Review – Imperium – Never Surrender Pride & Joy Music (May 19th 2023) Reviewer: Stephen Brophy Imperium is the solo project of Strike drummer Mika Brushane, and ‘Never Surrender‘ is the bands 4th studio release. Alongside Mika, who takes care of drums, keyboards, vst-bass and backing vocals we have the excellent Stefano Lionetti and Mikey […]

Review: Fatal Vision – Twice Pride & Joy Music (June 23rd, 2023) Reviewer: Chris O’Connor Prepare to be swept away by the melodic rock masterpiece that is Fatal Vision‘s sophomore album, ‘Twice’. Released on June 26, 2023, under the esteemed Pride & Joy Music label, this album marks the glorious return of the Canadian rock […]

Review: Suckerpunch – Redneck Gasoline Wormholedeth Records (April 21st, 2023) Reviewer: Chris O’Connor Danish Southern Rock? Who’d a thunk it? If you love the likes of Georgia Satellites, The Stitchpig Revival, Havana Black (circa ‘Indian Warrior’), Motor Jesus, Alligator Jackson, The Georgia Thunderbolts … then you very simply NEED this album. This is balls to […]

Review: Burning Witches – The Dark Tower Napalm Records (May 5th, 2023) Reviewer: Stephen Brophy Having only begun the process of getting the band together in 2015 and releasing their debut self-titled album in 2017, it has been a very busy 6 years for this Swiss all female Power/Heavy Metal band Burning Witches, with ‘The […]