Last Christmas, FM’s creative keyboard wiz Jem Davis launched his solo project under the playful moniker of Pepperkid2 with what he calls ‘a portion of Christmas fabulousity’ – his track and video for ‘Something Gotta Give’. It began the journey into Pepperland and towards his imaginative, melodic and musically diverse solo album, ‘Adventures in Pepperland’, released 12th November 2021. “This was the start of the Pepperkid2 Project,” reflects Jem, “and we released this last Christmas, but too last minute I felt for everyone to appreciate! “I’m really proud of this vid: Gabriel Hymen did a brilliant job putting it all together so quickly for me. I added it as the bonus track on the album ‘Adventures in Pepperland’ The track features the stupendous vocals and lyrics of Mike Dyer (of Grand Slam), with additional vocals from Jessie, […]

There’s a new kid in town: ‘Pepperkid2’ — the bright, new brainchild of FM’s creative keyboardist Jem Davis. ‘Pepperkid2’ is the guise Jem has adopted for his solo album project: an album entitled ‘Adventures in Pepperland’ — due for release on 12th November 2021. The first single from the album, ‘After the Rain’ will be released October 15th giving a first taste of the high quality, but very varied, tracks its parent contains. Jem designed this album to be what he calls, “genre-fluid”. It certainly escapes pigeonholing and offers listeners a rich, varied, joyful experience: a Peppery smorgasbord of treats, you might say. “In the Summer of 2020, during Lockdown,” Jem reflects, “I moved […]

The collective that is Brothers In Arms are set to release their debut album through Deko Entertainment. Featuring members of Savatage, Diamond Head, Kingdom Come, Last In Line, FM, Angel, Moxy and many more! Brothers In Arms is the brainchild of guitarist/composer Jack Frost (Savatage, Seven Witches, Lizzy Borden, etc…), who along with several recruited […]