Five Hour Launch Show For SKAM’S New EP ‘Intra’

This Friday, SKAM return with the release of their hugely anticipated new EP ‘Intra’ – the first EP of a two-part anthology making up the 4th full length release.

Internet Radio Station Great Music Stories has teamed up with the band to broadcast a three-hour SKAM radio launch party this Friday 5-8pm before the band unleash an exclusive live streamed concert from Leicester’s The Soundhouse – with free tickets to everyone that has purchased the EP.

The evening represents another example of community collaboration within the grassroots scene between a band, a venue and radio station – all working together to bring audiences together to support new music for a launch event that will run for five hours.

The radio warm-up show Friday 5-8pm on itself features an exciting schedule of original programming that goes beyond jukebox radio.

  • Great Music Stories will broadcast a special tribute hour to SKAM, as bands from their peer group join together to share anecdotes on the band and best wishes. Bands on the surprise bill include Massive Wagons, Bad Touch, Massive and Amongst Liars and many more – again another example of everyone coming together.
  • House gig competition: One lucky listener will win a private house concert over Zoom – and even get a say in the SKAM set list.
  • Concert over time: Drawing on the band’s sets for three Great Music Stories radio festivals, a Skam set spanning all three events will be aired for the first time.
  • The lost episode: Reverting back to the popular listener spoof of the narration passages from SKAM’s ‘Memoirs of Geoffrey Goddard‘ album, the long-lost episode will be aired!
  • Honolulu Rock Quiz: A nod to Matt Gilmore’s infamous Hawaiian shirts, there will be an off-the-wall quiz on the Hawaii rock scene.

At 8pm SKAM will then kick off their Intra launch gig. Anyone that has purchased the EP by 8pm will get a free ticket to the live show, streaming from Leicester.

Pre-order/pre-save ‘Intra‘: Here

New EP ‘Intra‘ is the first EP of a 2-part anthology making up the 4th full length release by UK power rock trio SKAM. Having honed their craft, the lads have gone back to basics and put together a collection of hard-hitting tracks. Inspired by modern day struggles, each song focuses on a negative human trait, but sends the message that in any situation there is always hope.

Steve Hill of SKAM comments: “The support from across the rock community has been great as we have counted down to Intra release day and this week’s news on lockdown restrictions ending possibly by June is welcome news for the rising rock scene. Our launch night is kind of a bridge between two worlds; on one hand it marks us getting through an unprecedented time – and, on the other, we will give people that full-on live SKAM sound on Friday that will wet everyone’s appetite for the return of live gigs in the months ahead. Friday’s live stream show is our way of saying a big thank you to everyone that has purchased a copy of Intra. We know times are tough and, for some, money is tight. The support we have had from our fans means the world.

GuyB of Great Music Stories adds: “We’re joining the dots for this launch, a live event and a radio show coming together to support a band, everyone supporting each other through social media: collaboration is very much the way forward at a time when the scene is fighting for its survival. SKAM are one of those bands that has stood tall through a year of lockdown. When it mattered most, they found a way to perform sets online and stay connected with their fans. They released a Lo-Fi acoustic album after the first lockdown last year and this second release since Covid struck underlines both their work rate and their commitment to their craft. We are delighted to do what we can to support the band on launch day with the early evening warm-up show – SKAM is, after all, a band that has done so much to lift the spirits of others during a difficult time.”

1. Green Eyes
2. Wake Up
3. One Track Mind
4. How Many Times
5. Fight The Fire
6. On The Run


Steve Hill – Guitars – Lead Vox
Matt Gilmore- Bass – Backing Vox
Neal Hill – Drums – Backing Vox

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