Review: Bullets and Octane – Riot Riot Rock N Roll

Review: Bullets and Octane – Riot Riot Rock N Roll

Bad MoFo Records/Cargo Records (April 24th)

Reviewer: Paul Saripo

Bullets and Octane, the four piece hard rock ‘ n ‘ rollers from California have produced a new album Riot Riot Rock N Roll. This release will be the bands sixth major/ full album release and one of the best so far.

The band have been on the scene approaching 20 years creating hard holistic rock music and touring gigs and festivals the world over.

The album’s title track opens with the mighty thrust of ‘Riot Riot Rock N Roll‘ a dangerously explosive song that lives up to its name. The track doesn’t hold anything back, totally unreserved, hungry as hell rock ‘ n’ roll, a perfect album opener and compass for this spectacular new album.

Ain’t Gonna Be Your Dog‘ is as catchy as fleas jumping around on the neck of a stray mutt. The track was co-written with guitarist Keith Nelson ex Buckcherry. This also has fantastically menacing bass work delivered by Zachary Kibbee that combines fast heavy rock with bluesy undertones for that authentic dirty feel.

The Devil‘ is up next with the catchy hook and lyrics of the devil made me do it. The guitar work of Felipe Rodrigo provides riffs that drip from the reaper’s metallic scythe as soles are sold with abandon. Another solid track from Bullets and Octane that I’m sure will be a massive crowd anthem rolling off the set list.

Give Me A Reason‘ is lyrically driven punching out without any angst or diminished excuse. A powerful vocal from Gene Louis delivers his tenacity throughout.  Moving on to the equally potent track that sits well alongside is ‘As The Bombs Fall‘, this is packed tall with massive riffs and impeccable time keeping of Jonny Udell who never eases up delivering rapid drum fire as the guitars are all in full song.

Addicted To Outrage‘ is a track that happens when these four rockers of Bullets and Octane storm up a fury together and make some real heavy music with added clarity of direction into an heal tapping head swinging harmonious romp.

Heaven Can Wait‘ re-joins the albums pace adding to the energy making sure this one doesn’t slip through the cracks.

From within the depths of this musical deluge comes ‘Chaos‘ a catchy and upbeat rhythm of rock ‘ n’ roll.

Rooftop Tears‘ one of my favourites from this album, something resonates with me here.  Musically solid, wicked bass alongside groovy chord riffs coming together providing an infectious beat and melody.

Lost Crazy Psycho‘ stands out with aggressive vocal prowess alongside menacing guitar work and rhythm section.

From start to finish this album is a banger.