Review: HRH NWOCR2, O2 Academy Leicester 21st – 22nd January 2023

Review: HRH NWOCR2, O2 Academy Leicester 21st – 22nd January 2023

Reviewer/photographer: Dan Mann

On a very crisp and cold weekend my first festival of 2023 kicked off the year with a real kick!

Aside from the all important music, it’s always great to catch up with fellow photographers and chums alike, but this is the beauty of the rock scene, especially one as healthy as the UK’s.

Another thing that’s always welcome is the chance to check out bands I’m either not overly familiar with or just don’t know. With the wealth of bands out there it’s no wonder you miss the odd one or two. HRH NWOCR2 certainly introduced me to a few more, namely Sweet Electric, Ransom, Electric Black and Black Roze.

Alas as is the downside of multiple stage festivals, I didn’t get chance to see full sets from some of the bands, something to remedy some time in the future hopefully. What was good to see was the level of support and enthusiasm for all of the bands from the fans, both in watching and by buying the merchandize, the latter being so important in helping the bands in their endeavours.

Anyway, here’s a selection of photographs from the two days, (Unfortunately I had to miss a couple of bands). If you don’t know some of the bands, please look them up on social media (click on the band name)

(Click on photos for full size)

Saturday January 21st Stage 1

Bad Actress 

Beth Blade & The Beautiful Disasters 

Sweet Electric


Sons Of Liberty

The Jokers

Saturday January 21st Stage 2

Life Of A Hero



Mad Haven


Sunday January 22nd Stage 1

Gallows Circus

Black Roze

Daxx & Roxane

Loz Campbell

South Of Salem

Sunday January 22nd Stage 2


Electric Black

King Voodoo

Sam Millar & The Sass Bandits

The Suicide Notes

Thank you to Charlotte Hooper, Simon Dunkerley & the HRH Team.

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