Review: Robert Jon & The Wreck – One Of A Kind EP

Review: Robert Jon & The Wreck – One Of A Kind EP

Journeyman Records (March 10th 2023)

Reviewer: Paul Saripo

Robert Jon & The Wreck, based in Sothern California, have released a new EP on Journeyman Records.

Pain No More’ opens up the EP with a rocking, up beat song that’s about feeling pain in a relationship with someone that isn’t treating you so well, and you know your worth more. The rhythm and grooves are so wonderfully written and performed it turns into an anthem of positivity.

The next song on the EP, ‘Who Can You Love’, is a smooth easy going track that reminds me of the Eagles sound as the vocals harmonise together alongside well placed chords that emulsify and give a real sense of belonging.

Moving on to ‘One Of A Kind’, an energetic song, rather like pouring Cola over Ice, this lifts up, rolling with some slick slide guitar.

Come At Me’ is the closing track, and what a banger to end on. Timing is everything between musicians and these guys don’t just play tightly together they are all steeped in the finest Southern vintage and come out playing original music, carrying the genre robustly forward.

During 2023, Robert Jon & The Wreck are touring the USA and Europe with over 59 cities between March and October. The UK Tour starts September 2023 with an early UK festival appearance at Maid Of Stone Festival in July 2023.


Pain No More

Who Can You Love

One Of A Kind

Come At Me