The unparalleled voice of metal, Ronny Munroe and Monroe’s Thunder, have inked a Worldwide deal with RFL Records & Entertainment for the project Munroe’s Thunder; Announce new album ‘The Black Watch‘, set for an October 28th release. Six years in the making and well worth the wait, the project known as Munroe’s Thunder, prepares to unleash […]

Review: VHF – Very High Frequency Golden Robot Records (July 2021) Reviewer: David Mark Pearce Rockposer Dot Com! asked me to review this – and it’s nothing like I was expecting to hear! We have Joel Hoekstra on guitar, Tony Franklin on bass and Todd Vinciguerra on drums. Before receiving it, I thought it was […]

Review: Yngwie Malmsteen – Parabellum Music Theories Recordings/Mascot (July 23rd 2021) Reviewer: David Mark Pearce Well, these days, Yngwie seems to be the Swedish version of “Marmite” – or has it always been that way? Egotistical, or just insanely driven? I guess that’s where this debate will go on and on. I’ve been a massive […]