In an effort to help artists at this very challenging time we aim to try and post lists of virtual gigs.

This week:

Today from at 4pm there is Steam Aid 2020, for 12 hours, much more pop oriented, but Halestorm will have some tracks at 8:25 pm UK time: Click here
Rob Wylde with tracks from his career and maybe a new Midnite City track, starting at 7pm UK on FB Live: Click here

Saturday 28th March -Clare Free 9:30 PM ‘Live from The Living Room’ details from

Saturday and Sunday 28th and 29th March- The Isolation Music Festival 1-6 PM details: Click here

Saturday, 28 March- Lockdown Music Festival 2 3.00 PM-11.30 PM: Click here

Saturday 28 March- Iain Ridgley’s First Ever Facebook Showcase- 12:30 – 23:00: Click here

Sunday 29 March- Dan Burnett live stream 6:30 PM: Click here

If you know of any or would like us to publicise your own livestream then please drop us an email to

Wille & The Bandits have rescheduled the rest of their UK tour to July to November 2020. The band features a brand-new line up, further increasing their immense and immersive sound by moving from a trio to a four piece. The band will now feature screaming Hammond organ and second guitar as well as 3-way vocal harmonies. Wille will be joined by Finn McAuley (drums, percussion), Harry Mackaill (bass, ukulele, vocals) and Matthew Gallagher (keyboards, guitars, percussion, vocals). All three are impressive musicians who have honed their craft with dedication and have been selected for their enthusiasms and songwriting sensibilities.

While the UK is on lockdown Wille Edwards has set himself the goal to write a song a week, which he will release each Sunday during his “Wille’s Sunday Sounds” on the bands Facebook page and website.

Fans of the band that have followed the progression of tracks such as ‘Angel‘ are used to witnessing the evolution of individual songs as they become ever more mesmerising, and they can expect to hear the classic tracks venturing into Pink Floyd influenced landscapes and Led Zeppelin-esque riffs to take the listener on a deeper musical journey.

The band will be touring the latest album ‘Paths‘, which encapsulates the excitement and gusto of rock and roll. The album is a breath of fresh air for music lovers trapped in Spotify’s spoon-feeding algorithms and radio’s set menu playlists; challenging the listener, while embracing the technology and instrumental possibilities that are afforded to musicians in current times. Special guest on the tour will be Troy Redfern.

Wille & The Bandits July – November 2020 UK Tour


Old Bakery Studios, Truro Friday 17 July 2020
The Bullingdon, Oxford Thursday 10 September 2020
The Palladium Club, Bideford Friday 11 September 2020
Echo Hotel Music Club Hook Nr, Basingstoke
*Not supported by Troy Redfern
Sunday 13 September 2020
Ropetackle Arts Centre, Shoreham Thursday 17 September 2020
The 100 Club, London Tuesday 22 September 2020
Exeter Phoenix, Exeter Wednesday 23 September 2020
Thekla, Bristol Thursday 24 September 2020
Elsewhere, Margate Thursday 29 October 2020
The Tivoli, Wimborne Friday 30 October 2020
The Star, Guildford Thursday 12 November 2020
The Arlington Arts, Arlington Friday 13 November 2020

American old school classic heavy metal band The Rods have unveiled a new band line-up and offer an update on the writing for their upcoming new album titled ‘Shockwave‘ to be tentatively released in 2021.

THE The Rods has provided the following comment:

A busy 2020 lies ahead for The Rods. The band has been writing songs for their new album ‘Shockwave‘ If that weren’t enough news David and Carl have added two new members to the band. First, on vocals is the amazing Michael San Ciro (Totally Lost Cause / Canedy) as their new lead singer. Blowing up the rhythm section with his “low end from hell”, is Freddy Vilano (Quiet Riot / Dee Snyder’s Widowmaker) on Bass Guitar.

The Rods drummer Carl Canedy has checked in with the following comment:

This new version of The Rods happened quite by chance. David and I have both worked with Freddy Vilano, both live and in the studio. Freddy and I became a killer rhythm section within two songs of our first gig together. It was surprising how well our styles meshed. We’ve all been friends for several years now so when it came to choosing a new bass player, there was no other choice…Freddy was the man!

