Rook Road Release New Video For ‘Sometimes’

Sometimes‘ is the third single of Rook Road‘s upcoming, self-titled album that will be released on November 11th, 2022 via SAOL and is available for pre-order: here

The band’s prior single ‘Talk Too Much‘ is the prime example of a gripping hook blowing right in your face without further ado, a true power rocker even by Rook Road’s standards: “The song is about windbags who talk much and say nothing – only to obscure what’s been written all over their faces: an abyss of ignorance”. One can’t argue with that but might wanna add a great little something: ‘Talk Too Much‘ is the perfect symbiosis of a soundtrack and a pressure valve for, the moment when putting up with this certain kind of clown becomes unavoidable. Both singles line up next to ‘Kinda Glow‘, a rather complex song that deals with revolution while encouraging standing up for yourself and listening to your own needs instead of following others blindly, giving their listeners something real and tangible to feel.

About Rook Road

Fresh to the music scene as they have been formed in early 2020, Rook Road are bringing back some tunes that may have become a little forgotten by some people but certainly the die hard fans won’t ever forget.
This is not only for all the lovers of the good old days of blues and classic heavy rock in the vein of Deep Purple, which the band reveres massively: Friends of contemporary rock compositions aren’t missing out either with Rook Road, who therefore label their style diversity rock. Starting out in wild jams, the highly experienced musicians noticed right away that everything simply fits perfectly and feels great – the chemistry as a group just as well as the way even their earliest ideas and song patterns came together. A creative path shaped up quickly – and the band decided to take it.


1 Talk too much

2 Sick to the bone

3 Sometimes

4 Romeo

5 Paradox

6 Kinda Glow

7 Deny

8 Sam Rogers

9 Celebration/Feels like

10 Tower

11 Egyptian Girl

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