Review: Dreamtide – Drama Dust Dream

Review: Dreamtide – Drama Dust Dream

Pride & Joy Music (August 22nd, 2022)

Reviewer: Paul Saripo

Dreamtide are set to release their fourth studio album ‘Drama Dust Dream‘ on the 22nd of July 2022.

Quite some time has elapsed since Dreamtide last release a new studio album, so I was intrigued to listen, especially given the impressive pedigree of the band.

I wasn’t disappointed, the musicianship and continuity of song writing is impressive.

Opening up with ‘Stop Being Deep‘ with a lively pace and some wonderful lead guitar solos, wets the appetite for more to follow.

‘Spin‘ to be one of my favourites from the album, just crank up the volume, close eyes and listen to the intricacy and slightly oriental edge.

‘Around‘ provides a melodic anthem and warmer vocals that raise and punch out real energy.

Next up is a moving short instrumental by the name of ‘Ni Dos Ni Agua‘, a restless Flamenco acoustic that for me provided a short musical interlude that is splendidly written and played and something to relisten to as each time seems to just get better.

Moving onto ‘All Of Us‘ brings catchy riffs,  heavy percussion, fast leading bass, flanked with bold hooks that lift and make you singalong involuntary.

‘Merciless Sun‘, is rock theatre at its best, really enjoyed this track, for me it has all the essential elements needed to become one of those tracks that gets put on repeat.

Dawn‘, follows with a warm vocal led piece that moves us on to ‘One Rule‘ which doesn’t disappoint, following on the story of the album.

‘Drop The Curtain‘ is one of the longer tracks on the album and delivers the full dexterity of the musicianship and song writing of Dreamtide as we progress towards the final remaining songs.

A Fairy Prank‘ follows, an interesting instrumental that is bountifully in melody that leads on to

For The Fairies‘ a slower melody filled epic that has some of the sweetest guitar solo work before the final track, ‘Leisure Saints‘ providing a powerful closure to this epic rock concept album.