Hardly any hard rock act has seen a rise recent years like the all-female rock band Thundermother. Following their latest, chart-breaking album ‘Heat Wave‘ (2020), that has been lauded by both fans and the international music press alike, August 19, 2022 will see the Swedish rock band release their hotly anticipated, new album, ‘Black And […]

After the recent postponement of a bunch of their 2022 ‘United Forces’ tour dates with HAMMERFALL, pumpkin squad Helloween will finally kick off this highly-anticipated trek at Manchester Academy (UK) this Wednesday. The band’s full upcoming itinerary can be found below. To mark the occasion, the group have also prepared a special release: a vinyl single titled ‘Best Time’ will see the light of day on May 20th, 2022 via Atomic Fire. It features a 2022 remix of its title track on side A, as well as an exclusive alternative vocal remix of the […]

International heavy metal band, IGNITED, have released a live music video for ‘Shining Void‘. The track is taken from their live album ‘SteelLive‘. The video was recorded at the live performance from November 10th in 2019, Bar Opinião, Porto Alegre-RS, Brazil. The very first time IGNITED performed live and had the opportunity to record the set. The full live set can be viewed: here IGNITED a ground pounding slab of intense heavy metal, featuring classic traits from the NWOBHM and traditional styles of metal. Tracklist: […]

Massacre Records is happy to welcome KILL RITUAL to their roster! Formed in 2010, the band has established themselves five critically acclaimed and well received studio albums, tours with Iced Earth, Sanctuary, Raven and Hirax as well as a recent EP. If you are a fan of powerful and classic guitar-oriented metal with a tight rhythm section and wide-ranged vocals with Bay Area Thrash roots, […]