Review: Collateral – Collateral

Roulette Media Records (Feb 21st 2020)

Reviewer: Dan Mann

Kent based rockers Collateral will release their debut album on February 21st, coming after 2018’s ‘4 Shots!‘ EP. The new album contains one track from said EP, the single ‘Midnight Queen‘.

Before we delve into the album’s contents, a bit of back history so to speak. Originally formed as the Angelo Tristan Band, named after vocalist Angelo Tristan, they toured the US, and played numerous live dates, including Fibrofest in 2017 and had various line up changes. Move forward to 2018 and the band became Collateral with Angelo and bassist Jack Bently-Smith being joined by drummer Ben Atkinson and guitarist Todd Winger. Since 2018 the band has grown from strength to strength, playing the likes of Ramblin’ Man and the Bon Jovi Cruise, as well as numerous other gigs and building on an already solid reputation.

And so to the album itself which kicks off with the single ‘Mr Big Shot‘, which on the album sounds much richer, with a fuller sound, which in my opinion is a much needed boost and really gives the track a kick.

Promiseland‘ starts with a catchy riff and a pounding bass and drum backing before the main body of the song fills out, foot stomping with great harmonies.

Merry Go Round‘ will raise the Bon Jovi comparisons that are repeatedly mentioned in reviews etc. It’s something which could be a win or a curse, thankfully the former, as yes it is Jovi like, but also with echoes of Royal Court Of China, all delivered with Collateral‘s own stamp on it.

In It For Love‘ sounds like a classic 80’s song title and the song certainly has leanings in that direction, with some nice keyboard in fills.

Next is another of the album’s singles, ‘Lullaby‘. Okay I’m going to be honest and say this particular song just hasn’t grabbed me as much as the band’s other material, however it’s a song that always goes down well with a live crowd so what do I know!

As mentioned at the start ‘Midnight Queen‘ has been brought over from the ‘4 Shots! EP‘, and rightly so as it’s the track that really helped garner the band’s reputation via airplay. Light and fluffy with a real AOR’ish vibe, it is perfect radio fodder and you cannot help but find your foot tapping and head nodding along.

And so we reach ballad time with ‘Get Back To You‘. And what a great job the boys have made, certainly one of my favourites on the album, it sounds like it’s taken from their third or fourth album let alone the debut!

Tempo stepped back up for ‘Won’t Stop Me Dreaming‘, very commercial and would of been a better choice for single than ‘Lullaby‘ methinks, some lovely guitar work by Todd (a future axe hero), great harmonies, and no overblown drums and bass. Great stuff.

Alas we reach the final track, ‘About This Boy‘ a song that Angelo says is autobiographical. Again a song that has a real maturity, which highlights the journey Angelo and Co have travelled from before Collateral to now. Plenty of country influences, it is really a cross over track that will appeal to a multitude of music fans.

So there we have it. In conclusion I feel the album more than reflects the band’s influences and ambitions.  The future certainly is bright for the boys and I for one am more than a little pleased.

A must buy and don’t miss a chance to see them live!

Swedish rock band H.E.A.T will play three exclusive UK shows in May 2020. The band will tour with British rock band VEGA, award winning band Mason Hill and 4-piece Collateral. The four bands will play Wolverhampton KK’s Steel Mill (May 28), the London Garage (May 29) and Swansea Patti Pavilion (May 30).

H.E.A.T‘s brand new album ‘H.E.A.T II‘ will be available as CD Digipak, Vinyl and Digital on February 21, 2020 via earMUSIC. The album will be ready to pre-order from Friday, November 29,2019 on:

H.E.A.T II‘ is the first album to be produced entirely by the band – with Jona Tee and Dave Dalone as producers. “This is what we would sound like if we made a debut album 2019, hence the titl.”

The first single One By One (released September 27th) gave a first glance into what is to come for the new album and was followed by the second single Rise. The band explains: “Rise is about uniting and rebelling against the powers that be. Whatever that may be is subjective to the listener.” 

H.E.A.T II‘ is the first album by Swedish hard rock sensation H.E.A.T to be produced entirely by the band – with Jona Tee and Dave Dalone as producers. This album goes back to the band’s beginnings, redefining the raw H.E.A.T sound – a sound that oozes classic rock coolness paired with the snotty confidence of one of rock and roll’s most talented bands today. “This is what we would sound like if we made a debut album 2019, hence the title.”

