Fountain Of Grace‘ is the new EP release from Mercyful Fate guitarist Michael Denner and his new band Denner’s Inferno.

Denner’s Inferno was created in the ashes of his former band Trickbag in 2018.
Mainly to transform the band from 70’s progressive hard rock to a more current vibe with new original songs and a new line up.

Michael Denner comments:  “After a lot of thoughts around what to do next I ended up doing what turned up to be the exact right move towards the music style I really love ; 70’s inspired Heavy Rock. The choice of team for this one came very natural. Bjarne and Flemming I’ve known for decades and exactly what they are capable to do with the rhythm section, and a good vibe to go with it. And by introduction from Mighty Music’s Michael H. Andersen I found the golden voice of Chandler Mogel. A New Yorker with deep roots in the same music style as I love to do. This time I chose a selection of songs I wrote with good people during the last few years and a few obscure covers of songs which have made an impact on my taste in music since my journey as a heavy rock guitarist started many years ago now. This album is for the listeners who like their music hard and heavy with strong beautiful vocals and some No Nonsense playing to back it up. Enjoy !!!!!!

The EP is released in 500 limited copies black 12” vinyl and 500 limited edition jewelcase CDs. The title track ‘Fountain Of Grace‘ will be released as single and music video on the 26th of July and upcoming album ‘In Amber‘ to be released in November worldwide through Mighty Music.

The new single ‘The Sky Is The Limit‘ from Norwegian heavy metal band Stargazer is here!

If you are into “in your face” classic melodic hard rock with elements of Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, Whitesnake, Dio and Deep Purple; then Stargazer is a band for you.

The Sky Is The Limit‘ is the first teaser of the upcoming new album ‘The Sky Is The Limit‘.

To mix and master their new album Stargazer has joined forces with star producer and guitarist Soren Andersen Music (Glenn Hughes) at Medley Studios, Copenhagen. The result is a modern production with a vintage twist.

With a worldwide release provided by Mighty Music at hand, Stargazer sets out to be a beacon on the hard rock scene. A bright shining star emerging with energy and power, capacity and skills, and a lyrical universe that both explores and recognizes the heart of darkness in humanity, yet fighting with passion always to light up a light in the gloom of nothingness. With Stargazer, you can hear and see evidence of the will to keep on keeping on.

This time around, Stargazer has reinvented itself and is now looking for venues and adventures outside of the Norwegian borders.


Marco Mendoza, known from his involvement in Whitesnake, Ted Nugent, The Dead Dasies, Thin Lizzy and more is about to release a new single and music video for the song ‘Leah‘.

This is a ballad about missing my home, my kids and my wife who is amazing and my rock, so I wanted to write something for her”. Mendoza says.

Marco continues “Soren Andersen, who produced and mixed my album had a rough idea and chord progression for a ballad, so before you know it emotionally I was driven to sing to her, after chocking a few times and a few tears ‘Leah‘ happened !!

“it is a beautiful song and after so many requests to play this song live we decided to shoot a music video and release it as single The setting and the weather in Mallorca was perfect! In fact we had a blast shooting it and I hope fans will like and enjoy!! Mendoza ends.

Leah‘ will be released on June 14th via Mighty Music.


REƎCE have released an Official video for the track ‘Two Coins And A Dead Man‘, taken from their latest album ‘Resilient Heart‘ which was released on Mighty Music. Order the album at

REƎCE, ex-voice of ACCEPT, has also been confirmed as special guest for the U.D.O. live dates from February 1st til February 13th 2019.

01.02.2019 D-Heidelberg – Halle 02
02.02.2019 D-Regensburg – Eventhall Airport
03.02.2019 D-Stuttgart – LKA
06.02.2019 D-München – Backstage
07.02.2019 CH-Pratteln – Z7
08.02.2019 D-Memmingen – Kaminwerk
09.02.2019 D-Schwalmstadt – Festhalle Treysa
10.02.2019 D-Leipzig – Felsenkeller
12.02.2019 D-Oberhausen – Turbinenhalle
13.02.2019 D-Hannover – Capitol

There is no doubt, that this will be a blast for all fans of Accept and heavy metal in general.

