First 6 Bands Confirmed For Time To Rock Festival

Time To Rock Festival have announced the first bands and released the tickets to Time To Rock Festival 8-10 July 2023 with a pre-party on July 7.

We start out with legendary guitar wizzard Michael Schenker and his MSG. From Jacksonville, Florida comes the mighty southern rock band Molly Hatchet and from the UK the funniest among the classic British punk bands The Toy Dolls. Then we ad another guitar hero in the shape of Scorpions legend Uli Jon Roth and finish off with two classic bands from the NWOBHM era in Angel Witch and Tygers Of Pan Tang!

Another 34 bands to be announced!

Tickets out now through Ticketmaster:

About Time To Rock Festival:

For 15 years we called our festival Helge Å Festival (after the river running straight pass the area), but as we wanted to strengthen our position both in Sweden, but also internationally, we dediced to use the slogan “Time To Rock” as our name instead, so in 2022 we became “Time To Rock FestivalL”.
Our goal is to deliver the perfect blend between, rock, blues, classic hard rock and heavy metal.

Our basic idea is that we want to deliver a festival the way WE want to experience it.

We want a cozy and laid back athmosphere and a close relation between us, the organizers and the festival audience. We also find it important that our audience can feel close to the artists as well, so we aim to optimize the festival experience and avoid an overcrowded festival area.  Congestions is another thing that we don’t like, so we work hard to have as short queues at the main gate, the bars, the food trucks, merchandise stands etc. We like space!  We want our audience to feel that they are the center of the universe when they spend a weekend with us!

Time To Rock has been called the nicest and coziest festival in Sweden and we believe the secret is our good level of service, beautiful location at the shores of Helge River and the familiar athmosphere. We will fight hard to live up to that and together we can make the best festival ever in 2023! Welcome!

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