In a time when artists like Foreigner, Journey and Whitesnake are enjoying a resurgence, teenagers are re-discovering the melodic approach to hard rock. The kids are suddenly wearing their classic rock band logos on t-shirts. H.E.A.T is the beacon of light that many say will carry this tradition into the future. They’re young, ambitious and full of energy and ideas.

Line up:

Erik Grönwall – Vocals

Dave Dalone – Guitar

Jimmy Jay – Bass 

Jona Tee – Keyboards

Don Crash – Drums

H.E.A.T May 2020 UK Tour

With VEGA, Mason Hill & Collateral
Tickets – &

Wolverhampton, KK’s Steel Mill Thursday 28 May
London, The Garage Friday 29 May
Swansea, Patti Pavilion Saturday 30 May

Official Website






Review: Gravity Festival 2019

The Station, Cannock – October 19th 2019

Reviewer / photos: Dan Mann

Last Saturday was the inaugural Gravity Festival, held at the Station, Cannock. Unfortunately due to other commitments I missed the first two bands, so first off the bat for me was the excellent Trident Waters. First chance to see them live and they certainly didn’t disappoint.

Next on the line up was False Hearts, a female fronted outfit very much in the Halestorm school of rock. It’s great to see young bands showing their worth, however not my cup of tea personally.

Next up were 4th Labyrinth, something a little different genre wise, offering hints of Uriah Heep, and supplying a thoroughly entertaining set.

It was great to finally get a chance to see Fugitive, a band offering a fine style of NWOBHM inspired rock. A band who deserved a bigger audience in my humble opinion.

Next was my first chance to see a firm favourite of mine, Kent rockers Wicked Stone with their new line up.

Did they deliver? Damn right they did, they delivered in spades, the crowd pressed up to the barrier rocking out to an enthusiastic performance.

Then we were onto another firm favourite of mine, another Kent band who I’ve in fact seen four times this year!

Collateral continue to go from strength to strength and they certainly had plenty of fans in the audience.

This was my first time seeing the Burning Crows, although I’m familiar with their material. Again a band who entertained the crowd with an energetic set.

Next up was Dead Man’s Whiskey, a band who if I’m honest I prefer recorded rather than live and this occasion didn’t do anything to change that view. The crowd seemed to be enjoying them so what do I know?

The headliners Mason Hill were delayed coming onstage which meant that unfortunately I had to miss their set for personal reasons.

I cannot end the review without mentioning the loudest compère and indeed the most enthusiastic in the business, Pete K Mally (He’s also an author you know) for his superb job.

A couple of small grumbles regarding the venue, I think they’ve inherited the floor from the old Marquee as it was somewhat sticky underfoot and the stage lighting wasn’t great from a photographer’s point of view but these are things easily sorted long before Gravity Festival 2020.

I must congratulate Shaun and his team for putting together a thoroughly enjoyable event. Roll on the next one!




Piston are a British five-piece rock ‘n’ roll engine made up of four members from the Midlands greased with a vocal roar from the south; which, when put together and fired up produce a no-nonsense sound not to be reckoned with!

The band release the second single ‘Rainmaker’ from the upcoming album on Friday 31st May. The single was produced by Dan Swift and remixed by Romesh Dodangoda. Their first single ‘One More Day’ received airplay on BBC Radio 2’s Rock Show with Johnnie Walker, Planet Rock and many more.

‘Rainmaker’ is a thunderstorm of slow dirty riffs, kept up to pace with the constant thumping from the rhythm section and preacher style vocals, it is the very essence of rolling thunder forced down the ear drums. This track never strays too far from its path and just when you think it’s going to give you a break in the pre-chorus, it drags you back by the scruff of the neck into the heavy ostinato!

Guitarist Jack Edwards has described the recording process of the track: “Rainmaker was the very first track we recorded for the album. You can hear all of our excitement in the track — we were all back together in one room and we tracked it right then and there! We love it and its not perfect, and we don’t want it to be — rock n’ roll has never been perfect. It’s a huge step in the new sound of Piston, it will easily stand there with some of the modern greats, but it most certainly pays homage to some of our idols.

