Review: Robert Jon & The Wreck – Live At The Ancienne Belgique

Review: Robert Jon & The Wreck – Live At The Ancienne Belgique

Journeyman Records (April 21st 2023)

Reviewer: Paul Saripo

Robert Jon & The Wreck, a Southern Rock outfit from California have become one of my favourite bands to sit back and listen to lately.

This album is no exception, I was blown a way.

I like an album to grab my attention and draw me in to the story of each song and concept overall. Furthermore a live album has more to live up to, this must also convince me I’m at the show, feeling the full ambience and thrust of the performance.

Once the emotional stuff is satisfied, the sound quality should be worthy and well balanced.

Robert Jon & The Wreck have in this fabulous live album exceeded all the fundamental requirements I expect and I do feel it’s gone in to the realms of a future classic. The album is a pleasure to listen to regularly and I’m really impressed with the musicianship, setlist, production and audience connection.

Listening to the solos of keyboards, strings and timely percussion adds to the songs with real passion and draws the listener further into the expressive vocals.

The live album was recorded as titled ‘Live At The Ancienne Belgique

Track Listing:

  1. The Devil Is Your Only Friend
  2. Do You Remember
  3. Henry Guitar Solo
  4. Hey Hey Mama
  5. She’s A Fighter
  6. Blame It On The Whiskey
  7. Old Friend
  8. Shine A Light On Me Brother
  9. Oh Miss Carolina
  10. Steve Keyboard Solo
  11. The Death Of Me
  12. Don’t Let Me Go
  13. Tired Of Drinking Alone
  14. Cold Night