

Scott Oliva (ex-Wind Wraith, Innerstrength)
Bryan Holland (ex-Tokyo Blade)
Paul Kleff (Firewolfe, Metal Church live)
Steve ‘Doc Killdrums’ Wacholz (Savatage/Crimson Glory)
Russ Pzutto (Twisted Sister live)
Pete Rossi (RIP)

Official Website


Space Vacation, the San Francisco, California (Bay area) true metal champions featuring ex- Vicious Rumors guitarist Kiyoshi Morganare are proud to announce their upcoming California ‘Speed Of Sound Tour‘ during May / June 2018.

Space Vacation lead singer / guitarist Scott Shapiro has checked in with the following comment:

Initiate countdown. We are getting ready to blast off. Its been a while since we hit the road but the landing module is ready and Petaluma, Los Angeles, San Diego, Anaheim and Oakland should brace for impact. We’re super hyped to take the show on the road and this California tour should be the start of some bigger things to come. If we’re not landing in your town this time, be on the lookout because we are planning to explore the Pacific Northwest toward the end of the summer ending in Ukiah, CA where we will be headlining the Redwood Metal Fest and then on to Europe in the Fall. Looking forward to drinking all your beer, smoking all your herb and leaving a wake of bangovers as we shred our way across time and space.Tootles.”

In other news, our new upcoming video is finally in production with an estimated mid summer release date, our guitarist Kiyo finally lost enough weight to fit into his leather pants again and our latest album “Lost in the Black Divide” is our best selling album to date.

Tour dates:

May 30 – Phoenix Theater – Petaluma, Ca
(supporting Anvil, ShadowSide, Metalfier and Tempest)

May 31 – Five Star Bar – Los Angeles, CA
(alongside Ed Guage’s Steelwitch, Tzinami)

June 1 – The Bancroft – Spring Valley, CA (San Diego county)
(alongside Tzimani and Solar Haze)

June 2 – The Doll Hut – Anaheim, CA
(alongside Tyranis, Tzinami, Solar Haze, Meltdown)

June 5 – The Golden Bull – Oakland, CA
(alongside Railgun, Ninja Ghandi and Trecelence)

Space Vacation band line-up:

Scott Shapiro – Lead Singer / Guitars
Kiyo Morgan – Shredding Guitars
Kai Sun – Lead Bass
Cubby Baumann – Thunder

Official Website


British Heavy Metal Band MONUMENT have released a new music video for ‘The Chalice‘. It’s the third single off their upcoming album ‘Hellhound‘, to be out on May 25th, 2018 via ROAR Rock Of Angels Records.

The video includes a cast of some of the biggest names in the British pro wrestling scene such as WWE UK Superstar Trent Seven, Chardonnay Darcy, Defiant Wrestling champion Millie McKenzie, BLW Women’s champion Jamie Hayter and Charli Evans. Also included in the video is Monument‘s very own championship title belt crafted by the band’s frontman Peter Ellis who also creates title belts for WWE, NXT and Channel 5’s Lip Sync Battle UK, among others, with his title belt business Leather Rebels.

Peter Ellis, the voice of MONUMENT quotes: “The Chalice is one of my favourite tracks on the album and one that I feel adds another layer to our sound that was not there previously, while still sounding distinctly Monument. Lyrically, the song is about the challenges we all face in our everyday lives and the choices between good and evil that we all have to make at certain points.

Hellhound’ is Monument‘s third studio album consisting of 9 plus 3 bonus tracks of pure British heavy metal. Twin guitar melodies, loud bass tones, thundering drums and soaring tenor vocals are all present in abundance. Lyrically, the album draws inspiration from a variety of sources like history, urban London life, the occult and personal relationships. Tony Newton’s inclusion as the band’s producer has captured the band’s real sound for the first time and that sound is unmistakably British.”

Singer Peter Ellis of MONUMENT– comments: “Hellhound is, in my opinion, the best album we have released so far in our career. The song writing is a lot more mature on this album and the songs are very cohesive. Musically, it is the natural progression of Hair Of The Dog, with lots of twin harmonies, loud lead bass tones etc. Lyrically, I drew inspiration from different sources and situations, like I usually tent to do, so it is a mixture of historical themes, urban London culture as well as some more lighthearted stuff which I do enjoy writing as well. Another big step up was the inclusion of Tony Newton to the team as our producer, which played a very big part in finally being able to capture the real sound of the band on tape and it is something we have always wanted to do. Monument is a “live” band and Tony was able to capture that in a really cool way.

