Kent-based ‘blues stained’ hard rock act Gallows Circus have been building quite a formidable reputation across the country with their unmissable brand of hard and heavy rock. Their influences are myriad; from the power of Zeppelin through the melodic genius of Thin Lizzy, onto the modern blues-rock of Rival Sons and the hard edge of Soundgarden, Gallows Circus manage to make a sound all of their own.

Hell’s Whiskey’ is the first taste of the band’s upcoming second EP (due September 2020), which sees the acclaimed quartet demonstrating a more focussed, intensely melodic, and hard-hitting sound.

The band are coming out swinging!

Line up:

Ian Day – Vocals

Ben Attwood – Guitars

Steve Kitchener – Drums

Richard Tunbridge – Bass

Official Website






For decades, Rik Emmett has been a prolific recording artist – whether it be as a member of Triumph, offering solo material, or collaborating with others.  And now, fans will be able to enjoy quite a few of his solo releases once again – which covers a wide variety of styles.

Round Hill Records have reissued 11 solo Rik recordings in the digital format, including ‘Ten Invitations’ (1998), ‘Swing Shift‘ (1998), ‘Raw Quartet‘ (1999), ‘Live at Berklee‘ (2000), ‘Handiwork‘ (2003), ‘Good Faith‘ (2003), ‘Strung-Out Troubadours‘ (2006), ‘Live at Hugh’s Room‘ (2007), ‘Liberty Manifesto‘ (2007), ‘Push & Pull‘ (2009), and ‘Marco’s Secret Songbook‘ (2012):

As my loyal fans will tell you, I’m not the kind of artist who spends a lot of time and energy looking back,” explains Rik.  “But it has been nice to feel there’s a partner who places value on the history of my work beyond the Triumph years.  I don’t think of myself as a difficult artist:  I’d like to think I’m easy-going and cooperative.  But I have a lot of decades of experience in the music business, and I know that an eclectic catalogue of music like this presents Round Hill with some, ummm, unique challenges. It’s gratifying to find patronage that can breathe new life and energy into the public’s awareness of the catalogue.  I’m glad that Round Hill respects the work I did, and the music I made.  My heart and soul is in this collection.  So I only hope the best for Round Hill, as they try to make the digital universe of the 21st century, with its infinite challenges, aware of a humble troubadour from Canada.

For Triumph fans who may just be discovering these solo Rik titles, its creator discussed the differences between the two.  “There’s no comparison to be made, really:  separate universes.  The first album of this new Round Hill catalogue dates from 1996.  I had already been out of Triumph for over 8 years, and by then, had fully transitioned away from any attempts to make mainstream, charting, music-business kinds of projects.  I was simply pursuing personal artistic goals, and I had a loyal group of fans – patrons, really – who would indulge that, making it self-sufficient.  Many of these albums were about testing my chops, writing and playing instrumental compositions, or exploring styles of music-making that had nothing to do with rock.  These albums represent an artistic learning curve of my own digital studio, my own production, my own composing.  The hints of prolific eclecticism that a keen Triumph fan might have found back in the 70’s and 80’s is fully in evidence in this catalogue that spans 1998 to 2012.”

Every album has its moments.  Would you ask a parent to choose a favorite child?  I love things about all of them, for different reasons. ‘Swing Shift‘ has some personal highlights:  I’d waited all my life to try and put original songs like ‘Taste of Steel‘ and ‘Mr. Bebop‘ on an album:  and the ‘Live at Berklee‘ CD was a unique, crazy night … I’m also very proud of the collaborations with Dave Dunlop on the Troubadours albums, especially ‘State of Grace‘ and ‘Deeper Kind of Blue‘.  And if any fans are looking for hard rock, the ‘Airtime Liberty Manifesto‘ album I did with Mike Shotton is a heavy-progressive project.  There are some songwriting gems on ‘Marco’s Secret Songbook‘, too:  ‘Hope‘ is a song I really love, and ‘Between The Dreams‘ has an ‘epic’ dimension in my imagination.  I guess the ‘favorite’ thing I feel about the entire collection, is the depth and breadth of my songwriting.  I’m really glad Round Hill is giving the world another chance to give it all a listen.

