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P.A.L. – Prime Out January, 26th 2018 On AOR Heaven

PAL is a Swedish musical collaboration between guitarist Roger Ljunggren,  Peter Andersson and Peo Pettersson.

Roger and Peter, longtime friends, started writing and play music together way back. They first got to know each other in the early eighties. Growing up in Skara, a small town in the south west of Sweden sharing a passion for music and especially for song-writing. They sweat out together in a small rehearsal studio together with some other local musicians.

The group started in 1987 when a demo was recorded in Peo’s studio Vanäs for a band called Escape which at that moment was short of a singer and Peo helped out.

Now, thirty years later the three musicians are making music together again. The songs on the debut album ‘Prime‘ are a collaboration between the three – where Roger wrote the music and recorded the guitars and solos and Peter arranged, produced and played the bass. Peo then added the vocals. Mauritz Petersson was hired to do the drums.

You can surely hear vintage elements in their music, but this time with a more modern approach and passion for the music they all grew up with. The first label that was invited to listen to the material was AOR Heaven in Germany. A record deal was signed with them shortly after. The release of the debut album ‘Prime‘ is scheduled in Europe for January 26th, 2018.

Sound clips in advance:

Carry On (Edit)

Double Nature (Edit)

Heads Or Tails (Edit)


Roger Ljunggren – Guitar

Peter Andersson – Bass

Peo Pettersson – Vocals / Keyboard

Mauritz Petersson – Drums


AOR Heaven To Release New Album From Blood Red Saints January 26th, 2018

Following on from their critically acclaimed 2015 independent debut album ‘SpeedwayBlood Red Saints make a welcome return with a brand new selection of top class hard rock. ‘Love Hate Conspiracies‘ sees the band make a progression into a more focused direction. Pete Godfrey (vocals) tells us more. “The Speedway album was a great debut for us no doubt about that but this new album is a massive step forward. We’ve really found our own sound and identity with this material, it feels a lot more cohesive and is without doubt, heavier in style. This feels like a real band all pulling together

The new album also sees two new Saints baptised to join original members Pete Godfrey, Rob Naylor (bass) and Lee Revill (guitars). Neil Hibbs (formerly of Arkhams Razor, Shy) joins to add a harder edge with crunching guitars for a tougher approach for both live and studio work. Andy Chemney (drums) was an obvious choice having worked with Rob in their previous band ‘Angels Or Kings‘. Rob takes up the story. “I’ve known Andy nearly all my life, he was the guy I wanted for our band and we are so pleased to have finally got our man

So, what can we expect from ‘Love Hate Conspiracies?’ Lee Revill told us this “it’s musically in a heavier direction than Speedway. We still wanted big melodic choruses but we wanted to toughen them up a bit too. We’ve got such a strong set of songs here and we are all excited to finally let people hear them, on the album and also live, these songs are gonna kick ass

The album features a writing and vocal contribution from Paul Laine (The Defiants)  on ‘Is It Over‘ and a track ‘Turn On The Night‘, written by Steve Brown (Trixter, Def Leppard, Tokyo Motor Fist)

Mixing and production was handled by Simon Humphrey who has worked with some of the biggest acts in music over many years and his input was invaluable in producing this record. The release date was set to January 26th, 2018.

Sound clips in advance:

Live & Die (Edit)

Something In Your Kiss (Edit)

Wake Up (Edit)

Catch BRS out and about throughout the year with HRH in North Wales in March and more shows to be announced soon. Check them out on Facebook too.



Review: Code Red – Incendiary

Review: Code Red – Incendiary

AOR Heaven (Oct 20th 2017)

Reviewer: Stephen Brophy 

How often these days are reviews started with “Swedish Melodic Rockers” and here we have another new name to add to that list although many of the band members will already be familiar to you. Code Red is the culmination of collaboration work between Ulrick Lönnquist (Sahara) and respected producer Daniel Flores (Find Me, Jim Jidhed), and they have not only put together a very strong band to create this album, and it is rather good, with Flores also taking care of drum duties. Rounding out the band are Michael Palace (Palace) on bass, Oscar Bromvall (Palace) & Morgan Jensen (Swedish Erotica) guitars and Kasper Dahlqvist (keyboards), very impressive lineup.