Piston will release their long awaited self-titled debut album on Friday 13th September 2019. The album was recorded at Silk Mill Studios in Newcastle Under Lyme and produced by Dan Swift (Iggy Pop, Depeche Mode) and singles remixed by Romesh Dodangoda (Motörhead, Bring Me The Horizon).

The upcoming album features the searing, infectious anthems — ‘One More Day’ and ‘Rainmaker’. The album is a rock n’ roll rollercoaster ride treading the fine line between chaos and radio friendly rebellious rock. It’s got the guitar spirit of the Cult and the hi-octane energy of the Foo Fighters.

This album is the embodiment of hard work for the boys, having recorded one album already and choosing to scrap it all and start again in the pursuit of finding ‘their sound’. The album tips it’s hat to different genres as it progresses, but never strays too far from the path its intended to go down, it shows diversity, power and confidence from the first contact between stick and drum right until the last chord has been struck.

Piston will embark on a Co-headlining UK tour in September 2019 with Collateral to promote the album. Tickets for all concerts can be booked from

September/October 2019 UK Tour:
The Musician, Leicester
Thursday 12 September 2019
Tickets: £10
42 Crafton St W, Leicester LE1 2DE

The Station, Cannock
Friday 13 September 2019 Piston only
Tickets: £5
Stafford Road, Cannock WS11 1WS

EBGBS, Liverpool
Saturday 14 September 2019
Tickets: £10
Basement 80-82 SEEL STREET, Merseyside L1 4BH

The Asylum 2, Birmingham
Friday 20 September 2019 Tickets: £10
38-43 Hampton St, Birmingham B19 3LS

Rock City Basement, Nottingham
Saturday 21 September 2019 Tickets: £10
8 Talbot St, Nottingham NG1 5GG

Jimmy’s, Manchester
Sunday 22 September 2019 Tickets: £10
12 Newton St, Manchester M1 2AN

Joiners, Southampton
Thursday 26 September 2019 Tickets: £10
141 St Mary St, Southampton SO14 1NS

Ravenfest, The Boulevard, Wigan
Friday 27 September 2019 Tickets: £25 (weekend pass)
The Boulevard, 19 Wallgate, Wigan WN1 1LD

The Big Red, London
Saturday 28 September 2019 Tickets: Free Entry
385 Holloway Road, N7 0RY London

Leo’s Red Lion, Gravesend

Friday 4 October 2019 Tickets: £10
Crete Hall Rd, Gravesend DA11 9AA

Official Website





Collateral follow up their 2018 debut 4-track EP “4 Shots!” and their single ‘Midnight Queen‘ with their explosive new single ‘Lullaby’ taken from their highly anticipated eponymous debut album released in September.

The new single is mixed by Grammy Award nominated producer Romesh Dodangoda (Bring Me the Horizon, Funeral for A Friend, Stone Broken).

Collateral won a massive competition out of 20,000 bands to play the main stage at the Electric Ballroom at this year’s Camden Rocks Festival on Saturday June 1st. They are also in the finals at the Ramblin’ Man Rumble to play the Rising Stage at this summer’s Ramblin’ Man Fair.

Ripped jeans, cowboy boots, long hair and plenty of eye-liner, Collateral are a new generation stadium-driven rock and roll. When they first started out, they were known as the Angelo Tristan Band, with frontman Angelo Tristan and bass player Jack Bentley-Smith, forming the nucleus of the band. Since then, almost five years ago, they have worked tirelessly to grow their music, fanbase and their profile.

The band are a firm favorite of Rockposer Dot Com! having first opened 2018’s Fibrofest the Angelo Tristan Band, then returning to Leo’s Red Lion as Collateral as part of the Rockposer Dot Com! sponsored ‘Rock The Red Lion‘.

Collateral put the fun and excitement back into rock and roll by giving their fans a show that’s packed with high-octane entertainment. Not only is their live sound impeccable, but their signature stagecraft is reminiscent of what great rock and roll concerts used to be like. Every Collateral concert is a celebratory occasion leaving audiences coming back for more.

The music, the image, the lighting. It’s the whole package. Nothing is taken for granted.

Lullaby‘ is a dynamic, heavy-duty rock stomper with pounding drums courtesy of Ben Atkinson, killer lead vocals by frontman Angelo Tristan, an unforgettable guitar solo from guitarist Todd Winger, a nasty bass groove from bassist ben Jack Bentley-Smith, topped with an infectious singalong chorus that’ll will leave you wanting more.