And lastly, what about future projects? “I never stop writing.  My notebook has 3 songs on the go, right now.  My own website has new downloads out for a collection of 24 tracks entitled ‘Folk Songs for the Farewell Bonfire‘.  And I’ve just completed a book of poetry, which I’m currently shopping around.  Also, in early stages of development:  a memoir / autobiography, and a select compilation of the over-2,000 pages of fan forum blogging I’ve done on my site since it launched a few decades back.  Plus, I collaborate on videos for endorsement partners (doin’ some country chicken-pickin’, next week), do a bit of co-writing, and participate in some charity initiatives.  So I’m keeping busy, creatively.

Official Website
Rik Emmett Catalogue
Ten Invitations
Swing Shift
Raw Quartet
Live at Berklee
Good Faith
Strung-Out Troubadours
Live at Hugh’s Room
Liberty Manifesto
Push & Pull
Marco’s Secret Songbook

Every Mother’s Nightmare drummer Jim Phipps has joined Charlie Bonnet III and The Folkin’ Gasholes, the popular touring act led by southern rock mainstay, Charlie Bonnet III.  Bonnet recently confirmed the addition of Phipps on his social media, to the delight of fans, stating “Proud to announce original Every Mother’s Nightmare drummer Jim Phipps has officially joined our band as drummer!

In a recent interview, Phipps stated “I had crossed paths with Charlie at festivals over the years, and we knew each other.  I was scrolling through Instagram and saw the ad and was kind of shocked because there was no drummer there.  I told him I was living in Chattanooga, and asked for some more info, and later that afternoon I got a private message from him.  We arranged a date, and I went out there to jam.  I knew before we even played a note that it would rock, and it definitely did.”  Bonnet states in the same interview, “When I was a teenager we worshiped EMN because they were from Tennessee, and in our minds they were rock stars.  So now life has come full circle, and working with Jim is a teenage dream come true.  The music is sounding killer.

Phipps began his national recording career as the drummer for Memphis based hard rockers Every Mother’s Nightmare, who released two albums for Arista Records, 1990’s self titled ‘Every Mother’s Nightmare‘, and the 1993 follow up, ‘Wake Up Screaming‘.  The music videos ‘Love Can Make You Blind‘,’Walls Come Down‘, and ‘House Of Pain‘ received steady play on MTV‘s Headbangers Ball.

Bonnet began his career in the early 1990’s with the Nashville based metal band, Disarray, releasing five albums.  He then worked as a singer / songwriter, releasing several acoustic albums, before joining Warner Brothers act Big Smo as guitarist.  In 2017 he released the critically acclaimed solo record, ‘Sinner With A Song‘, co-produced by L.A. Guns founder, Tracii Guns.  He has collaborated on recording projects with members of KISS, L.A. Guns, The Alice Cooper Band, Megadeth, Testament, Exodus, GWAR, and more.

The Folkin’ Gasholes have toured America, opening shows for Junkyard, L.A. Guns, Enuff Z’Nuff, Steven Adler of Guns N ‘Roses, Love/Hate, and more.  They have played major rock festivals and venues, including Rocklahoma, the Sturgis Bike Rally in South Dakota, and the world famous Whisky A-Go-Go in Hollywood.

Line up:

Charlie Bonnet III – Guitars / Vocals

Ceth Carter – Bass / Backing Vocals

Jim Phipps – Drums


Calgary’s Osyron are proud to unleash their new album ‘Foundations‘, out now, as of July 10th. The album is an immersive exploration of Canadian history and identity, speaking on topics on the country’s colonization to the mistreatment and recognition of Aboriginals to the country’s participation in global warfare. Although it is not a conceptual release, it does bear a consistent theme across nearly the entirety of the record. For fans of Nightwish, Dream Theater, and Wintersun; Osyron is progressive, powerful metal with a knack for engaging storytelling.

The band comments:

We believe that the album will both surprise and challenge our current and new fans while still bringing back the big elements we are most known for (hooks, huge layered sections, melodies, and finger-twisting riffs, etc). This album is meant to be digested as an immersive exploration of Canadian history and identity. Delving into sensitive topics such as cultural genocide, racism, and segregation. It touches on more communal elements of emotion such as loss, pain, hope, and perspective of faith.

