Review: Atlas – Parallel Love

Review: Atlas – Parallel Love

AOR Heaven (September 25th 2020)

Reviewer: Paul Saripo

Atlas are a five-piece progressive melodic rock band from the North of England.

Parallel Love’ is the second album released by Atlas, which brings more energy and polish to the overall sound of the band.

The songs have been written with an underlying theme of love and the range of emotion that this can bestow.

Opening up the album is ‘The Fever’, delivering prominent and well written keys of James Thorley  that makes this sound come to life and marries together flowing guitar solo’s and percussion that set the format throughout the album.

Moving on to ‘Without You’ picks up the flow and adds the superb prominent bass lines of Chris Redfearn. The riffs and solos of Howie Little added into the mix provide a consistently high standard of work within this album from start to finish.

In Your Head’ makes a move over to the dominant sounds of the 80’s whare the album presents a particular rich sound, however as the album progresses it also begins to  bring some of the strengths and shortfalls emerging on the vocal sound delivered by Craig Wells. Whilst having a good range and dexterity, I feel the vocal as a tendency to come across as overreaching the higher notes at times particularly on ‘Weathered Heart’, a solid track, with a warm overall feel.

Next up is ‘Human Touch’, when I first listened to this I immediately associated the catchy and prominent riffs to the classic Van Halen sound of ‘Why Can’t This Be Love’, must have been the catchy synth work.  ‘Human Touch’ is a solid well written ensemble that pushes the album further and showcases the collective potential.

Dare to Love Again’ brings some exceptional guitar solos to the forefront of some tidy bass lines and richer vocals coming through.

Falling Out Of Love’ continues with strong bass throughout together with the solid time keeping of Ryan Briggs on drums bringing together a solid sound.

Early Warning’ has some more great sounds and heavier than some of the other tracks by Atlas, however for me, the vocals became uneasy at times.

The range of quality sound this band can produce is evidently more than this album alone can contain, notably here with ‘We Are The Fire’ which is a crescendo of rock melody. ‘Beyond The Limit’ creates emotion and continues the journey of emotion onto the final track ‘Here With You’ which concludes the album with vocal led harmonies that pull everything together.

Overall some standout tracks for a relatively new band on this album. Whilst not all of the sound was to my particular tase throughout I do feel the album is well worth a listen and a band to watch once tours commence.