Michael and I have performed live several times and we recorded the new CANEDY album together. I knew that Michael and I worked well together. Since David and I had been discussing adding a lead singer, I brought Michael to a rehearsal to sing a few songs. It was basically to see if we were even interested in adding a singer, and of course, we were a fit for him. David and Michael sat together in one of David’s studio rooms for over an hour while I prepared my kit for rehearsal. I knew when they both walked out of the room smiling that we had a new lead singer.

We have dates booked beginning July 3rd and once the world is no longer under siege, we’ll be announcing additional dates. It really feels great to be working on a brand new album with the added energy of Michael and Freddy. ‘Shockwave‘ is the perfect working title for our new album.

The Rods guitarist / vocalist David “Rock” Feinstein has checked in with the following additional comment:

Michael and I spent some time talking together about our approaches to music, where wanted to go with our songwriting and live performances and our philosophies on life. It became apparent that there would be a strong synergy with this new line-up. I will be still be contributing to vocals, however, now I can focus totally on playing my guitar, (or LOUDER THAN LOUD) Something I love to do… as loudly as I can! I’m excited about this new chapter of The Rods. Carl and I are already writing songs for our new album ‘Shockwave‘, and with the addition of Michael we can expand our melodies arrangements to fit his amazing range and style!

New The Rods vocalist Michael San Ciro has checked in with the following comment:

Nothing happens by accident, and fortune favors the prepared. For my whole career, I have tried to position myself to be ready should I get “the call.” But I never thought I was going to get “this call”; the call from some of the veterans who helped shaped the genre I love. I am here to answer that call.

New The Rods bassist Freddy Vilano has checked in with the following comment:

Wow! When something comes full circle it completes a cycle, returns to its beginnings. I saw The Rods open for Iron Maiden on the Number of the Beast tour at the North Stage Theater in Glen Cove on Long Island. It was my first concert! I didn’t know who The Rods were before that, but their performance was electrifying. The invitation to hold down the bass chair in The Rods is an honor, as I know I’m following in the footsteps of some incredible musicians. I look forward to simultaneously honoring the past and forging the future.

For the latest band news, visit the official The Rods website and Facebook page.

Official Website


Although it’s seemingly been quiet in the Skarlett Riot camp, truth is they’ve been working non-stop on brand new music, the first result of which arrives in the form of long-awaited new single ‘Human’. Embracing a more aggressive tone, Skarlett Riot are out to prove there is more to this young UK act than meets the eye!

Still led by the charismatic vocals of Skarlett, the band is a tighter, more powerful proposition, with harsh vocals complementing the melody throughout this track, without every losing sight of the outstanding melodic intent. Musically the band has come on leaps and bounds from previous releases and the addition of new bassist Tim Chambers has given the band a renewed impetus.

Their new album will arrive later this year via Despotz Records.

Line up:

Luke – Drums

Skarlett – Lead Vocals/Guitars

Tim – Bass/Backing Vocals

Danny – Guitars/Backing Vocals





Apple Music

In an effort to help artists at this very challenging time we aim to try and post lists of virtual gigs.

This week:

Friday 27th March- Staying in with Yoga and Big Ray

Friday 27 March-  Xander and the Peace Pirates livestream 8:00 PM

Saturday 28th March -Clare Free 9:30 PM ‘Live from The Living Room’ details from

Saturday and Sunday 28th and 29th March- The Isolation Music Festival 1-6 PM details here 

Saturday, 28 March- Lockdown Music Festival 2 3.00 PM-11.30 PM

Saturday 28 March- Iain Ridgley’s First Ever Facebook Showcase- 12:30 – 23:00

Sunday 29 March- Dan Burnett live stream 6:30 PM

If you know of any or would like us to publicise your own livestream then please drop us an email to

Italian melodic-metallers Ravenscry have released their new music video and single for ‘Maybe‘, the track is taken from the forthcoming studio album ‘100‘, which will be out on May 15th, 2020.

The video was directed by Salvatore Perrone.

Dramatically soaring vocals, bone-shaking rhythms and darkly real songwriting.


01 – Maybe
02 – Binary
03 – The Gamer
04 – The Door Inside
05 – The Entertainer
06 – Destination: Nowhere
07 – Light You Up
08 – Leader
09 – Paper Boat
10 – All My Faces
11 – The Gatekeeper

The album was produced by Ravenscry. Mixed by Roberto Laghi (In Flames, Mustasch, Sonic Syndicate). Mastered by Dragan Tanasković (In Flames, Dark Tranquillity, Evergrey). Artwork and graphics by Mario “Aégis” S. Nevado.

