Review: Call Of The Wild Festival 2022

Review: Call Of The Wild Festival 2022

Reviewer: Dan Mann

Photography: Dan Mann, Paul Saripo

COTW Wolfpack 2022

Finally after three years of turmoil and chaos, Call Of The Wild Festival made a welcome return to the Lincoln Showground. I thoroughly enjoyed the first COTW back in 2019 and was looking forward to seeing the new double stage layout.

Before the main event kicked off on the Thursday, the VIP’s or Wolfpack as they’re known were treated to what I thought was a fantastic set by Iron Maiden tribute band Ey Up Maiden. Tribute bands can be a hit or miss, but these guys absolutely nailed it, a fantastic set and a band I wouldn’t hesitate seeing again. What a great start to the proceedings.

Now, I’m not about to review every single band that played COTW. It would take me a month to write and as long for you to read! Instead I’ll cover what were for me personally the highlights etc.

First off let me say the double stage Kilmister/Southall Lawless layout worked so well, there was minimal waiting time between bands and generally everything worked increadibly smoothly. The sound was great across all the acts, even in the Dead Skull Stage marquee, and it was plainly obvious that bands and attendees were having a great time. It wasn’t just about the music, but a chance for people to meet up with friends and chums, a mention must be made to the American / Canadian contingent who obviously traveled some distance in order to enjoy what was an excellent line-up.

Highlight acts for me were South Of Salem, Kickin Valentina, Shiraz Lane, Wicked Stone, Hollowstar and the unexpected and welcome addition of The Mercury Riots. Okay some of the bands who were on the line-up aren’t exactly my cup of tea, however there wasn’t a bad performance from any of the bands.

All of this wouldn’t of been possible without the incredible hard work & commitment by the Upstaged crew. It’s very much a case of hats off to Raz White, Dave O’ Hara, Mark ‘Tosh’ Davies, Chris Stones and Co for putting together and delivering what is without doubt one of the friendliest, well organised and enjoyable festivals in the UK.

Below are a selection of photos from the four days, click on image for full size.





All photographs copyright © Dan Mann (Rockposer Dot Com! & Paul Saripo (Paul Saripo Photography)