Incendiary‘ features ten tracks, that are thankfully a little different sounding to most of the releases out there right now moment. Perhaps most of that is down to the vocal style of Ulrick. Musically the band sound in places a little like Alien to these ears, and that thought certainly wasn’t planted because of the Cover Art being designed by none other than Ken Sandin, bass player for the afore mentioned Alien.

There is an interesting mix between a slightly harder edge, they at times exhibit, and the more purely melodic tracks on offer here, but this is definitely in the AOR realm. Ulrick’s vocals are superb throughout, powerful and delicate at the same time.

Highlights include the rousing opener ‘I Won’t Be Your Hero‘ which really sets up the album well, as with everywhere else the keyboards play an integral part to the overall sound and add a nice punch to a number of the tracks. The very poppy ‘Lift Me Up‘ is terrifically upbeat, and it just works so well, the chorus really does life you up. And then there’s the really excellent ‘Heat Of The Night‘ which just kicks things up a gear, everything just works so well together on this one, great flow to it and the higher pitch of the backing vocals is just about perfect on this track. There is a control in the guitar solo that again just works so well with the accompanying riff, and Ulrick gets a little heavier on the vocal before the song fades out very naturally.

There is very little not to like here, very talented performers working with a top producer results in something that just adds another name to the watch-list for when we hopefully get a follow up album. This is a really interesting album, very well put together and it would be a great shame were it not to be toured.

But with the artists that play on this album all being very busy with their own projects it may not be possible. However, in whatever format, it would be great to see them live.


State Of Rock Return In Late 2018 With New Album

The meeting of minds in Nurnberg; Germany in 2009, through the brainstorm of Georg Siegl of AOR Heaven Records, sported an album, ‘Point of Destiny’, recorded and written by four European musicians; three from Germany and an English vocalist. Georg’s passion for Frontline guitarist, Robby Boebel to record again brought forth an album with Hutch Bauer on bass, Ramy Ali on the kit and Tony Mills (ex-SHY, TNT) on vocals.

The result was a melodic but very tough sounding album with solid production and songs that demanded a replay.

2017/18, sees a return to new recordings, by State of Rock , now split between the UK with Pete Newdeck on drums and Mills being Sweden based, co-writing with Boebel for a second release. Robby Boebel comments: “It’s something really special to record an album with someone which I only knew from TV before. We’ve now been friends since many years and I’m really looking forward to record another album and live dates in late 2018 with Tony.

With the promise of German festival appearances in late 2018, an autumn release guided by video and radio promo will give us a clearer picture of the, State of Rock by December next year.




Review – Midnite City – Midnite City

Review: Midnite City – Midnite City

AOR Heaven (Oct 20th 2017)

Reviewer: Stephen Brophy 

While continuing as frontman of Welsh Legends Tigertailz, and with Teenage Casket Company off the horizon, Rob Wylde decided to put together a new Melodic Rock project, falling under the moniker of Midnite City and bringing together some excellent musicians including none other than Pete Newdeck (Drums as well as handling production duties).

This self-titled debut is a collection of eleven classy Melodic Rock tracks with that classic vibe, and often when bands attempt to do this it comes off as just a copycat type of thing, and it often doesn’t work, but this album sounds just right and fresh straight off the bat.

The first thing you notice right the way through is probably the clarity, from the laden keyboards, the very solid guitar, the tightly knitted rhythm section and the power of Rob’s vocals, they don’t sound like disparate elements at all, and there’s a terrific flow to this album, without making everything sound the same. There are songs here that will be crowd pleasers live, even on first listen the closing track ‘Think About You‘ had that big sound in the chorus and you could almost hear people singing along already and it’s not alone, you get the impression that this album was created with crowd interaction somewhere in the mind of the band.

The songs are like melodic rock velvet, not in any way sickly sweet, but just damn smooth. The standouts are probably the first single ‘Summer Of Our Lives‘, ‘Nothing’s Like Losing You‘ and ‘Last Beat Of My Heart‘ which provide a ridiculously good triple threat, having lived with this album for a while now there are certain tracks that I just keep coming back to and these along with the closing track “Think About You” are striking me the most, but it us just a damn strong album, great work from Rob and Pete in particular, but everyone plays their part in creating a terrific album.

