Scarlet Rebels – Show Your Colours

ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records (09 August 2019)

Reviewer: Paul Saripo

Welsh based Rock band, Scarlet Rebels (previously going by the name of V0id) have produced their debut Album, ‘Show Your Colours‘ with riffs as smooth as mountain slate and groves as deep as the lush green valleys.

The album opens with an impressive track, ‘No One Else To Blame‘ that uses vocal harmonies and head rocking guitars to deliver a solid first track introduction and signature for the album.

Each track on the album is robust and formed together with gifted song writing from the heart.  A tapestry of Musical delight as this album unfolds, delivering an emotional journey with a variety of killer riffs and swirling solos of ‘You Take My Breath Away‘,  then on to a potent anthem track ‘Head’s In The Ground‘ followed by dusty confederate undertones of ‘Part Of Me‘.

Moving on to the next track ‘Heal‘, which begins with an air of tension which develops into a roller coaster of vibrant riffs. ‘Let Your Love Go‘ is another energetic song as is ‘Nothing To Say‘.

Next up is ‘Save Me‘ with solid hook’s and solid construction.

‘Blinded By The Pain‘ is solitude and desperation around mental heath, following on is ‘Shattered Dreams‘ and ‘Can I Open My Eyes‘ continuing with an upbeat energy.

From this we are pulled into ‘Returning Light a heart wrenching ballad. Powerful arrangements combine with Wayne Doyle’s well written lyrics delivered with believable vocals. One of my favourite tracks on the album.

‘Losing End’ picks up pace again showing further dexterity of Scarlet Rebels writing ability. The album closes with ‘Radio Song‘.

This album has a place in everyone’s collection, not only seriously talented musicians and song writers, but a breath of fresh air in contemporary rock.

Bloodhound – Humber Street Sesh August 2nd & 3rd August 2019

Photographer: Paul Saripo (Paul Saripo Photography)

Bloodhound, a three-piece grunge peddling outreach of alternative rock, return to play a home town festival In Hull.
Filling the Strummerville Stage at Humber Street Sesh, as the powerful set progressed so did the volume of people pushing up against the barriers to see who was rocking out Humber street on Saturday. These guys are working on a new album over the coming months which will be something to watch out for.

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Review: Tarchon Fist – Apocalypse

Pride & Joy Music (16th August 2019)

Reviewer: Paul Saripo

Tarchon Fist, an Italian metal axe swinging outfit that know how deliver lyrically with heavy slick metal riffs have produced quite a few albums however this is there first concept album.

This new album, ‘Apocalypse‘, will take the listener into a journey of myth, legend and historical fact as well as dousing your musical hunger with fresh volcanic jolt.

Guitars are in full harmonic song, bright, punchy and duet with harmonic waves.

This is a concept album that is well organised, the narrative here is a path of human to human conflict and tests the question that none of us are born good, nor are we born bad.

This is intellectual metal that’s delivered by versatile and precision musicians that play fast and hard with little compromise for a lyric trail that is full of challenge such as ‘Razor From The Abyss‘.

‘Proud to Be Dinosaurs‘ is something of a min anthem that just hooks you in as you explore this albums journey.

This is based on pre-Christianity culture rather than anything biblical so don’t expect any mercy here other than some hints of a Ballard on ‘My Destiny (Epilogue)‘.

Last Human Strength‘ is another strong track with a riff change midway that is reminiscent of Beethoven’s  ‘Für Elise’.

Ramon on lead Vocals doesn’t let up and delivers a range and tone reminiscent of some place between Bruce Dickinson and Rob Halford

Make no mistake, this is a story that needs to be listened to over and over again without being shy on the volume.

Review: Into The Unknown – Breaking The Silence 

Vigilante Records (September 6th 2019)

Reviewer: Paul Saripo

Into The Unknown are capable musicians hailing from Buckinghamshire comprising original members Lucie Hölzlová delivering Vocals, Ryan Atkins on guitar, Rupert Withers driving the bass and production and two new additions to the band Mike Ballard on drums and James Milner on rhythm guitars, who have created this second album ‘Breaking The Silence‘.