Lullaby is a song that has the basic feeling of the world we all live in today – a world where you are told to dream big but, yet ‘Be realistic’,” says Collateral’s front man Angelo Tristan. “I’d be lying if I’d said we’re not a pissed off rock and roll band like a lot of other bands out there. Lullaby has the simplicity, the power and emotion that you should expect to hear on Collateral’s debut album.

Since Collateral burst on to the music scene, they have attracted attention from venues, festivals, press, and of course, rock music lovers everywhere. Collateral fit neatly into the current NWOCR with their rock anthems reminiscent of early Bon Jovi, Motley Crue, Little Angels, Thunder, Skid Row and Tyketto. Last year, when Collateral played Hard Rock Hell’s private VIP party, the reaction was off the hook.

Collateral started making waves earlier this year when their ‘Midnight Queen‘ single got picked up by Planet Rock radio in the UK. A sold-out London concert at the Blackheart with rave reviews, confirmed their position as worthy contenders for the UK’s crown jewels of rock and roll.

The band have been singled out as “Ones to Watch” on

Collateral is getting ready for the next run of live shows including a co-headline show with Daxx & Roxane at London’s Borderline on Saturday May 18th, an appearance at Camden Rocks Festival on Saturday June 1st, followed by a support tour with Bucket & Co. (Dave “Bucket” Colwel’s band (ex-Bad Company, Humble Pie), followed by a nationwide co-headline tour with Piston in September in support of their debut album.

2019 UK Tour Dates:

Royal Albion, Maidstone

Maidstone Fringe Friday 3 May 2019

19 Havock Lane, Maidstone ME14 1QE

BMAD Festival, Devon Saturday 4 May 2019

Paignton Sea Front, Eastern Esplanade, Paignton, Devon, TQ4 6BW

HRH Road Trip, Ibiza Tuesday 7 May 2019

The Station, Cannock

Magnificent 7 Festival Saturday 11 May 2019

Stafford Road, Cannock WS11 1WS

Borderline, London

Saturday 18 May 2019 Very Special Guests to Daxx & Roxanne


Orange Yd, Manette St, Soho, London W1D 4JB

Breaking Bands Festival, Worcestershire Sunday 26 May 2019

Westonhall Road, Bromsgrove B60 4AL

Camden Rocks Festival, London Electric Ballroom

Saturday 1 June 2019 Tickets:

