Review: Graham Bonnet Band, FM, The Dead Daisies – Rock City, December 3rd, 2022

Review: Graham Bonnet Band, FM, The Dead Daisies

Rock City (December 3rd, 2022)

Reviewer/Photographer: Dan Mann

Graham Bonnet Band

Well, what can I say about the first band that hit the stage at Rock City? Only that Graham Bonnet was one of ‘the’ rock singers I first heard when I started getting into rock music way back in the beginning of the 80’s. To see and to hear him once again was such a personal pleasure. Although the band were hampered by a severe lack of space on stage, that did not stop a first-class delivery of songs I know and love. Graham can certainly still belt them out and it was obvious that he thoroughly enjoyed doing it!

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I first saw FM back in ’87 at Reading Festival (when it was still a rock festival) and they were one of the bands on my ‘must see’ list. Jumping forward 35 years (gulp) and FM are still a band you want to see. Always one of the flag bearers for British AOR/melodic rock, another one of those British bands who should have been huge but for some reason the Yanks didn’t take them to heart. Anyway, the band performed a well-polished set, with singer Steve Overland delivering a vocal performance showing that he’s lost nothing when it comes to his voice. Sadly, as was the same with the Graham Bonnet Band, a far too short a set.

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The Dead Daisies

And so, to the main act. It’s just over a year since The Dead Daisies were at Rock City, last time I ended up getting covid, but it was worth it. This time the band from the start showed why there’s always a buzz about them. Supporting their latest album ‘Radiance‘, we were of course treated to songs from the new album, but also songs from previous releases and an absolute spellbinding rendition of ‘Mistreated‘, Glenn Hughes‘ distinctive voice showing no signs of wear and tear. Doug Aldrich was, well Doug Aldrich, the consummate rock guitarist, Brian Tichy beating the living crap out of his drum kit and the ringmaster David Lowy happy to let the rest of the band take the limelight, whilst playing rhythm guitar in perfect accompaniment to Mr. Aldrich.

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