Great Music Stories Returns With ‘Modern Rock Vol 5’

A fifth Modern Rock CD compilation album is on the way for the start of May, featuring 33 standout songs from the grassroots and rising scene.

As with previous years, the free CDs will be given out to music fans to support music discovery – and ahead of the albums being posted out, a band page will go up on, encouraging people that like the music to visit the band sites and buy some physicals or give them a follow.

The last four Band of the Year winners – Scarlet Rebels (2019), As Sirens Fall (2020), Amongst Liars (2021) and DeadBlondeStars (2022) lead the line, joined by 29 other wonderful acts. These 29 will be announced on a special rock show GuyB will be broadcasting on Monday 24 April, 6-10pm – and that will also be the moment listeners can request a free copy.

As part of the ‘Modern Rock 5‘ project, Great Music Stories will also be giving out two £500 grants, each to support a young band with the costs of studio recording time. The songs from ‘Modern Rock 5‘ that get the most requests and listener reaction by 30 June will bag the grants.

GuyB comments: “As with everything we do at Great Music Stories, it’s all about the music with no financial considerations involved. The CD is free, the compilation intended to create young artists in an interesting way and signpost people to their stores – and the two grants are a little something to help two young bands on their journey. And as with previous editions of ‘Modern Rock‘, the music fans are in full control. The tracks on the compilation are the songs our listeners have got behind – and the songs from the album they get excited about the most over the next few months will direct where our grants go. 

“The theme for ‘Modern Rock Vol 5‘ is based on the hope and positivity that comes with the return of the sun this spring and summer. It’s been a tough winter for music fans, young bands and venues. After years of lockdown restrictions we were all thrust into a seismic cost-of-living crisis which affected everyone. The tough times through the winter months affected everyone: many bands struggled to make an income, venues faced soaring costs and music fans had to reign-in spending. As the sun returns, ‘Modern Rock Vol 5‘ is an uplifting collection, songs about hope and new beginnings. It’s a time when we all need to believe and I hope this project plays its small part in helping us look forward to better days ahead.”

People can tune into Monday’s big reveal show on the ‘Modern Rock Vol 5‘ artists on Great Music Stories Radio. Tune in at, Monday from 6pm.

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