Review: Troy Redfern – The Wings of Salvation

Review: Troy Redfern – The Wings of Salvation

RED7 Records (September 23rd, 2022)

Reviewer: Dan Mann

King of the slide guitarTroy Redfern is back with new album ‘The Wings of Salvation‘, just over a year since releasing his excellent ‘The Fire Cosmic‘.

Things are still firmly on an upward trajectory , helped no end by Troy’s continued investment in  production and mastering. On ‘The Wings of Salvation‘, Troy had aclaimed producer Dave Marks twiddle the knobs, whilst mastering was left in the safe hands of Abbey Road Studios.

Once again you can immediatly hear the dividends this approach has delivered. There’s a bit of a retro feel to the whole album, something Troy set out to achieve, and it really suits the album’s ten tracks.

I do feel that the title “King of the slide guitar” could maybe limit audiences if they’re not familiar with Troy and his musical output. Yes there’s slide guitar, of course there is, but ‘The Wings of Salvation‘ is so much more than a run of the mill blues rock album. The harder edge that was evident on ‘The Fire Cosmic‘ helps pummel, if that’s the right word, the album into one’s lugholes, making this an album that most certainly has you reaching to crank up the volume knob. That increase in volume brings the album even more alive, the songs are screaming out to be played live with gusto and fervour!

The Wings of Salvation‘ goes through a complete range of musical styles. The jaunty opener ‘Gasoline‘ very much an upbeat album launcher. The heavy blues of ‘Heart & Soul‘ complete with gospel style clapping, makes me think of Rival Sons as someone similar. Or Troy letting loose on ‘Come On‘ with it’s pounding drum beat courtesy of drummer Paul Stewart, a track that just highlights the production values, the drum sound so tight and clear.

Well Troy Redfern has done it again, and I say that with admiration, as following up ‘The Fire Cosmic‘ was never going to be easy. Troy has most certainly fouind his groove, and boy does it suit him!