Review: Reckless – T.M.T.T.80

Review: Reckless – T.M.T.T.80

Sneakout Records/Burning Minds Music Group (April 29th, 2022)

Reviewer: Jason Hopper

While listening to Italian Hair Metal band Reckless’ release ‘T.M.T.T.80‘, I came to a conclusion about throwback bands that have been popping up lately. There are bands that have a passion for that 80s rock sound and try and create their own style to match their contemporaries. Some perform well and even a few are better than bands that thrived in that era (Crazy Lixx, H.E.A.T).  In these examples, the focus was always on the music. Then there are bands that have a passion for the 80s rock genre and all the clichés that encompass it. They focus so much on matching what made 80s bands sound so great that they do a “cut and paste” job of taking everything associated with the scene and fitting it into song ideas…at the detriment of the music itself. They do not create their own style so much as assemble a bunch of platitudes.  That sums up the band Reckless.

If you like a band that provides you with “member berries” (Remember this?  Remember that?) then this will suit you perfectly.  With song titles like ‘Rock Hard (In My Party!)’, ‘We Are the Rock’, ‘Raise Your Fist’, ‘Take Me to the 80s’ and ‘Back In Time’, the band attempts to be Steel Panther, without the tongue-in-cheek humor or strong melodies. Their playing is adequate but there is nothing that helps the band stand out. Picture an 80s cover band that you would go see in some bar or club who decide to throw in a few originals about being an 80s band. That is the type of music formulated here.

The band is able to come up with a few solid tracks. There are songs like ‘Red Lips’ along with ‘Countach’ (which I learned today is a type of Lamborghini) ‘Scandalo!’ and ‘One Night Together’ that show the band has the ability to construct decent tracks. The clichés here don’t leap at you. While there are certainly similarities to other bands, the band here constructs something that they can call their own.  All of these tracks have varying tempos, great melodies, and show a band with a lot of promise.

Something interesting happens about halfway through the album. Singer A.T. Rooster goes for two different vocal styles, similar to what singer Dean Davidson did for the second Britny Fox album ‘Boys In Heat’. There’s his standard singing style and then a guttural-type sound to his voice. This style is pursued on three tracks with varying degrees of success. The best track to feature this the aforementioned ‘Red Lips’, which has a catchy riff and chorus. A.T. stays within a decent range for this vocal approach. On the very next track ‘Raise Your Fist’, he goes off the rails, overextending his voice to scream a chorus that is outside of his range for this type of approach. It is the type of song that will ruin his voice if he attempts to sing this song live. All this makes for a cringy listening experience.

Unfortunately, most of the tracks come off as a band that is trying too hard to resemble their influences. The themes of rocking out 80s style is a tired trope that is difficult to pull off well these days in just one song. Half of this album covers this topic, and it is simply dull. The band would be better off coming up with better sounding songs and themes. Rocking out because you can rock is just not a compelling enough subject these days.