Review: Devilfire – Live In Birmingham

Review: Devilfire – Live In Birmingham

Self Release (December 4th 2020)

Reviewer: Dan Mann

The release date of Devilfire‘s new six track live mini-album ‘Live In Birmingham‘ is significant, as it will be the third anniversary of the release of the band’s debut album ‘Dark Manoeuvres‘.

Live In Birmingham‘ is the band’s fourth release and was obviously recorded in difficult circumstances due to Covid-19 and it formed part of a Facebook live-stream.

The six tracks are all off their super debut album, and overall the production is very good. Live albums can be a tricky beast to pull off. ‘Too live’ and they tend to come off watered down and quite hollow sounding. ‘Too produced’ and they just sound like any studio release.

Thankfully Devilfire are firmly in the middle ground with ‘Live In Birmingham‘, pulling off a polished, yet still obviously not over produced live sound. It is an accurate representation of Devilfire’s excellent live performances, as they’re a band that need to be seen live as well as being listened too on CD/download/stream.

Devilfire fans, and I’m one of them, really have been rewarded during this ‘year from hell’ with two solid releases, ‘Live In Birmingham‘ and of course the band’s second studio album ‘Black Soul Vendetta‘.

With bands and artists fighting one hell of a battle at the moment, please support them by buying their music and merch, and of course ‘Live In Birmingham‘ needs to be on that purchase list!