Overall, ‘Foundations’ is a view into an unseen and rarely explained/talked about topics; human nature. We wanted to bring to life on the very foundations that Canada as a nation was built; the bloodshed, war, and assimilation of different ethnic groups (mostly First Nations) that cultivated into what we know as Canada today, as well as the very fabric that the complex, diverse culture of Canadians share.

We hope we perfectly blend art with history, expression with emotion, and opinion with reason. ‘Foundations’ is but a chapter in a young nation’s history book, that just completed its prologue.

Along with the album’s release, Osyron are sharing with fans a personal and very detailed Behind The Scenes documentary video that grants insights into the process of birthing”Foundations”. The band talks about their sound experiences of creating and thereby covers the steps of making an album, all the way from the first ideas and motivations through writing, recording, mixing, and mastering.

And if that’s not enough for making it a perfect release week, guitarists Bobby and Krzysztof proudly announce that they are now officially endorsed Solar Guitars artists. The brand, founded by The Haunted guitarist and YouTube guitar icon Ola Englund, offers high-quality instruments for everyone from amateurs to studio pros and touring musicians – showing a strong focus on innovation and fair pricing while sticking to the highest possible standards. Solar Guitars works with artists such as Marcus Siepen (Blind Guardian), Jonas Wolf (Eluveitie), or Johan Bergebäck (Necrophobic), only to name a few.

Osyron‘s new album ‘Foundations‘ is available on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer HERE.

Album CD and digital download via Bandcamp HERE.

Track Listing:
1. The Cross (5:01)
2. Ignite (4:33)
3. Battle of The Thames (6:51)
4. The Ones Below (3:54)
5. Foundations (8:20)
Album Length: 28:41

Line Up:
Krzysztof Stalmach (Guitar)
Cody Anstey (Drums)
Bobby Harley (Guitar)
Reed (Vocals)
Tyler Corbett (Bass)

Official Website



Ater having to cancel this year’s event due to Covid-19, Rockin The Bowl returns in 2021 with a killer line-up on 10th – 12th September 2021

Rockin The Bowl have this to say:

WOW! What awesome support for RTB at such as stressful time. We love you all.

Well, here it is… three days of Rock and Roll at the Don Valley Bowl in Sheffield.

Alongside almost every 2020 RTB band, we are really proud to welcome a host of amazing talent to both stages from 10th – 12th September 2021 with the whole party getting the loud, proud and raucous send off by the mighty
Massive Wagons to send you all out into the night with ears ringing and huge smiles on your faces.

The Wagons are joined by the superb Bad Touch, the fantastic Hollowstar , some crazy antics from those Bootyard Bandits , awesome EMPYRE , the super talented Florence Black , and bringing us some proper old school 80s rock… Collateral. In addition, we have a whole new batch of local talent and a few other party bands for the Friday night fun.

It doesn’t take too much observation to see that Those Damn Crows are sadly no longer available… We tried very hard to get them back but unfortunately the lads are contracted for 2021 to a very big company for a very big festival! There is an exclusivity clause attached to this contract which means that (with the exception of Steelhouse and JPP) they are not able to play any other UK festival… including RTB… We are very sorry about this but it was entirely out of our hands. We wish the Crows every success because they deserve to be huge and we are sure they will be.

Well… there it is ladies and gents… Rockin the Bowl 2021 is live and fully operational a mere 8 hours after cancelling. All thanks to YOU… thank you so much.

Tickets are available Here


Rock’n’roll blues group, Billy Walton Band today released their first single, ‘Can’t Love No One‘ from their forthcoming album ‘Dark Hour‘ which is due out later in 2020. Released on Harmonized Records, the album was recorded at Cambridge Sound Studio and was engineered by Grammy-nominated engineer Jim Salamone.

In ‘Can’t Love No One‘ singer/guitarist and bandleader Billy Walton flips the script on traditional breakup songs. Rather than being heartbroken, Walton uses the lyrics of the song to console a former romantic interest, “Honey it’s not you, I swear it’s me… I can’t love no one”. Accompanied by his band, Billy Walton delivers a powerful vocal performance along with a soulful guitar solo.

With a new album on the way, and though unable to tour to support its release, Billy Walton Band has been performing live on social media to fans and is planning to do more performances in the coming weeks.

