Pretty Maids bassist Rene Shades has released a video for ‘Reckless‘ from his upcoming solo album ‘Teenage Heart Attacks & Rock’n’Roll Heaven‘.

The track is available to download here, or stream on Spotify.

Teenage Heart Attacks & Rock’n’Roll Heaven‘ is due to be released on June 14th 2019.


1. The Brigade

2. Reckless

3. Superheros

4, Forever Girl

5. What Are You Waiting For (Rise)

6. Midnight in the City

7. The American Dream

8. Oh Susie

9. Little Footsteps in the Sand

10. Pretty Little Lies

11. Centerfold

12. Already Gone (feat. Brent Mason)

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Ahead of the release of Whitesnake’s new studio album Flesh & Blood, which will be relesed on May 10, the band have released the first single ‘Shut Up & Kiss Me.

The track is available to download –



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Track listing:

  1. Good To See You Again
  2. Gonna Be Alright
  3. Shut Up & Kiss Me
  4. Hey You (You Make Me Rock)
  5. Always & Forever
  6. When I Think Of You (Color Me Blue)
  7. Trouble Is Your Middle Name
  8. Flesh & Blood
  9. Well I Never
  10. Heart Of Stone
  11. Get Up
  12. After All
  13. Sands Of Time
  14. Can’t Do Right For Doing Wrong (Bonus Track)
  15. If I Can’t Have You (Bonus Track)
  16. Gonna Be Alright (X-Tendo Mix – Bonus Track)
  17. Sands Of Time (Radio Mix – Bonus Track)
  18. Shut Up & Kiss Me (Video Mix – Bonus Track)

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Classic hard rock band, Black Whiskey release new single ‘Bitter Pill’ on Friday 15 Feb 2019.

It is the third single from a new album due for release in April 2019. and  will be available across all digital download and streaming platforms.

Singer, Simon Gordon, said, “The song started to come together when we were touring the UK to support our first album, Heavy Train.  If I recall correctly we were in a Travelodge in Bolton or somewhere equally glamorous.  I was sharing a room with Kev (guitarist).  I went for some private reflection time in the toilet with the newspaper under my arm and when I came out Kev had come up with the opening riff!  I must have contributed to the creative atmosphere. Ha!

“Lyrically it’s a bit of a mix.  Mostly it is influenced by where I live and what I see there.  London is one of the wealthiest cities on the planet but there a lot of homeless people here.  When you hear some of the stories you realise that there are really very few steps between a comfortable life and being on the streets. 

“I also had this theme in the back of my mind about how we are all just here for someone else’s amusement.  Movies like the Matrix and The Truman Show are loosely referred to in the song.

Bitter Pill‘ was recorded at Empire Studios and engineered, mixed and mastered by Guy Davies.

The last 2 years have been a tough road for Black Whiskey. Guitarist, Kevin Ingles was diagnosed with cancer following the release of debut album, ‘Heavy Train‘, and treatment for that has taken its toll. Songwriting, rehearsals and recording for the new album have all needed to be worked around treatment plans and just the ability to function. But, the band are a tight-knit unit and have worked through these challenges to produce a hard-hitting album that will be released in April 2019.

Line up:
Simon Gordon : Vocals
Kev Ingles : Guitar
Rich Bannister : Drums
Craig Nabbs: Bass

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British band Trishula have released their second single ‘I Can See It In Your Eyes’ 

The track is taken from the bands debut album ‘Scared To Breathe


1. I Can See It In Your Eyes

2. Scared To Breathe

3. A Thousand Pieces

4. Secrets & Lies

5. I Never Cried

6. Homeland

7. Don’t Let Go

8. A Love So Cruel

9. Magnetic Memories

10. Jealousy

11. For A Friend (Instrumental)

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Essex based southern/blues rock quartet, Hatfield Rising, release a new single, ‘Oil Drum City‘ on Friday 08 February 2019.

The single is taken from their EP – ‘Possessions or Money‘ and will be available through all reputable streaming and download services.