David Reece comments “I wanted to create something different with this video. Back to more of a short movie type of thing. Being it was one of the first songs written for the album I’ve always felt it’s needed to be seen visually along with the sonics. Valerio Fea was the director I found him through Fiorella Scatena who’s Andrea Vergori our keyboard players love. Valerio was great capturing my vision for the song in my head. The original model flaked on day of shooting so I made my first choice who was my lovely wife Nadia to step in (hopefully I’m safe with her and Knives now?) Lena Angioni added her talents with Malte Frederik Burkert, Martin Jepsen Andersen and Marco Angioni in the black and white footage. I’m very pleased with the songs response it seems to be a fan and media favorite so enjoy people and stay Resilient!

Official Website



Are you ready for one of the best live recordings ever done by a rock band? On 21st of December 2018 the Tygers Of Pan Tang will release ‘Hellbound Spellbound Live 1981‘ featuring the classic line up:

Jon Deverill – Vocals
Robb Weir – Guitars
John Sykes – Guitars
Rocky – Bass
Brian Dick – Drums

The show was originally recorded live by Chris Tsangarides at Nottingham Rock City in 1981 and has now been remixed and remastered by Soren Andersen (Glenn Hughes/Mike Tramp) in October 2018 at the Medley Studios in Denmark.

The release is exclusively available for pre-order now at in the following formats:

* Box-set (limited edition 500 copies) including LTD GOLD 180g 2xLP in gatefold, LTD gold digipack CD with 20 page booklet, exclusive A2 poster signed by Robb Weir, original laminated tour pas with keyhanger, free ticket to Tygers Of Pan Tang live at Nordic Noise Rock Festival ( 11th of May 2019.
* 140 g black LP gatefold
*  Limited Edition gold digipack CD, 20 page booklet (2000 copies only)
* Jewelcase CD, 20 pages booklet

All formats includes graphic designs with liner-notes, original press photos, rare live and behind the scene photos, flyers, interviews and press clippings. A lot of this material has never been published before and will available exclusively on this release.


Take It
Rock’N’Roll Man
Black Jack
Tyger Bay
Wild Cat
Don’t Stop By
Silver + Gold
Slave To Freedom
All Or Nothing
Raised On Rock

‘Hellhound, Spellbound, Shot down, Heading for the ground’. When Rocky penned those words, he could have been talking about the Tygers instead of a fighter pilot.  Starting life as four young rock music enthusiasts who refused to play a set of ‘covers’, as was normal at that time, the Tygers insisted on taking their own compositions to the tough learning curve that was the working men’s clubs of the north east. In around two years the Tygers had gone from enthusiastic amateurs to become a band who could sell records in quantity and headline Hammersmith Odeon. This gig in Nottingham was the second night of the tour that saw them playing the best tracks from the magnificent ‘Spellbound’ (now even more revered than it was at the time). The previous night the tour had opened in Jon Deverill’s home town of Cardiff. Long before the band went on stage that night the crowd could be heard chanting ‘Tygers, Tygers’. The nervous anticipation in the dressing room gave way to a confident, sleek metallic monster as the band hit the stage. The performance suggested that the new Tygers line up was destined for great things. The following night in Nottingham, fuelled by enthusiasm and the deep joy of touring at this level, the performance was electrifying. Already drums and bass had evolved into a fearsome barrage that pushed the two guitarists to unleash a fusillade of solos. Drummer Brian Dick steers the Tygers ship on a ridiculously fast course with what could be his finest hour.  With a note of regret in his voice Brian recently commented “We were riding along on the crest of a wave and the sun was very much in the sky. Sadly, it set all too soon.”  Rocky, ever the bands conscience, knew that they had reached a stage that few musicians could hope for and his inventive bass playing is also a feature of this recording. When asked how he felt now about the Spellbound tour he commented “Off the back of what were our two best albums this tour was probably the “classic” line up of the Tygers at their most exciting live. We might have got more professional and more experienced on later tours but for raw excitement this was hard to beat“.  Guitarist Robb Weir and John Sykes trade solos that demonstrate effectively how two guitarists of different styles can complement each other. Bringing it all together was the peerless voice of Jon Deverill. High on the experience of being hailed as hero in his home town the previous evening Jon commanded the stage and fully represented the Tygers unwaivable self-belief “It was my first tour… crazy…exciting…and never to be forgotten

Listen closely to this recording and the punk energy that propelled the original Tygers to conquer the clubs can be heard. By the time of this recording it had been linked to a matured writing ability that should have guaranteed the longevity of the band. Alas, two albums later that notion collapsed, a fact that John Sykes recently reflected upon when I spoke to him about the Spellbound tour.  “I really think that if the Tygers would have had stronger support from the label back in the day that the band could have really made it.”  We will leave the last word on these recordings to the man who has carried the Tygers flag through a mix of adversity and heady success for 40 years  – Mr Robb Weir.  “Like a well matured whiskey, it’s taken 38 years for us to fine tune it for you to hear this at its very best. Sit back, turn up the volume and immerse yourself in Tygers of Pan Tang style hard rock, circa 1981….“.

