Winter Rocks returns for 2021 with an absolutely sensational line up that is topped with an EXCLUSIVE UK performance from Swedish Rock band CRAZY LIXX. Albums such as ‘New Religion’, ‘Riot Avenue’, ‘Rough Justice’ & ‘Forever Wild’ are loaded with infectious pop rock anthems – in a similar vein to Def Leppard, which is so […]

South of Salem mark world suicide prevention day with a new video. ‘Demons Are Forever‘ is a dark, haunting and twisted ballad by South Of Salem – the band are joined by The Defiled/Red Method Keyboardist/Samplist The AVD, who adds a huge layered orchestral sound to the track. The lyrics deals with being unable to surpass your demons and how they can form you as an individual – the lasting effects of mental illness, loss, addiction, guilt, sorrow and grievance. This song, although dark, allows the listener to empathise with the narrator, process their feelings and not feel alone. The song’s video is intended to raise suicide awareness especially in current times where many have been left to deal with their demons alone. This is a chance to remember people […]