The Norwegian, Power Rock project Thomas Carlsen’s Transmission has released new single ‘The Fire Within‘ and announced new album ‘A Brave Horizon‘, releasing worldwide on July 14th. ‘A Brave Horizon‘ is guitar virtuoso Thomas Carlsen’s highly anticipated, first full-length album, a 52-minute collection of Heavy Metal music, written and performed by Thomas Carlsen and 5 incredible vocalists from around the world. The […]

Power metal titans GLORYHAMMER are back with a vengeance as the mighty warriors ‘Return to the Kingdom of Fife‘! In the not-so-distant Kingdom of Fife, there lies a band like no other. GLORYHAMMER embodies the very essence of power metal and epic fantasy, with a sound so majestic and grandiose that it could only be the work of the gods themselves. Led by the manifestation of extreme trumpet-chaos in battle-mode, GLORYHAMMER has […]

Review: Burning Witches – The Dark Tower Napalm Records (May 5th, 2023) Reviewer: Stephen Brophy Having only begun the process of getting the band together in 2015 and releasing their debut self-titled album in 2017, it has been a very busy 6 years for this Swiss all female Power/Heavy Metal band Burning Witches, with ‘The […]

With impressive, powerful vocals and sweeping, exhilarating riffs, Sovereign Council have received tons of attention in their home country of Canada and even more internationally. From raving reviews, radio appearances, and magazine features it is clear that they are definitely a band you should check out! Comprised of five members, this band lineup lends a noteworthy blend of male and female vocals, which is […]

Review – Kamelot – The Awakening Napalm Records (17th March 2023) Reviewer:  Stephen Brophy One of the leading lights in the Symphonic/Power Metal scene, and they have been for a long time, The international mix of extremely talented individual musicians that always come together so tightly as a unit whether they are playing live or […]

Swedish/Norwegian melodic power metal band Saint Deamon is currently gearing up for the release of their much-awaited, new studio album, entitled ‘League Of The Serpent‘. About three and a half years since their quasi-“comeback” album ‘Ghost‘ (released in 2019), the band’s forthcoming offering will be available on April 21, 2023 via AFM Records. Following previously-released, first […]