Review: Lazarus Dream – Alive Pride & Joy Music (November 13th  2020) Reviewer: Dan Mann Lazarus Dream are a new German hard rock project, put together by vocalist Carsten Lizard Shultz and multi-instrumentalist Markus Pfeffer. It’s no secret that I’m more than a little partial to anything that Carsten is involved with, so upon hearing […]

Review: Terra Atlantica – Age Of Steam Pride & Joy Music (August 14th 2020) Reviewer: David Pearce Terra Atlantica are Tristan Harders on vocals, Nico Hauschildt on drums, bass player Julian Prüfer and lead guitarist Frederik Akkermann. To give depth to the concept album ‘Age of Steam‘ they invited Alex Hunzinger from Aeternitas, Oleg Rudych, […]

Review: Operus – Score Of Nightmares Pride & Joy Music (June 19th 2020) Reviewer: David Pearce Operus are a six piece group from Canada who come from a range of backgrounds that encompass classical music, heavy rock and stage musicals. With that range of backgrounds and influences they promised to be a very different group […]