The ever-rising, rock ‘n’ soul-inspired Rainbreakers continue to release impressive new material from their forthcoming second album with their brand-new single ‘Light Me Up’ on Friday 28th May and are delighted to share its brand-new video. Following the highly successful release of their previous single ‘Ashes’ — including a limited-edition vinyl 7-inch— ‘Light Me Up’ will also receive a special, limited release on the much-loved, and highly-collectable classic physical format! “‘Light Me Up’ is about coming-of-age and is inspired by the Grimm fairy-tale ‘Iron Hans’,” explains frontman Ben Edwards, […]

Finland are looking to repeat history as they eye up their second Eurovision Song Contest victory. Their entrant this year is Blind Channel, a band that have been sprinting past milestones and crushing their rival’s records with their enormous anthemic entry ‘Dark Side’. ‘Dark Side’ has become a #1 smash hit on the Finnish singles chart and has remained in the top 10 airplay charts for over 10 weeks, with the song now reaching platinum. Is hard rock going to bring Finland the gold yet again? Listen to the song Here It […]

Madman’s Lullaby has released their debut single ‘In Your Mind‘ from their upcoming album ‘Nocturnal Overdrive Part 1‘ to be released worldwide on MR Records on May 27th. You can stream and purchase the ‘In Your Mind‘ single and the EP ‘Nocturnal Overdrive Part 1‘: Here “MR Records is excited to announce the new album release from  US rockers Madman’s Lullaby titled ‘Nocturnal Overdrive […]

Finnish metal band Solution 13 have signed a deal with Wormholedeath for the release of their sophomore album ‘Chapters From Private Hell‘ worldwide. Band statement: “‘Chapters from Private Hell‘ is a metal album, that has quite a lot of rock influences. We tried to mix big riffs with big hooks, it’s up to listener to decide how we succeeded. Late 2020 we got in contact with […]