Album track listing:

  1. William Kidd
  2. The Chalice
  3. Death Avenue
  4. Nightrider
  5. Hellhound
  6. Wheels of Steel
  7. The End
  8. Attila
  9. Straight Through the Heart

Bonus Tracks (Digipack & Special Boxset Exclusives):

  1. Creatures of the Night
  2. Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll (Rainbow cover)
  3. Deja vu (Iron Maiden cover)

Line up:

Peter Ellis – Vocals
Lewis Stephens – Lead Guitar
Dan Baune – Lead Guitar
Daniel Bate – Bass Guitar
Giovanni Durst – Drums

Official Website


Bad Elephant Music is delighted to announce the signing of critically acclaimed progressive rock band Argos for the release of their eagerly anticipated fifth album – entitled ‘Unidentified Dying Objects‘ – in Summer 2018.

This follow up to 2015’s warmly received ‘A Seasonal Affair‘ sees the Mainz-based quintet joined by a stellar guest list, including Andy Tillison (The Tangent), Linus Kåse (Änglagård, Brighteye Brison) and Marek Arnold (Damanek, Toxic Smile, Seven Steps To The Green Door and many others). ‘Unidentified Dying Objects‘ sees the band continue to develop their blend of Canterbury-scene influences and contemporary progressive rock, and also marks the debut studio performance as a full member of the band by keyboardist Thilo Brauss.

Thomas Klarmann, bassist and founder member of the band said “we happily agreed to join the Bad Elephant Music family – for this German progressive rock band, signing to a British label feels coming home!

I’ve loved Argos’ music since hearing their first album in 2009,” says David Elliott, BEM’s label manager, “and they’ve been a mainstay on my podcast ever since. When Thomas approached me about joining The Elephant I said ‘yes’ immediately. They’re one of the best prog bands around, and ‘Unidentified Dying Objects‘ is their best work yet.

The new album, featuring stunning artwork from long-term collaborator Bernd Webler, will be released on 20th July 2018, with pre-orders available from mid-June.

Argos may be the most British-sounding progressive rock band to come out of Germany!

The band was originally conceived as a solo project by Thomas Klarmann, whose passion for progressive music was reignited on discovering the new progressive movement in the 1990s spearheaded by acts such Spock’s Beard and The Flower Kings. In partnership with vocalist and keyboards player Robert Gozon, Superdrama was formed, with drummer Ulf Jacobs offering his services after hearing the duo’s work on Myspace. The new trio, now called Argos, signed to Musea in 2008, releasing their eponymous debut album the following year.

Their second album ‘Circles‘ (2010) added guitarist and producer Rico Florczak to expand their sound, followed by ‘Cruel Symmetry‘ in 2012, and the highly-acclaimed ‘A Seasonal Affair‘ (2015) featuring guest talents Andy Tillison and Marek Arnold. The band also began performing live, including making a much-lauded appearance at the Summer’s End festival in 2014.

Now the band bring their unique blend of Canterbury scene influences and contemporary progressive rock into the Bad Elephant Music family, and look forward to releasing their latest work, ‘Unidentified Dying Objects, in 2018.

Line up:
Thomas Klarmann – Bass, flute, guitars, keyboards, vocals
Robert Gozon – keyboards, guitars, vocals
Ulf Jacobs – drums, percussion, vocals
Rico Florczak – guitars, vocals
Thilo Brause – keyboards, melodica, violin


Heavy Rockers Tower Of Babel featuring guitar shredder Joe Stump (Raven Lord, Holyhell) and mastermind Csaba Zvekan (vocals)  (Exorcism, Raven Lord, Metal Machine) have inked a record deal with the Swiss label Dream Records.

The record will be re-released with a brand new mix and master on an undisclosed release date via Dream Records.

Singer and producer of the record Csaba Zvekan comments:

“…Well, well, well. The record was taken down from the markets due to licensing issues. So then I found a new label Dream Records who will do a re-release for us. In the meantime I’m working on a new mix and master as I did not like what was previously released anyway.

The songs will be much more compact with the guitar solos cut shorter.
After all this is a band effort and not anybodies solo or instrumental record.
When I started this band with Craig Gruber (Rainbow, Elf, Gary Moore) I had a clear vision of the sound and role. Unfortunately I let way too much “ego” from certain players in the band take over and that will stop now.

Track listing:


It’s Only Rock’n’Roll

Lake of Fire


Midnight Sun

Eternal Flames

Once Again


Eyes of the World

Lamb and the Wolves


Line up:

Csaba Zvekan – Vocals
Joe Stump – Guitar
Maestro Mistheria – Keyboards
Nic Angileri – Bass Guitar
Mark Cross – Drums