Oil Drum City signals an enormous nod to the legendary British rhythm and blues band, Dr. Feelgood and their first album ‘Down By The Jetty’. Partner that with a father/son experience of the Essex Island that is Canvey, along with the history of the place with it’s landscape of the river banks and it’s musical legacy; Oil Drum City is essentially the result of a guitar driven ride to the Thames Delta.

The track evolved from a scribble of lyrics by bassist, Tiv Taylor who had the words ‘down at the jetty, Oil Drum City never looked so pretty’. Collaboratively Rory (singer) and Tiv put the concept together by taking personal experiences into account. Rory spent his teenage years working in a pub kitchen throughout the summer breaks and spent many a night clocking off work and strolling to the river side near Holehaven Creek with a beer in his hand and looking across the water, while Tiv relived his time spent in Canvey watching live bands in the social clubs, around the time when Feelgood were going strong. There are subtle references to both these points in the lyrics with lines such as ‘sitting by the river watch the ships sail by, underneath that burning flame in the sky’ and ‘watching Dr. Feelgood at The Oysterfleet, moving like Wilko singing with Lee’.

The music, again stemmed from a riff that Rory had, which is what you hear at the top of the track. To give it a slightly heavier, more industrial feel, the song is played in Drop D tuning, (or drop C# as the band play half a step down). Being aware that the track could easily become too heavy and would stray from the southern/country fuzz genre which the band strive to emulate, former drummer, Stuart applied almost a shuffle beat on the snare to drive the verses before unleashing into an open beat, another salute also to the tracks R&B roots.

From a production point of view, Rory describes that “the track was fairly straight forward to capture. It was mainly about having the combination of layering both guitars and grouping vocals for a punchy outro, the main goal was to make the song as big as possible”. Both Rory and Ollie (guitarist) have the opportunity to share the lead work; Rory takes the call and response section of solo, whilst Ollie follows up closely behind. Rory adds “playing it live, the only real tricky bit is replicating my layered vocals in the latter part of the second verse in which Tiv has to jump in and take the reins. It’s also important that we don’t let the song run away with itself as it needs to still have that rootsy rock n roll feel as opposed to a hard rock metal track”.

Hatfield Rising are now in the studio writing and recording their debut album.

Line up:
Rory Taylor – lead vocals, guitar
Ollie Pickering – guitar, vocals
Tiv Taylor – bass, vocals
Daren Butler Jr – drums

Collateral have released an Official video for ‘Midnight Queen (Romesh Dodangoda Remix)‘, the original version can be found on the band’s ‘4 Shots!‘ EP.

Collateral will be headlining the Black Heart, Camden, tomorrow February 7th, followed by a gig with Malagodi at The Carlisle · Hastings, East Sussex on February 16th and supporting The Electric Boys at The Underworld, Camden on March 20th.


British band ‘Trishula’ is the brain child of UK guitarist Neil Fraser and was born out of Neil’s work on his first solo project which started in 2015. In the mid eighties Neil played in a number of local rock bands from the Staffordshire area of England, and achievements during this time included gaining airplay on Radio Luxembourg with a track called ‘Poltergeist’, along with securing support slots with bands such as eighties glam rock band Wrathchild who were gaining lots of attention at the time.

Since the late nineties Neil has played, toured and/or recorded with bands and artists such as TEN, Rage of Angels, Tony Mills (TNT, SHY) & Neon Strip. During his time with the band Rage of Angels, Neil had worked alongside Welsh vocalist Jason Morgan and Portuguese drummer Joao Colaco, so when forming Trishula, Jason and Joao were Neil’s first choice to complete the lineup for recording the album.

The bands debut album ‘Scared To Breathe’ was initially recorded in Neil’s home studio (Farmyard Studios), demo vocals were recorded in various locations in Wales, with final vocal recordings being captured at M2 Madhat Studios (Magnum) under the watchful eye of Sheena Sear, additional keyboards were also added at M2 Studios by Magnum Keyboard player Rick Benton, drums were recorded in Black Sheep Studios in Portugal, with final mixing and mastering was also being undertaken by Sheena Sear and Mark Stuart at M2 Studios.

