Review: Lazarus Dream – Lifeline Pride & Joy Music (June 17th, 2022) Reviewer: Dan Mann Lazarus Dream return with the follow up to 2020’s ‘Alive‘, an album I very much enjoyed. Once again we have that same dynamic combination of vocalist Carsten Lizard Shultz and multi-instrumentalist Markus Pfeffe, who together with an excellent cast of […]

Review: Kiss The Vyper – Hope You Like It Metalapolis Records (June 24th, 2022) Reviewer: Jason Hopper Kiss The Vyper is the brainchild of Australian multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, songwriter, engineer and producer Bobby Miller. They are back with their second album Hope You Like It.  Since this band was new to me, I decided to check […]

Review: Brave Rival – Life’s Machine May 6th, 2022 Reviewer: Dan Mann This Friday, Portsmouth band Brave Revival release their debut studio album ‘Life’s Machine‘. Brave Revival are another band who’ve had to deal with the ‘interuption’ of Covid to their momentum, now we’re coming out the other side they’re finally back on track. Following […]

Review: Visions of Atlantis – Pirates Napalm Records (May 13th, 2022) Reviewer: Jason Hopper My introduction to Symphonic Metal began in 2007 with the release of Nightwish’s album ‘Dark Passion Play’. Nothing about the genre interested me until that album came along.  I transversed their back catalog and found the band was incorporating more melodic […]

Review: Tysondog – Midnight From The Vaults (April 29th, 2022) Reviewer: David Pearce Tysondog are survivors of the original New Wave of British Heavy Metal, having formed in 1982. Now you may have heard of some of the other groups from the time like Saxon, and of course bands like Iron Maiden and Def Leppard […]

Review: Axminster – Tightrope EP April 2022 Reviewer: Dan Mann For us Brits the name Axminster brings to mind a brand of carpets, however in this instance, Axminster are in fact a hard rock band hailing from Boston, and that’s Boston, Massachusetts as opposed to Boston, Lincolnshire! As vocalist/guitarist Steve Sera says “yes we named […]