West Virginia Hard Rockers The Grym Sins Release Latest Single/Video ‘Downpour’

The Grym Sins, the West Virginia hard rock band, have recently released their latest single, ‘Downpour‘. The track combines the classic and blues rock influences of the early 70s with a contemporary, heavier sound. Opening with a lead riff that brings to mind iconic tracks like Led Zeppelin’s ‘The Ocean’ and Dirty Honey’s “‘Take My Hand’, the song immediately evokes the spirit of early rock n’ roll. With a focus on the rhythm section, ‘Downpour‘ has a mix of groove, attitude, and drive that will keep listeners engaged throughout.

Lyrically, ‘Downpour‘ explores the aftermath of a failed relationship from the perspective of the wronged party. The song highlights the monotony and apathy that can develop in a relationship that has run its course, with certain lyrics being repeated to emphasize the sense of déjà vu. The breaking point is powerfully conveyed through the bridge breakdown riff, which builds up slowly before breaking into a fast, legato rundown that captures the emotional push and pull of the situation. The song concludes with a repeat of this riff, providing a satisfyingly heavy finale that perfectly captures the themes of the track.” – Explains front man Lane

Downpour‘ is available on: Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, Amazon Music & all other digital platforms!


Hailing from the hills of West Virginia, The Grym Sins are a four-piece hard rock band that brings a fresh take to the modern rock scene. Based out of Morgantown, also known as Mountaineer country, the band knows how to throw a wild party. Each member of the band brings a diverse background, resulting in a fusion of rock elements from various generations. With influences from 70s grooves, 80s attitude, 90s grunge, a touch of southern soul, and a modern sheen, The Grym Sins deliver electrifying rock n’ roll in lethal doses. They kickstarted their career with the release of debut singles ‘Miss Sunshine‘ and ‘Turn Me to Stone‘ in 2021, which garnered local success and eventually led to a signing with SODEH Records. The band’s momentum continued with the release of crowd-favorite ‘Golden Headstone‘ in May of 2022, the first of two singles off their upcoming self-titled debut EP. Now, with the release of their latest EP single, ‘Downpour‘, The Grym Sins are setting their sights on a much grander plan: turning everyone into wicked Sinners.


Lane Cutright – Vocals

Billy Flint – Guitars

Ryan Heath – Drums

Daniel Snider – Bass