Ravenscry is a female-fronted, melodic-metal band from Italy who are currently launching back onto the global metal scene with their highly-anticipated, new album “100”. To this day, they have released three full-length albums, charted in the Spotify metal charts; and stacked up streams in the millions for a number of their smash singles. They have also worked with numerous famous producers, who have crafted the sound for icons like Alice Cooper, Steve Vai, Marilyn Manson, In Flames and Megadeth. Following the release of a highly ambitious concept album, ‘The Invisible‘ (2017), Ravenscry are back. More energy. More melody. Even smarter lyrics. The latest evolution of their sound is one that stays true to the core of their sound, whilst still being extra accessible for new listeners.

Line up:

Giulia Stefani – Vocals
Mauro Paganelli – Guitars
Federico Schiavoni – Guitars
Andrea “Fagio” Fagiuoli – Bass
Simone “Simon” Carminati – Drums

You may remember RAVENSCRY from the 2010’s, when they made their mark on the world with a number of smash singles and albums. Armed with infectious pop-fueled hooks and a devoted fanbase; their beautifully melodic and larger than life take on the metal genre, has been hooking millions of listeners for nearly a decade now. “100” is the name of the new album, and fans of the band may find themselves a little surprised when they hear the record. The album comes three years after the highly ambitious, “The Invisible”, a concept album that tells a complex and mystifying tale about coming of age. The band have decided to go back into the essence of what made them such a beloved melodic-metal act to start with. Just this time. Going even more into their melodic side — as to create catchy anthems that can be chanted in arenas for years to come. Sincere, intelligent and brutally honest — the album sums up the human experience to a tee, from the epic highs to the soul-crushing lows.

This isn’t the first time that Ravenscry have made history with a fresh new sound. Since their debut album “One Way Out” (2011), they have been steadily grinding their way up the ranks of the global metal scene. Even working with a number of top-tier producers and sound-engineers; who have crafted the sounds of icons like Alice Cooper, Steve Vai, Marilyn Manson, In Flames and Megadeth. ‘The Attraction of Opposites‘ (2014) was their second album, and saw the band spearhead a campaign to raise awareness about violence against women. The track ‘Alive‘ was released on International Women’s Day and continues to stack up streams in the millions on Youtube. They even charted at #31 on Spotify’s metal charts with their track “The Witness”. Then of course in 2017, was the release of their concept album ‘The Invisible‘. Since then they have performed at a number of festivals around Europe and even toured with Angra and Geoff Tate’s Operation: Mindcrime on the Omni World Tour 2018. The band is also endorsed by Hughes & Kettner, Steinberg, Two Notes and Audio-Technica.

Offical Website


Finnish melancholic metal act Nicumo have released their third full length album. The album is titled ‘Inertia‘ and it’s out through Inverse Records.

Aki Pusa, the drummer says:

Inertia‘ continues kind of naturally from where our second album “Storms Arise” left. Atmosphere is even deeper and more intense than in previous albums. We have grown as a band during these years of course, and I believe that it can be heard on this album. Songs are more solid and thoughtful entities, composed by needs of the song. Sound-wise this album is most experimental in our discography. Saxophone and even concrete floor played with drumsticks can be heard from the album just for an example.”

Listen to the Inertia album:
Apple Music:

The album contains nine tracks filled with beautiful melodies and nice powerful heavy tones colored by northern melancholy. Versatile soundscapes mesmerize the listener and takes a hold until the last note.
Inertia‘ was recorded and mixed at Joshua Music -studios during 2019 by Olli Tainio, who has worked in post metal/rock scene with bands like Callisto and Blind Architect. Mastered by Svante Forsbäck (e.g. Amorphis, Volbeat, Apocalyptica, Rammstein).

Order ‘Inertia‘ CD:

Track list:

  1. Three Pyres
  2. Dark Rivers
  3. Same Blood
  4. Witch Hunt
  5. Tree of Life
  6. Mother and The Snake
  7. Who You Are
  8. Time Won’t Heal
  9. Black Wolf
Hannu Karppinen – Vocals
Atte Jääskelä – Guitars
Tapio Anttiroiko- Guitars
Sami Kotila – Bass
Aki Pusa – Drums

Phoenix based retro rockers Kings Of Dust have released a lyric video for the track ‘Ya, That’s Me‘.

