Review: Stargazer – Life Will Never Be The Same

Review: Stargazer – Life Will Never Be The Same

Mighty Music (March 3rd, 2023)

Reviewer: David Mark Pearce

It’s always nice when you’re asked to review an album, but in this instance I wasn’t. This was offered to all staff reviewers and quite honestly I couldn’t get my hand in the air fast enough!

You see I loved the debut and this album is several notches above that one! The influences of Dokken, TNT etc are still there but this time they are exactly that, influences, and not a homage! From the opening scream of the 1st song ‘Can you Conceive it‘, a strange title but it works as the rest of the chorus is just so damn catchy and that’s the name of the game with this album.

Its chocked full of hooks to other songs like ‘Live My Dream’ which has a great half time chorus, which if they perform it live you’ll have your fist in the air and your head back singing along. There wouldn’t be many photo’s taken on your phone at that gig put it that way as you’ll be having way too much fun!

Then you have ‘Heartbroken’ which opens with a heavy staccato riff which leads in to an acoustic type verse, which has a kinda musical feel to it, like a Phantom of the Opera ish feel? That’s how it sounded to me anyway!

There is so much light and shade here with cool changes of pace, from in your face to subtle and delicate! I’ve had this for a few weeks and I cannot stop listening to it. The songs are full of great hooks and performances, everyone in the band is just on it! William Ernstsen especially, jeez this guy can play!!! The mix is powerful and punchy.

Everyone is just on their respective games and the songs stay in heavy rotation in your head long after you’ve stopped actually playing it. That’s how good this album is!!

Track list:

1. Can You Conceive It
2. Live My Dream
3. Rock The Sky
4. Live Today
5. Don’t Kill
6. Will I Come To Heaven
7. Heartbroken
8. Turn Off The Light
9. Beyond The Moon
10. Take Me Home
11. Push Me