Behind the scenes of 70000TONS OF METAL 2023: EMPRESS (USA), OSYRON (CAN) and HEI’AN (SVN) talking about boat, bands, and bonding with fans! “Every year since the very first 70000TONS OF METAL, The Original, The World’s Biggest Heavy Metal Cruise, set sail in the Caribbean Sea, we from CMM and our label service SAOL have been part of the crew. And every year, we are proud of taking artists from […]

2 years and a half after its debut and self-titled EP, French symphonic prog-metal trio Oïkoumen self-released a first full-length record called ‘Dystopia‘ on CD & digital through the main legal platforms. Stream/ buy the album on CD & digital: here This concept album is about the anxiety generated by receiving all day long (bad) news from all around the world (from ecological and […]

Demons By Design is the side project of Colin Emery (Perfect NME). Drawing inspiration from earlier musical and conceptual influences, it seeks to recombine these various elements in a new way and to present them in a contemporary fashion This musical freedom allows for a lot of scopes to experiment with sounds and atmospheres, incorporating elements of industrial, goth, and metal, to name a few. The occasional collaboration with guest artists also helps to add an additional layer to a song’s atmosphere and impact. The new single ‘Feed Me Like A Drug‘ is a perfect example of that; Says […]

Disillusive Play is excited to announce the signing with Wormholedeath label for the distribution and promotion of their second full album entitled ‘Songs for the Non-Existent‘, which will be released in Spring 2023.   The album will include 11 songs. For Disillusive Play there were never strict limits on the music style. The different influences of every member are put together and the final outcome can be described as hard/heavy rock with a metal attitude and some progressive nuances. However, if some influences should be mentioned, these would be bands like Queensrÿche, Conception, Marillion, King Crimson, Pendragon, and also more modern bands such as Halestorm, Stone Sour, Avenged Sevenfold and many, many others. After a very hard working and tough period, Disillusive Play is coming […]

Spanish female-fronted progressive rock band The Flying Caravan is excited to announce the release of their Official lyric video for ‘Flying Caravan‘, a track from their upcoming album ‘I Just Wanna Break Even‘. The album will be re-released worldwide via Wormholedeath. The band, whose sound is heavily influenced by classic bands like Camel, Pink Floyd, […]

Following the band’s recent announcement, to release their forthcoming, eighth studio offering ‘I Am The Storm‘ on March 17, 2023 through AFM Records, today, Los Angeles-based progressive metal masters Redemption have unleashed a brand new single! By the end of 2022, the band already shared a first album foretaste with a music video for the […]