Riffs start heavy and deep, with ‘Pandora’s Box‘. A catchy tune and felt well developed with guitar solos arranged with synergy.

Moving on, I became slightly disappointed as the album progressed, I felt some of the verses had been stretched out with over use of a refrain, I know for some this will be great and anthem like but for me having listened to the album front to back several times I felt it could have moved on a little at times. That said, they did hook me in for a short while.

There is a good mix of musical arrangement on the album and in some cases variety within individual songs too that are adventurous and work.

From a classic symphonic rock to an almost electronic orchestral sound as found on the intro to ‘What is Love‘ an interesting and rocked up cover of Howard Jones early 80’s pop hit. The vocal approach is more linear than the original yet pulls it off to success with a powerful intensity.

I liked the guitars and the vocal of ‘Back In Time‘, a slower tempo track that worked together.

The album is a mixture of styles and to me, if I closed my eyes I could almost imaging this to be a musical score written for a theatrical musical with all its twists and turns in different directions. This was a distraction to me, and probably why I felt a little disappointed as I so wanted to like this album more.

One such distraction, particularly on the crescendo on ‘Heroes and Victims‘, the build-up is brought up to a point that has an audible fast fadeout and change into the wonderful acoustic outro. This track has some beautiful pieces however I felt some of the instrument tracks competed with one another at times.  Having said that, fans of musicals and musical interludes and changes will probably love this album for its originality.

The vocals sounded to have some nasality and I thought that the highs and lows had been straining slightly in some sections.

However, Lucie Hölzlová has some huge potential and really sings convincing lyrics with passion.

Overall, I feel more fluid transitions can be made and construction in this area will develop as the band play and create music together on stage and in sessions.

These are talented musicians with plenty of originality, I hope this band will evolve together for the better as they write, play and deliver music to a live audience.



Review: The Wicked Jackals – About Time

(July 12th 2019)

Reviewer: Paul Saripo

The Wicked Jackals are an expressive four piece outfit creating full on rock from Watford .

I was keen to discover their newly released debut EP ‘About Time’ so I gave it a spin.

On first play the vocal literacy reminded me of some elements of Skunkworks, a Bruce Dickinson offshoot in ‘96’ I think it’s the vocal attack of Ollie Tindall that brought that to the forefront.

The rhythm section is driven by the firmly placed beats of James Norkett alongside the persistent bass of Lex Gifford and the versatile Marty Venus on guitars, Ollie Tindall takes up some lead guitar work and makes a great guitar duo between the both of them.

First track is ‘Ain’t Gonna Change’ this is quite punchy and grows quickly into a catchy rock anthem that will have up front.

Fortune’N’Glory’ follows with powerful intent, grungy riffs flowing lead guitars.

Third track starts with prominent lead vocals on the mix, it’s a bluesy sleaze metal number with some influence coming through from Rose Tattoo and a sprinkle of AC/DC.

Moving onto ‘Laying Down The Law’ I enjoyed the vocal tenacity of Ollie Tindall backed with solid riffs and buoyant solos

The EP finishes off with an up tempo song ‘Scream’ that is a closing presentation of what The Wicked Jackals has delivered on this EP.

When I first played the EP a couple of times I felt some of the tracks had been mixed differently to each other, particularly the vocal elements and I was distracted slightly, however I soon forgot about this initial thought as I found the EP has grown on me as it flows from track to track,  I hear energy and talent on this EP and will be keeping a look out for an opportunity to see them live.



Review: Revival Black – Step In Line

Cargo Records (October 11th 2019)

Reviewer: Paul Saripo

Step In Line’ the debut album from Revival Black is a freight train of bluesy hard rock ‘n’ Roll, its simply brilliant from start to finish. This album which is due release on 11th October 2019, has not stopped playing in my house for a few days now and its not going to be removed from my daily playlist anytime soon.