The song discusses being stuck with who you are. Good or bad,” says singer Michael Thomas Beck.  “This was one of the tracks that the rhythm section recorded in one take. There are several of those on the record. But this one Greg and Jimi just locked into something. It’s got a pretty interesting bass line to begin with. I’m not sure he would ever play it the same way twice. But we seemed to catch a swing on that take that really made the song groove in the way it needed to.”

Kings Of Dust‘s self titled debut as produced by the band’s bassist, Greg Chaisson and engineered and mixed by frontman Beck at SoundVision Studios in Mesa, AZ.  It is stores now through Shock Records / Vanity Music Group.

Line up:
Michael Thomas Beck – Lead vocals
Ryan McKay – Guitars
Greg Chaisson – Bass
Jimi Taft – Drums, percussion


On Friday 27th March, Arte will be premiering Beth Hart‘s stunning performance from L’Olympia, Paris, which was held back on 1st March on the last show of her European tour.

ARTE is a European culture channel that puts creativity, diversity and innovation at the heart of its programmes.  The cultural hub features documentaries, feature films, news related programmes as well as music and other performing arts. Many of them previously unreleased.


During a time when people are looking for cultural outlets more than ever, you can watch the concert exclusively and safely from your own home via their social media channels through Facebook or Youtube

The concert was recorded at the stunning Olympia in Paris, France, a venue that has been showcasing the arts since 1888 and was founded by Joseph Oller and Charles Zidler, the co-creators of the world famous Moulin Rouge. Beth Hart joins a long list of iconic performers that have graced the stage from Edif Piaf, Jacques Brel and Billie Holiday to Nina Simone, The Beatles, Miles Davis, Tina Turner, Led Zeppelin and more.

The night begins as Beth enters the room singing ‘Tell Her You Belong To Me.’ From the back of the auditorium she walks through the crowd, embracing her fans and then….well, we don’t want to spoil the surprise.

The Grammy nominated Beth Hart released her latest album ‘War In My Mind‘ in 2019 via Provogue which was one of her highest charting albums ever; #6 Germany, #6 Sweden, #9 Holland, #19 UK, #23 France and #29 in the US.

But it is in the live environment where Hart can make the biggest auditorium feel like the most intimate setting.

So, join Beth Hart fans from around the globe by brightening up your Friday night at home with a mesmerising performance from Beth Hart.

Stay home, stay safe and follow your local health and Government advice.

Call of the Wild festival have released the following update:

We are sad to announce that we have had to postpone Call of the Wild festival until 18th to 20th September 2020.  The rescheduled COTW festival will operate on the same basis: i.e. three stages, camping, glamping, VIP, etc.

It is clear the current pandemic will have the country in turmoil for quite a while, ruling out any possibility of keeping to our May schedule, particularly the restrictions on mass gatherings that have been brought in and may still be in force come May, as well as all the disruptions to normal life that we’re likely to see . After listening to all the advice from central government and the Safety Advisory Group, the general feeling is that come September, we envisage that we will be back to a normal footing.

So, in the last few weeks, we’ve acted quickly to secure the venue, all our suppliers and secured a good majority of our existing line-up. Due to other touring commitments, we have had to swap Phil Campbell & the Bastard Sons to Friday & Massive Wagons to Sunday. We are incredibly disappointed to have lost Michael Monroe on the Saturday, but we are working very hard to bring you an equally great Saturday headline act.

We are hopeful that most of our ticket buyers will be able to join us in September, but appreciate that customers might have existing plans or commitments.

Our ticketing partner GIGANTIC will therefore be emailing all purchasers with the following options;

Tickets can be transferred automatically to the new date.

Tickets can be transferred to the 2021 event.

Full refunds can be arranged.

It will also be possible to swap day tickets, or claim a full refund.

Please respond to GIGANTIC’s email or — if preferred — contact them at

Anyone who purchased Earlybird tickets directly from us at the festival last year should contact & we will sort things out, on the same terms as above.

We wish to show our thanks by allocating 500 free weekend tickets to All NHS workers. These can be applied for by contacting with proof/ID  However, if you already have purchased a ticket for this year we will allocate you free weekend tickets for 2021. Deadline for applications 30th April 2020.

Apologies once more for the postponement. We’re still committed to delivering Lincolnshire’s biggest and best rock festival – a fantastic 3 days of fun with top-flight live music and a full festival experience. Check the website at for further info and updates.