Soundfiles in advance:

I Can See It In Your Eyes (Edit)

I Never Cried (Edit)

Scared To Breathe (Edit)


1. I Can See It In Your Eyes

2. Scared To Breathe

3. A Thousand Pieces

4. Secrets & Lies

5. I Never Cried

6. Homeland

7. Don’t Let Go

8. A Love So Cruel

9. Magnetic Memories

10. Jealousy

11. For A Friend (Instrumental)

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The world’s fastest growing independent record label, Golden Robot Records, continues it’s upward trajectory into 2019.  Starting the year off with a bang, the label is honored to welcome to the family, the guitar icon Gilby Clarke!

Gilby recently signed a GLOBAL deal with Golden Robot Records which will see a brand new solo album – ‘The Gospel Truth – released this year. This will be Gilby’s first in over 15 years!

Mark Alexander-Erber, Golden Robot Entertainment Group Founder and President: says of signing Clarke; ‘I couldn’t be happier to sign such an incredible artist like Gilby Clarke to our GRR international roster. He is totally authentic through and through. He brings such a wealth of experience to his songwriting, playing and producing and I know the world is ready for his new solo album which is a long time coming. It is an honour to release this record.

Clarke explains his excitement about the signing  “I am so happy to be a part of the Golden Robot family for my new solo record. I use the word family because I feel like I found a home. We share the same passion for Rock n Roll! Rock N Roll is alive n’ well & together we will turn it up loud!”

Gilby recently did an interview with Gibson Guitars at the 2019 Namm show in Los Angeles where he discusses his upcoming album.

Best known for his tenure in the mighty Guns N Roses, Gilby has a long and storied career of which GNR is only a part. Arriving in Hollywood as a 17 year old punk from Cleveland, Gilby soon found himself as a ghost writer and session player for former Runaway’s manager, Kim Fowley who then urged him to join the band, Candy. Gilby proved a little too rough and ready for the polished power-poppers and found himself a home both with hard-rockers Kill For Thrills and as a songwriter for Virgin Records.

Then a late night call from Slash changed everything… Gilby joined Guns N Roses in late 1991, replacing the recently departed Izzy Stradlin. For the next 3 years, Gilby strapped in for the wildest ride of his life, playing stadiums the world over and appearing on Guns N Roses,Spaghetti Incident, Live Era ’88-’91 and The Greatest Hits albums.

After GNR’s mid 90’s implosion, Gilby, armed only with his Les Paul, went back to Virgin and launched his solo career. Receiving critical acclaim for his albums Pawnshop Guitars, The Hangover, Rubber, 99 Live and Swag, he began the new millennium touring with the likes
of Nancy Sinatra, Heart, The MC5 and with his old band mate in Slash’s Snakepit.

In 2006, Gilby joined forces with Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee and former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted to form Rock Star Supernova. The band hosted the TV show of the same name in search of a singer and toured the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand in early 2007.

In 2012 Gilby reunited with his former GNR bandmates and performed with them as they were inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame.  That same year Gilby joined Kings of Chaos with ex GNR members Matt Sorum and Duff McKagan and an all-star rotating roster of icons that featured Steven Tyler, Joe Elliot, Nikki Sixx, Glen Hughes and many more.

Now in 2019, Gilby is preparing to unleash his first new solo music in nearly two decades! An old school mash-up of Keef, Johnny Thunders, and B.B. King, Gilby’s new album is full of fist-pumping rock ’n’ roll songs with fat choruses, bluesy licks and trademark solos! It’s Classic rock, a new version of what Gilby likes to do and that’s… LOUD GUITARS!

The album features drumming from legendary John Mellencamp and Chickenfoot   sticksman Kenny Aronoff and Stephen Perkins from Jane’s Addiction, Porno For Pyro & Infectious Grooves.