This 10-track album opens with ‘Wide Awake’, the band released this as a single in April 2019 following the new arrival of Dan Byrne on vocals who stretches his pipes well throughout every track on the album. Next is ‘So Alive’, a follow up single released in June 2019. This is enjoyably hard ‘n’ heavy, with a bass intro from Jamie Hayward that I feel delivers a complimentary nod over to Lemmy.

The momentum of Ash Janes on drums continues with ‘Give You The World’. Sounds that come through here are reminiscent of Aerosmith back in the day.

Both fast string men, Alan Rimme & Adam Kerbache work in synergy to create guitar work with sleazy Louisiana riffs.

This band writes catchy hooks and no exception to this is ‘No Secrets, No Lies’ this will have you on your feet horns in the air singing along. This is one of my favourites from the album, along with the massive potential of ‘The River’ which is an epic song delivering everything one needs to form an anthem. Along with the sleazy classic ‘All I Wanna Do’ with nifty and sharp lead guitar work.

Bluesy riffs and strong bass lines can be found over on ‘Midnight Oil’  a solid groove well presented with the vocal power of Dan let louse demonstrating the range and originality of this talented rock ensemble.

If I had one thing to change it would be the ending on ‘Silverline’ it doesn’t have one. It’s a classic fade out that maybe doesn’t do the song justice on the Album.

These guys know how to create some hard and sustained rock music without drifting off on a tangent. They can write well and have some catchy hooks, particularly on ‘No Secrets, No Lies’   The album is heartfelt kick ass hard as hell Rock that doesn’t let you down, including title track ‘Step In Line’ that demonstrates that Revival Black, deserve attention.

Since I began to play this album, I haven’t been able to stop. The riffs are hard and heavy, guitars that punch out catchy riffs with sounds of the deep south. Bass that commands attention and the vocals from Dan are solid and have a powerful range that he demonstrates complete control, think early Robert Plant meets David Coverdale. There is something special about rock music and this Album has everything from the rock swagger of 1970 to the heavy packed sounds of today.

This is original and organic rock; these guys have a brilliant future.



Review: Rockett Love –  Greetings From Rocketland

AOR Heaven (August 30th 2019)

Reviewer: Paul Saripo

Packed full of hard melodic rock, ‘Greetings From Rocketland‘ is due for release on 30th August 2019 on the AOR Heaven label.

This is the second album from the newish Swedish outfit Rockett Love, who are made up of precision AOR musicians that deliver hard on melody and riffs.

The album opens with ‘Back On My Feet’ a track to set the scene with heavy drums pounding and husky vocals a quite a fast and sure fire bass.

Next up is ‘Bite The Bullet’ sustaining the tempo of the 1st track, for some reason whilst I had my eyes closed absorbing the rhythm I had flash backs of an 80’s W.A.S.P. video that was never made.

Track three, ‘I Want Out’ is a masterpiece of well woven tapestry of sound testament to the musicianship of the band this is a big track with catchy riffs.

Now we get into track four, ‘Get Ready, Go!’, this has great potential as a radio friendly, boot tapping and singing along.

Track five, ‘Take Me Home’ opens with guitars and deep vocal melodies rising to high altitudes. The magic of this album continues with driving bass and rhythm section, fluid guitar solos and catchy bass lines.

Now we have track six, ‘King For One Day’ this will have you singing along, rocking your head.

Moving on to track seven, ‘Writing On The Wall’ this sets a slightly anxious sounding tone and carries you forward into some nice riffs.

Track eight is ‘Reaching Out’ and is doing just that. This has massive energy and expresses the bands range well. This wouldn’t be out of place alongside some early Judas Priest with a twist of Ozzy.

Moving onto track Nine ‘Like An Endless Distant Sky’ this is heavy and solid pure recipe to don your air guitar. Rock’n’roll.

Track ten we here a slight change toward a pop rock sound, ‘Wait’, aiming to a more mainstream narrative that would warrant a music video for MTV in the 80’s

The closing track, number eleven, ‘A Heart Without A Soul’, is a splendid mix of catchy lyrics and spontaneous foot tapping reaching a beefy ending to a well produced and thought-out album.