Camden Town, London

The Big Red, London

Ramblin’ Man Rumble

Saturday 15 June 2019

385 Holloway Road, N7 0RY London

Rock City Beta, Nottingham Supporting Bucket & Co. Friday 28 June 2019

8 Talbot St, Nottingham NG1 5GG

Cart & Horses, Stratford Supporting Bucket & Co. Saturday 29 June 2019

1 Maryland Point, London E15 1PF

Esquires, Bedford Supporting Bucket & Co. Sunday 30 June 2019

60A Bromham Rd, Bedford MK40 2QG

Actress & Bishop, Birmingham Supporting Bucket & Co. Tuesday 2 July 2019

36 Ludgate Hill, Birmingham B3 1EH

Real Time, Chesterfield Supporting Bucket & Co. Wednesday 3 July 2019

13 Marsden St, Chesterfield S40 1JY

Half Moon, Putney Supporting Bucket & Co. Thursday 4 July 2019

93 Lower Richmond Rd, Putney, London SW15 1EU

The Cavern, Raynes Park Saturday 24 August 2019

100 Coombe Ln, Wimbledon, London SW20 0AY

The Patriot, Newport Sunday 25 August 2019

Main St, Crumlin, Newport NP11 4PT

HRH Crows, Sheffield Saturday 7 September 2019

O2 Academy Sheffield, 37-43 Arundel Gate, Sheffield S1 2PN

The Musician, Leicester

Album Tour with PISTON Thursday 12 September 2019

42 Crafton St W, Leicester LE1 2DE

EBGBS, Liverpool

Album Tour with PISTON Saturday 14 September 2019

Basement 80-82 SEEL STREET, Merseyside L1 4BH

Trillian’s, Newcastle

Album Tour without PISTON Thursday 19 September 2019

3 Princess Square, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 8ER

The Asylum 2, Birmingham

Album Tour with PISTON Friday 20 September 2019

38-43 Hampton St, Birmingham B19 3LS

Rock City, Nottingham

Album Tour with PISTON Saturday 21 September 2019

8 Talbot St, Nottingham NG1 5GG

Jimmy’s, Manchester

Album Tour with PISTON Sunday 22 September 2019

12 Newton St, Manchester M1 2AN

The Joiners, Southampton

Album Tour with PISTON Thursday 27 September 2019

141 St Mary St, Southampton SO14 1NS

Ravenfest, Wigan

Album Tour with PISTON Friday 27 September 2019

The Boulevard, 19 Wallgate, Wigan WN1 1LD

Leo’s Red Lion, Gravesend

Album Tour with PISTON Friday 4 October 2019

Crete Hall Rd, Gravesend DA11 9AA

Communion of Rock, Pontypridd Sunday 13 October 2019

Muni Arts Centre, Gelliwastad Road, Pontypridd, CF37 2BP

The Station, Cannock Saturday 19 October 2019

Stafford Road, Cannock WS11 1WS

Cornwall Rocks, Cornwall Sunday 17 November 2019

Tencreek Holiday Park (Dolphin Holidays), Polperro Rd, Looe PL13 2JR

The Robin 2, Bilston Thursday 21 November 2019

20 – 28 Mount Pleasant, Wolverhampton, Bilston WV14 7LJ

Planet Rockstock, Porthcawl Sunday 8 December 2019

Trecco Bay Holiday Park, Porthcawl, Mid Glamorgan, CF36 5PW






In August 2017, WDFD Records released a free compilation CD at Stonedeaf Festival featuring 14 tracks from 7 rising rock bands. It received generous praise, so much so that KOL Promotions came up with the idea of a showcase event.

The Station in Cannock are excited to be involved and being a central venue with easy access, good public transport links and ample nearby car parking, not forgetting a great sound system, a date of 11th May 2019 was chosen for the Magnificent 7 Festival.

Sadly, 2 of the bands from the CD – Grand Ultra and Beth Blade and the Beautiful Disasters – were unavailable, but 2 formidable replacements were selected to create a mouth-watering line-up!




The Howling Tides

Pariah Soul



Tickets are available through SeeTickets:

Keith Lamley, owner of WDFD said “I still can’t quite believe this event is happening! Huge thanks to Shaun Haynes at KOL Promotions for pulling it together, and I am indebted to the bands for agreeing to take part. First and foremost I just want everyone there to go away thinking “wow, weren’t those bands awesome, what a great night”. Above and beyond that I just hope that it brings the bands some much-deserved extra exposure.”

Note to editors: WDFD (Whoop-dee-fucking-doo) was formed in May 2017 with the mission of helping bands take a first step from being unsigned towards a long-term goal of forging a successful career in the music business. It has a co-operative approach with bands providing support and encouragement to each other whilst having access to centralised services and advice.

* Courtesy of TMR Band Management

** Courtesy of Roulette Media

Official Website


Review: Collateral – The Black Heart, Camden, Feb 7th 2019

Reviewer / photographer – Dan Mann

The last twelve months has seen Collateral get a foot in the door to the next level of rock stardom.

Their appearance last night at The Black Heart, Camden certainly kicked off 2019 in style, introduced onstage by Planet Rock‘s Paul Anthony, the band launched into a set of original material in front of an enthusiastic sell out crowd who happily sang along to every song.

This was a showcase of how a hungry young rock band should perform, their enjoyment and enthusiasm clearly showing, as they stormed through their set, ending on their current single ‘Midnight Queen‘, a song that’s undergone a new mix by Romesh Dodangoda  and is currently on Planet Rock’s playlist.

If you’ve not yet seen Collateral play, then grab the chance now before they’re playing arenas!!

Set List:

1 – Calm Before The Storm

2 – When Faith Breaks

3 – You Were the Only One

4 – Going With The Wind *

5 – Coming Home

6 – Move On

7 – Just Waiting For You *

8 – Promise Land **

9 – Merry Go Round **

10 – Lullaby Encore **

11- Midnight Queen * + **

*Denotes songs from ‘4 Shots! EP‘ **Denotes songs from forthcoming debut album

all images copy-write© RPR Media UK