Review: Dee Snider – Leave A Scar Napalm Records (July 30th 2021) Reviewer: Jason Hopper It’s Time To Rock Again! Dee Snider returns with a new collection of Metal tracks that are sure to please long time fans of his work. For those not paying attention, Dee has released two solo CDs since the retirement […]

Review: M.ILL.ION – Back On Track AOR Heaven (September 10th 2021) Reviewer: Jason Hopper M.ILL.ION return with a new album, their first since ‘Sane and Insanity’ back in 2011. This time, four of the original members (including the original vocalist) have returned into the fray to release an album that contains three new tracks and […]

Review: Yngwie Malmsteen – Parabellum Music Theories Recordings/Mascot (July 23rd 2021) Reviewer: David Mark Pearce Well, these days, Yngwie seems to be the Swedish version of “Marmite” – or has it always been that way? Egotistical, or just insanely driven? I guess that’s where this debate will go on and on. I’ve been a massive […]

Review: Troy Redfern – The Fire Cosmic RED7 Records (August 6th 2021) Reviewer: Dan Mann Troy Redfern, dubbed as Britain’s “King Of Slide Guitar“, is someone who I’ve enjoyed seing play a few times over the years, delivering blues rock with of course ‘that slide’. After posting music news items on this here site over […]