Something else that Pete Newdeck adds to any band he’s been involved with is superb backing vocals, that distinctive voice just lifts something especially on tracks like ‘Things She Said‘ which oddly enough to me has a feel of classic Harem Scarem about it to begin with, and of course that is no bad thing, but this album is no homage it’s strength lies in what is done well and that’s the sound and the delivery. When the lists of Top Melodic Rock albums for 2017 are drawn up there’s no doubt that this one is going to be getting a number of votes, a new name on the scene and hopefully one that will be around for a long time, this album is being released on 20th October with a launch show in Nottingham right before the Rockingham Festival, can’t wait to hear these songs live.



Swedish Melodic Rock Group Wildness To Release Debut Album On November 24th

The idea behind Wildness began to grow in the summer of 2013 when the first songs were written. With main focus on heavy guitars, wide keyboards, big drums, melodies and hooks the shape of something new and exciting began to emerge. At this point, Wildness was more of a studio project and originally founded by drummer and songwriter Erik Modin while the guitar players Pontus Sköld and Adam Holmström were in to share the lead guitar parts early on.
The search for the right lead singer wasn’t easy as pie, but after a few months their destiny crossed with the unbelivable vocal talent Gabriel Lindmark in early 2014. More songwritings and demos recording came along, and it didn’t take long until it was clear that Wildness deserved to be a real band.
On September 1st 2015, Wildness independently released their self-produced debut single ‘Collide‘ which immediately gained a lot of spins at various digital platforms such as a number of online radio stations focused on AOR and Melodic Rock. Live performances that followed showed that the band was capable to  deliver on stage as well.

The second single ”Turning The Pages” was released on January 14th 2016, and shortly after that Wildness was approached by Georg Siegl by German record label AOR Heaven. The contact resulted in a record deal which allowed the band to finally begin the launch of their first full-length album.
The choice for the producer fell on the creative and productive mastermind Erik Wigelius (Wigelius, Care Of Night) and the pre-production and recordings took place between during 2016 and 2017. The main part of the record was recorded at Erik Wigelius’ studio, besides additional parts recorded by drummer and co-producer Erik Modin.
The two previous singles ”Collide” and ”Turning The Pages” were re-recorded for the album. The mixing and mastering was handled by Erik Wigelius, who really knows how to take the 80’s-influenced sounds at put them in the 21th century!

Sound clips in advance:

Wildness – Alibi (Edit)

Wildness – Collide (Edit)

Wildness – War Inside My Head (Edit)

Despite their short career, Wildness have already shared stages with well established acts in the scene like White Widdow and Dynazty.

Releases: Collide – Digital single (September 1th, 2015) ; Turning The Pages – Digital single (January 14th, 2016)



Dante Fox Return With Their 6th Album ‘Six String Revolver’

Dante Fox return with their 6th album ‘Six String Revolver‘. The album will be released on November 24th on AOR Heaven (UK & Europe).

It sees the band revolve and pay homage to their most popular songs from their first two albums from the mid to late Nineties. These are some of the songs that have enabled Dante Fox to evolve over time they have been re-recorded with love,respect, precision and an excellent state of the art modern production from Sheena Sear & Mark Stuart at M2 Studio’s . There are new arrangements and totally new musical sections added to long term favourites such as ‘Lost And Lonely Heart‘ and ‘How Do We Learn About Love‘ which have taken the songs to a new level.

The album has been recorded with help from our good friend and Keyboard maestro Eric Ragno , Nigel Bailey ( backing vocals) and on five tracks pulled from the original recordings Tony Mills( Backing Vocals) It has been a joy and we hope to carry on with these great talents for our seventh album in 2018.
Six String Revolver Cover photography by Paul Stuart – Hollingsworth and sleeve design / artwork Carl Beckston

Dante Fox – Firing My Heart (Edit)

Dante Fox – Lonely (Edit)

Dante Fox – Still Remember Love (Edit)

Firing My Heart
Under The City Lights
A Matter Of Time
Still Remember Love
Remember My Name
Lost And Lonely Heart
I Can’t Sleep
All That I Need
How Do We Learn About Love
All That I Need (Acoustic ) Bonus Track


Sue Willetts – Lead Vocals
Tim Manford – Guitar and Vocals
Alan Mills – Bass and vocals
Eric Ragno – Keyboards

Official Website


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