The Gospel Truth‘ will be released in the first half of 2019. More details coming very soon!

Gilby joins fellow GNR band mate, Dizzy Reed who was one of the first international signings to Golden Robot Records and released his solo album, ‘Rock N Roll Ain’t Easy‘ to critical praise in early 2018.

Gilby Clarke is now part of an international roster that includes such iconic artists as, Guns ’N’ Roses keyboardist Dizzy ReedPuddle Of MuddLittle CaesarRaveneyeThe Lazys and the all star A New Revenge which features Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens, Keri Kelli, Rudy Sarzo and James Kottak 

Plus, Golden Robot Records boasts an incredible line up of Aussie acts, led by Rose Tattoo, The Superjesus, Misex and featuring Steve Kilbey, Palace Of The King, Jailbirds, Fyre Byrd, The Kids, Destrends, Flickertail and many more.  Watch out for more incredible names who will be joining GRR’s international roster in the near future!

Golden Robot Records now own four record labels and have teams in every major market in the world: Sydney, Los Angeles, New York, Hamburg, London, Tokyo and Auckland.  With globally experienced music industry veterans heading up key roles in A&R, Management, Marketing and Publicity, Golden Robot Records are able to give their roster maximum exposure and support.

British singer / song writer Matt Mitchell is back with a new self titled group debut album and music video for lead track ‘Black Diamonds‘.

The former Furyon and Colour Of Noise frontman describes the new song as being about an “inevitable ending”, explaining that “‘Black Diamonds’ is a metaphor for the loss of beauty/light/energy that occurs in the theoretical final stages of some stars life cycle (Black Dwarf). There were a lot of changes occurring around the time of the writing and demoing stages of this song. It started out as a song called ‘I hope you find what you’re looking for’ though after a re write session it morphed into the song we now know, being ‘Black Diamonds’.”

Black Diamonds‘ was voted Number One in Louder’s ‘Tracks Of The Week’ and received extensive airplay by the likes of Kerrang! Radio, Great Music Stories and moreIn addition, Planet Rock Radio has added the song to their prestigious A-List.

Not one to hold back with his writing and performance, the songs on the upcoming album ‘Matt Mitchell & The Coldhearts‘ reflect real human experience, passion and great songs that hold potency, diversity and purpose.

“I’m aware that sometimes an album is just for the love of rock n roll and I do love that. It’s on my agenda”, explains Matt. “It could be a song about a car, or thunder and lighting. However, the main stories on this album are all about people. The people that have been part of my life, the people that have loved, cared, nurtured, hurt, inspired, broken, stayed strong, lost themselves, found themselves. Family, friends, honesty, dishonesty, music and the music business, integrity and faith. The songs in this self-titled album are inspired by all these things.

Recorded at Rockfield’s Quadrangle studio with acclaimed producer Nick Brine (Stereophonics, Thunder, Bruce Springsteen, The Darkness) and featuring the piano that Queen’s Freddie Mercury used to record ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’; Matt Mitchell & The Coldhearts self-titled debut album delivers an exploration of soundscapes combined with mesmerising art inspired by benchmark “tracks of our lives” tied together with astonishing performances by Matt and the band aligned with innovative, fresh song writing.

Matt Mitchell & The Coldhearts‘ is a modern contemporary rock record that holds its own and then some; it digs deep and looks set to be a highlight of the year for rock music.

Matt Mitchell & The Coldhearts‘ debut album is released 19th April.

Album Tracklist:

1. Black Diamonds
2. Home
3. On & On
4. Dare You To Watch
5. Kings & Queens
6. Unavailable
7. Do You Wanna Be My God
8. Old Enough & Ugly Enough
9. Wave Goodbye
10. Everything To You
11. Keep Me Safe
12. Waiting For The Sun

Line up:

Vocals & Guitars – Matt Mitchell
Guitars – Mauro Laconi
Bass – Dom Ladd
Drums – Matt Cherry
Keys – Stevie Watts

Official Website