Credit must go to the following people who made this live recording a reality: Mixmaster Soren Andersen who discovered nuances that were missing from the original mix and generally sharpened the sound all round. Chris Tsangarides, who recorded the concert, produced the Spellbound album and is missed by everyone who knew him.  My management partner and friend, Grahame Thompson who provided information far beyond the call of duty for the album cover (and tour managed the Spellbound tour juggernaut). Michael H. Andersen, record company boss and inveterate Tygers fan who wanted to see these recording reissued. Finally Soren Weiss who worked patiently on the many revisions to the booklet! However, the most credit must go the five musicians on this recording who created the lightning that was bottled that night in Nottingham.
Tom Noble, Whitley Bay 2018  (Tygers Of Pan Tang manager)

Review: REƎCE – Resilient Heart

Mighty Music (November 2018)

Reviewer: Dan Mann

There are some albums which are highly anticipated, and for me ‘Resilient Heart‘ is one of them.

Take the vocal talents of singer David Reece, who I first came across as front man for American hard rock band Bangalore Choir and vocalist on Accept‘s ‘Eat The Heat‘ album, add a guitarist whose playing I highly regard, namely Martin J Anderson, who I first heard playing in his blues rock band Blindstone. Finish off with guitarist Marco Angioni, bandmate of Martin’s in Danish heavy metal band Meridian, bassist Malte Frederik Burkert from David’s other band Sainted Sinners and drummer Sigurd J. Jensen also from Blindstone.

The result….a mature hard rock album!

From the opening bars of the first track, ‘Any Time At All‘, you know your in for a bit of a musical treat. This is a band tighter than an elastic band wound three times round a  pencil. David Reece’s vocals sound as good as they did 25 years ago and yes I’ll bring up the old chestnut I always do, if I don’t like the vocals then I won’t like the album!

With eleven tracks on the album, none of which in my opinion a ‘filler’, choosing a favorite is bloody difficult. However, for me there is one track that stands out both in vocal performance and musicianship, and that’s ‘Forest Through The Trees‘. This is without doubt a monster track!

For those of you familiar with David’s work and indeed the catalogue of the other musicians involved, then ‘Resilient Heart‘ is probably already on your ‘to order’ list. If your not and it’s not……then don’t hesitate and pre-order it now, you won’t be disappointed.

REƎCE have released a video for the track ‘Any Time At All‘, taken from the brand new album ‘Resilient Heart‘.

Rock vocalist, songwriter and former Accept/Bonfire frontman, David Reece, will be releasing his long awaited new solo album worldwide through Mighty Music on November 9th.

Resilient Heart‘ an album rich on full blown melodic heavy metal, will be the follow up album from his latest solo album ‘Compromise‘ released in 2013.
Any Time At All‘ is a wonderful heavy rocker with a touch of Whitesnake/Coverdale inspiration. A song with a powerful riff, and a strong verse leading up to a bombastic sing-a-long chorus.

Reece says about the single:

“‘Any Time At All‘ is the first song of the new album and also the first single. I’m a person about challenges. Lyrically it speaks about how to stand up against anything someone will throw at me. So, you got the challenge – I got the will – any time at all.”

Resilient Heart‘ is the perfect album for all fans of heavy metal. It’s a wide album containing all of the greatest elements within heavy rock and melodic metal. Yet with a modern production. Recorded, mixed and mastered at Death Island Studio by Marco Angioni.

On ‘Resilient HeartDavid Reece has teamed up with the Danish musicians Marco Angioni (guitar), Martin J. Andersen (guitar), Malte Frederik Burkert (bass) and Sigurd J. Jensen (drums).

Resilient Heart‘ comes with two different tracklist. One for CD/digital and one for the ltd. 500 blood red vinyl edition.