About ‘Dark Hour‘:

Billy Walton Band recorded Dark Hour in Philadelphia, and it was tracked at Cambridge Sound Studio with Grammy-nominated engineer, Jim Salamone (Teddy Pendergrass). The band brought in Bruce Krywinski on trumpet, and drummer Francis Valentino (David Lee Roth Band), to round out the already rich line up of musicians.







Knoxville hard rockers 10 Years will release their new album ‘Violent Allies‘ on 18 September via Mascot Records. Ahead of this they have revealed new song ‘The Unknown‘.

The Unknown‘ is the second song to be released from the album, following ‘The Shift, earlier this year. That was the band’s first new music in two and a half years and has already gone on to have over a million streams.

Growth transpires over a lifetime. The process never stops. Rather, it ramps up as time passes. The gold-certified trio—Jesse Hasek [vocals], Brian Vodinh [guitar, drums, bass, backing vocals], and Matt Wantland [guitar, synth programming]—have embraced a heightened sense of vulnerability and sonic adventurousness on ‘Violent Allies‘.

We don’t ever try to recreate what we’ve done in the past,” explains Jesse. “We knew we had to challenge ourselves to see what we had in us. If it’s not stressful, you’re not challenging yourself to grow. From the beginning, music has always been therapy and an outlet. We let ourselves enjoy the process, be vulnerable, and talk about those emotions. We got back to why we love music with the maturity of where we’re at in our lives. We were able to harness that love of creating from a wiser and more developed perspective.

We were hard on ourselves,” admits Brian. “It was more intense than during records past, but it was worth it. The outcome was exactly what we wanted it to be.

For nearly two decades, 10 Years have built a formidable catalogue, the group’s gold-selling 2005 breakthrough ‘The Autumn Effect‘ spawned the hit ‘Wasteland,’ which went gold, infiltrated the Billboard Hot 100, and clinched #1 at Active Rock Radio and #1 on the Billboard Alternative Songs Chart. They landed three Top 30 entries on the Billboard Top 200 with ‘Division‘ [2008], ‘Feeding the Wolves‘ [2010], and ‘Minus the Machine‘ [2012]. Most recently, 2017’s ‘(How to Live) As Ghosts‘ marked a reunion between Jesse, Brian, and Matt. Not only did the album smash into the Top 5 of the US Top Hard Rock Albums Chart, but it also provided the hit ‘Novacaine.’ The single ascended to the Top 5 of the Billboard US Mainstream Rock Songs Chart and had an incredible 29 million streams across all platforms.  The album has gone on to have over 51 million streams. Along the way, they sold out countless headline shows and toured with everyone from Korn, Deftones, and Stone Sour to Chris Cornell and Linkin Park.

During 2019, the three musicians headed to Los Angeles, rented an Airbnb in Woodland Hills, and spent five weeks recording with GRAMMY® Award-winning producer and Feeding the Wolves collaborator Howard Benson [My Chemical Romance, Halestorm, Papa Roach, Three Days Grace].

When talking to the band members they share, “Time spent in the studio or simply collaborating on our vision was a catalyst in reaching creative clarity like we’ve never had before.  It was fun, because we were back to being brothers. No matter how frustrated we might get, once we looked out at it, the energy was unexplainable. Our mission was to really connect with the songs, break them down, and build them back up.” Brian adds, “The younger versions of us would’ve been going to Hollywood every night and partying.  It was different. We actually came up with a lot of ideas, melody tweaks, and had really good brainstorming sessions.

On ‘The Shift,’ melodic guitars slide across a caustic beat before a rush of distortion ignites the refrain, “We are a violent virus, without a remedy.” “Lyrically, it’s about the polarization of society and the human impact on the earth itself,” states Brian. “We were thinking about how humans can be a virus to the Earth.” Airy keys echo through ‘The Unknown.’ It builds towards a sweeping celestial chorus. “We’re in a wide-open world we’ve created, but we have to step back and look at where we are and adapt,” continues Jesse. “We’re all in the unknown right now.

There is a broad, dynamic range pierced through the album all the way from the opener to the heavy drums and distorted guitars on ‘Déjà vu,’ to the instrumental ‘Planets III’ and culminates on ‘Say Goodbye.’ The conclusion’s cinematic soundscape and poignant lyrics bid farewell to Jesse’s late grandfather and emphasize “the band at our most vulnerable,” according to the frontman.

