Review: Vinnie Moore – Double Exposure

Review: Vinnie Moore – Double Exposure

Mind’s Eye Music (November 25th, 2022)

Reviewer: David Mark Pearce

Ok, I’m confused! In interviews with Vinnie, he speaks about how this album came about and that when he was listening back to get production ideas he started singing along, he then had a ‘lightbulb’ moment and thought this was the vocal album he had always wanted to make.

Ok that part is clear enough but then he carries on and says, “so the idea to take a group of songs and create dual versions of each was born!” …… only that’s not the case ….. or is it???

Well, what he’s done here is call the instrumental versions of the songs completely different titles. What on Earth for is anyone’s guess because I think that’s just plain stupid and adds to the confusion I was speaking about. So, for instance song one, which is called ‘Vertical Horizon’, has vocals, BUT song seven, which is the instrumental version, is called ‘Astro Man’ and so on and so forth. Totally fkn daft, but I guess he had his reasons?

He’s laid this album out strangely, as the first half contains songs have vocals and the second half is all instrumentals, which, if they were different songs altogether it would have been fine .. ish, but as I said, these are titled differently to the vocal versions!

Personally, I think he should’ve split the album completely in two and call it side one and side two as in the good ol’ days of vinyl. Then he could’ve had side one as vocal versions and side two as the instrumental ones, keeping the same titles but having the difference as vocal and instrumental halves of the album.

He obviously has his reasons for wanting to rename the tracks, all be it the guitar version as opposed to the vocal version, but the way he’s done it goes against the whole duality concept! From what I’ve seen in interviews I don’t think anyone else has picked up on this and have certainly not asked him about the titles. I would sure like to know his thought process, that’s for sure, just so I can get my head around it!

So, what’s it sound like? It sounds great! The album itself is really good. It’s a mid-tempo bluesy affair throughout that never gets in to high gear, which is no bad thing, but occasionally I’d just like Vinnie to go full tilt and ideally go back to his first couple of albums and rip out something in that kind of vein, but that’s my personal preference. His playing is spot on, and the vocalists really lay down the blues vibe which governs the feel of the album, and no matter which part you listen to, I’m sure you’ll love it all the same.