CD/digital tracklist:
1. Any Time At All
2. Wicked City Blues
3. Karma
4. Desire
5. I Don’t Know Why
6. Two Coins
7. Ain’t Got The Balls
8. Forest Through The Trees
9. Perfect Apocalypse
10. Live Before You Die
11. I’m The One

Vinyl tracklist:
1. Karma
2. Any Time At All
3. I Don’t Know Why
4. I’m The One
5. Forest Through The Trees
6. Perfect Apocalypse
7. Heart Of Stone
8. What About Yesterday
9. Two Coins
10. Live Before You Die

On Tour:
October 26 – Rock ’n’ Skull, Peoria, IL (USA)
October 31 Krater Rock City, Puertollona (ESP)
November 1 Sala Utopia, Zaragoza (ESP)
November 2 Urban Rock Concepts, Vitoria (ESP)
November 3 Cool Stage, Madrid (ESP)
November 9 High Voltage, Copenhagen (DK)
November 10 Charles Dicken’s, Helsingborg (SWE)
November 15 Sternensall, Schiers (CH)
November 16 Ölfleck Event-Bar, Frauenfeld (CH)
November 17 Johnny’s Lion Cave, Trübbach (CH)
November 24 Backstage Bar, Trollhaten (SWE)

Vocals: David Reece
Guitar: Marco Angioni
Guitar: Martin J. Andersen
Bass: Malte Frederik Burkert
Drums: Sigurd J. Jensen



Former Accept & Bangalore Choir vocalist David Reece will release the follow-up to his 2013 release ‘Compromise‘ on November 9 via Mighty Music.

The album’s first single ‘Any Time At All‘, will be released on August 31.

Joining David Reece on ‘Resilient Heart‘, are Danish musicians Marco Angioni (guitar) from Meridian, Malte Frederik Burkert (bass) from Sainted Sinners and Martin J. Andersen (guitar), Sigurd J. Jensen (drums) from Blindstone.

David says: “I was searching for a record company that would see my vision as a solo artist, so I reached out to Mike Tramp and he suggested I speak with Michael H. Andersen at Mighty Music. Michael teamed me up with the Danish producer and songwriting team Marco Angioni and Martin Jepsen Andersen, both from the band Meridian. The collaboration we’re working on is exactly where I want to go musically, and Michael H. Andersen and Mighty Music have given me a home to release my new record and given me a hundred percent support and belief in this new record! The album will be recorded at Death Island Studio in Denmark with Marco Angioni as producer and is entitled ‘Resilient Heart‘.

There are two different track listings of ‘Resilient Heart‘ depending if it’s CD/digital, or limited edition blood-red vinyl (500 copies).

CD/digital track listing:

  1. Any Time At All
  2. Wicked City Blues
  3. Karma
  4. Desire
  5. I Don’t Know Why
  6. Two Coins
  7. Ain’t Got The Balls
  8. Forest Through The Trees
  9. Perfect Apocalypse
  10. Live Before You Die
  11. I’m The One

Vinyl track listing:

Side A

  1. Karma
  2. Any Time At All
  3. I Don’t Know Why
  4. I’m The One
  5. Forest Through The Trees

Side B

  1. Perfect Apocalypse
  2. Heart Of Stone
  3. What About Yesterday
  4. Two Coins
  5. Live Before You Die

Upcoming Tour dates:

Oct. 26 – Rock ’n’ Skull, Peoria, IL (USA)
Oct. 31 – Krater Rock City, Puertollona (ESP)
Nov. 01 – Sala Utopia, Zaragoza (ESP)
Nov. 02 – -Urban Rock Concepts, Vitoria (ESP)
Nov. 03 – Cool Stage, Madrid (ESP)
Nov. 09 – High Voltage, Copenhagen (DK)
Nov. 10 – Charles Dicken’s, Helsingborg (SWE)
Nov. 15 – Sternensall, Schiers (CH)
Nov. 16 – Ölfleck Event-Bar, Frauenfeld (CH)
Nov. 17 – Johnny’s Lion Cave, Trübbach (CH)
Nov. 24 – Backstage Bar, Trollhaten (SWE)


Vocals: David Reece
Guitar: Marco Angioni
Guitar: Martin J. Andersen
Bass: Malte Frederik Burkert
Drums: Sigurd J. Jensen