After all of this time, 10 Years is a brotherhood,” Jesse concludes. “I’ve spent the better half of my life accomplishing what I never thought was possible with these guys. It’s been an unexplainable, crazy, and awesome journey since Brian first asked me to join the band on his 19th birthday. We’ve beat the odds and continue to live life. It bothers me when people don’t try to push themselves to enjoy what life has to offer. Life is beautiful, if you really go for it and try. It can show you beauty—and that’s what this band has shown me.

Official Website






Photo Credit: Robert Smith

Neal Morse, Mike Portnoy & Randy George have shared the latest video as part of their ‘Cover To Cover‘ series of albums.

Neal Morse, Mike Portnoy & Randy George are returning to their Cover To Cover series of albums with ‘Cov3r To Cov3r‘, the brand new third instalment. Featuring their renditions of classic tracks by the likes of King Crimson, Jethro Tull, Gerry Rafferty, David Bowie & more (including their cover of ‘No Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Needed’ featuring vocals from Yes singer Jon Davison), the album will be released on the 24th July as CD, Gatefold 2LP + CD & as Digital Album.

It is just 2 weeks till the album is released, and today they have launched a video for their cover of Jethro Tull’s Hymn 43. Watch the video now here:

Neal Morse comments: “When I was young and they packed me off to school, someone played me the second side of the Aqualung album by Jethro Tull and I was immediately consumed by it. Hymn 43 being one of my favorite tracks I was thrilled when the guys wanted to record this one. We kicked it out in one or two takes and it was a gas!

They recently launch a video for their cover of ‘It Don’t Come Easy‘, originally by Ringo Starr, and you can watch it now here:

The band previously released a video of their cover of Gerry Rafferty’s classic ‘Baker Street‘. Watch it now here:

As well as ‘Cov3r to Cov3r‘, the ‘Cover To Cover Anthology (Vol. 1 – 3)‘ will be released on the same day, collecting all 3 instalments together over 3 discs. The first two albums have also been newly re-sequenced and remastered, and will also be available on digital services. The albums have also been given brand new artwork, created by Thomas Ewerhard (Sons of Apollo, The Neal Morse Band, Avantasia).

‘Cov3r to Cov3r’ on Jewelcase CD & Gatefold 2LP + CD, and ‘Cover to Cover Anthology (Vol.1-3) on Limited 3CD Digipak are now available to pre-order here:

Cov3r to Cov3r:

Cover to Cover Anthology: 

Morse, Portnoy & George first worked together on Neal Morse’s Testimony Live project back in 2003, and since then they have devised and recorded countless Neal Morse albums, including three with The Neal Morse Band.

The three friends have also released music as Morse, Portnoy & George: so far, two Cover to Cover albums have been produced, each being a collection of covers of their favorite songs. As Portnoy explains: “One of the first things myself, Neal and Randy usually start talking about what we can cover when we gather for one of Neal’s solo albums, should we have some leftover time at the end of the session. Most of the songs are rooted in the 60s and 70s and are songs / bands we grew up with.” Explains George, “We all share an attachment for this era of music, so we each throw out song ideas, see what sticks, and record the ones we like the most!”

The trio has covered songs from such greats as, Paul McCartney, Cream, The Who, Jethro Tull, Steely Dan, and many more. They also have also covered some prog classics from the likes of King Crimson and Yes.

The full track-listing for all 3 Cover To Cover volumes is below.

Cover To Cover:

  1. Where The Streets Have No Name (U2)
  2. I’m The Man (Joe Jackson)
  3. What Is Life? (George Harrison)
  4. Badge (Cream)
  5. Maybe I’m Amazed (Paul McCartney)
  6. Day After Day (Badfinger)
  7. Pleasant Valley Sunday (The Monkees)
  8. Tuesday Afternoon (The Moody Blues)
  9. Can’t Find My Way Home (Blind Faith)
  10. I’m Free / Sparks (The Who)
  11. Where Do The Children Play (Cat Stevens)
  12. Feelin’ Stronger Everyday (Chicago)
  13. Rock N Roll Suicide (David Bowie)

Cover 2 Cover:

