Review: Artch – Another Return

Review: Artch – Another Return

Hammerheart Records (March 17th, 2023 Re-issue)

Reviewer: Dan Mann

Hammerheart Records are set to re-release Artch‘s ‘Another Return‘ on March 17th. Okay, a re-issue I thought, nothing surprising about that. Then I started reading the included pdf and was actually surprised to read that ‘Another Return‘ was originally released back in 1988!

Those of you of a certain age, myself included in that, will remember just how much rock & metal was being released in the late 80’s, so that’s my excuse as to why I’m only now discovering this album and band.

If I hadn’t read the bumph and had just pushed play, I’d of thought that this was so retro, such a mixture of bands like Metal Church, Malice and the odd smattering of Savatage. ‘Where I Go‘ sounds like it was lifted straight off the debut Metal Church album, singer Eric Hawk sounding very much like the late David Wayne. This album would have so been up my street back then. That combo of sounds and influences being just my ‘thing’.

Jumping forward to 2023, is this album still something worth listening too? Bloody right it is! There’s always the danger that the songs would be too dated, but not for me, it just takes me right back to what was a fantastic time, a potent injection of nostalgia that’s one hell of a pick me up.

The sound quality isn’t dated, Toneshed Studio doing a great job of re-mastering, the vocals of singer Eric Hawk are crisp and powerful, his voice perfect for the material. The bass not overblown and the material given space to breath.

A big thank you to Hammerheart Records for this re-release. I now need to hunt down Artch’s follow-up release.


1.Conversio Prelude

2.Another Return to Church Hill

3.Power to the Man


5.Where I Go

6.Metal Life

7.The Promised Land

8.Shoot to Kill

9.Living in the Past