This Friday, SKAM return with the release of their hugely anticipated new EP ‘Intra’ – the first EP of a two-part anthology making up the 4th full length release. Internet Radio Station Great Music Stories has teamed up with the band to broadcast a three-hour SKAM radio launch party this Friday 5-8pm before the band unleash an exclusive live streamed concert from Leicester’s The Soundhouse – with free tickets to everyone that has […]

After a year of heartache, loss and hardship, Great Music Stories is finishing its 2020 run of Friday rock shows on a high note with Earache Records. From 5pm on Friday, the five-hour Christmas Special will celebrate a new generation of rising bands and the record label – Earache Records – that, with great frequency, is crashing rock bands back in the mainstream Official Album […]

With national lockdown ending this week, so does the daily run of lunchtime grassroots radio broadcasts from Great Music Stories radio. As with the first lockdown in March, throughout November Great Music Stories has switched to lunchtime broadcasting, airing three speech interview hours with rising artists through every day of lockdown. Interviews with acts such as Ravenbreed, Verity White, Jack J Hutchinson, As Sirens Fall, DeadBlondeStars and Elles Bailey have allowed a platform for artists to keep their music out there at a critical time and to engage with listeners on […]

Great Music Stories is launching a new interview series looking at the specific challenges presented to working musicians since the outbreak of Covid-19. Following controversy earlier this week when a Government Minister was reported to have made remarks about musicians seeking other employment, the new weekly series of 10 60-minute interviews gives a number of working musicians […]

Following the storming success of June’s Spirit of Wildfire2 radio festival, Great Music Stories Radio is set to give music fans a special music festival this weekend: a music event that celebrates the role music has played to help people through lockdown, and also brings everyone together to have the conversation about mental health and wellbeing – aspects of […]