  1. (What’s So Funny About) Peace, Love & Understanding (Elvis Costello)
  2. Lido Shuffle (Boz Scaggs)
  3. Crazy Horses (The Osmonds)
  4. Driven To Tears (The Police)
  5. Come Sail Away (Styx)
  6. Rikki Don’t Lose That Number (Steely Dan)
  7. Lemons Never Forget (The Bee Gees)
  8. The Letter (Joe Cocker)
  9. I Saw The Light (Todd Rundgren)
  10. Teacher (Jethro Tull)
  11. Southern Man/Needle And The Damage Done/Cinnamon Girl (Neil Young)
  12. Starless (King Crimson)

Cov3r To Cov3r:

  1. No Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Needed (Yes)
  2. Hymn 43 (Jethro Tull)
  3. Life On Mars (David Bowie)
  4. Baker Street (Gerry Rafferty)
  5. It Don’t Come Easy (Ringo Starr)
  6. Baby Blue (Badfinger)
  7. One More Red Nightmare (King Crimson)
  8. Black Coffee In Bed (Squeeze)
  9. Tempted (Squeeze)
  10. Runnin’ Down A Dream (Tom Petty)
  11. Let Love Rule (Lenny Kravitz)


Back in mid-May, as the COVID-19 pandemic was spreading throughout the world and as many of us were deep in lockdown, Kentucky arena rockers Black Stone Cherry and Canadian hard-rocking juggernauts Monster Truck decided that distance wasn’t going to stop them from creating something beautiful for a good cause.

Following Black Stone Cherry‘s YouTube series the Cherry Chats, the two bands joined forces over a series of live Zoom video calls to write a song from scratch, allowing fans unprecedented access to watch as the creativity unfold from the safety of their homes. Thus, The Cherry Truck Band was born, and out of those sessions came a special charity single ‘Love Become Law‘.

All proceeds from this single will be split between two charities, chosen by the bands themselves – Black Stone Cherry will be donating their proceeds to The Boys and Girls Club of America and Monster Truck to Black Lives Matter. You can purchase the song HERE

Talking about how the song came together; Black Stone Cherry said; “The idea of The Cherry Truck Band can honestly be credited to the pandemic that our world is in. We saw tour after tour being cancelled and so many bands were turning to live streaming performances online. We put our heads together with our great friends in Monster Truck and decided to do something we hadn’t seen any other bands do to help pass the time while still entertaining fans. That idea was to write a song, LIVE to the world and divide it up into segments to show our fans the process of writing and creating. We had never done this with another full band before, let alone do it while we’re live streaming. It was incredibly exciting and fun and we are so proud of the song and more importantly, it’s meaning! This song is about uniting, being and living as one, and most importantly, loving each and every person that walks this planet. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did creating it for you!

Adding Monster Truck frontman/bassist Jon ‘Marv’ Harvey continues; “The Cherry Truck Band started with a bunch of friends getting together over long distances to create something memorable, meaningful and joyous. Over the five weekly episodes, our entire world basically turned upside down. The people were rising up. The people were tired of being oppressed. The people were tired of suffering for doing nothing wrong. The people were ready to force change. This is our anthem in solidarity to those fighting for basic rights. This is our voices saying, ‘we love you, we hear you, we respect and love you’. Black lives matter. Without the impact of black culture, there would be no modern music, period. Respect, protect and celebrate diversity. Our world depends on it“.

Monster Truck will be donating to Black Lives Matter Foundation, Inc is a global organization in the US, UK, and Canada, whose mission is to eradicate white supremacy and build local power to intervene in violence inflicted on Black communities by the state and vigilantes. By combating and countering acts of violence, creating space for Black imagination and innovation, and centring Black joy, we are winning immediate improvements in our lives. You can see more on them here:

Talking about donating to The Boys and Girls Club of America, Black Stone Cherry explain; “The Boys and Girls Club is an organization we feel very strongly about because they are ensuring young people that success is within reach no matter who they are, where they come from, race, etc.. We love that the Boys and Girls Club is helping teach responsibility, education, and instilling a hard work ethic at a young age so that these kids can grow up and be proud of themselves and what they have accomplished! We have donated to our community club for several years and we are honoured to help out by donating the Boys and Girls Club of America where we know in our hearts they are helping to make a difference in our young generation.” You can read more info on the charity here:

Find out more about Black Stone Cherry here:

Official Website

And Monster Truck here:

Official Website