Review: Lordi – Lordiversity AFM Records (November 26th 2021) Reviewer: Jason Hopper I should preface this review with a disclaimer. This is going to be a long and extensive review.  Lordi have returned with no less than a seven-album box set, with almost all new material. Back in early 2020, Lordi released a fictional “greatest […]

Review: Victory – Gods of Tomorrow AFM Records (November 26th 2021) Reviewer: Jason Hopper Victory return with a new album after a 10-year absence and with fewer original members (only longtime guitarist Herman Frank remains).  You would think with such a change in band members it would in the best of situations change the fundamental […]

Review: Thy Row – Unchained Rockshots Records (September 24th 2021) Reviewer: Jason Hopper Back in 2017, I was introduced to a band named Wraith with their album Revelation. I remember being blown away by the metal riffs and song structures, but what stood out to me the most was the production. It had the type […]

Review: Wild Freedom – Polarize Wormholedeath Records (October 22nd 2021) Reviewer: Jason Hopper Hailing from Barcelona, Spain, Wild Freedom return with their second album ‘Polarize’. The band label themselves as a metal band in their biography, but that is an oversimplification. This album takes some melody twists and turns that I did not expect, which […]

Review: AFM Records – 25 Years Metal Addiction – The Rare and The Unreleased AFM Records (October 29th) Reviewer: Jason Hopper AFM Records is celebrating their 25th anniversary by releasing a 2-disk collection of songs that lay unreleased, ended up as region-restricted bonus tracks, or were previously released digitally only, a whopping 30 songs in […]

Review: David Reece – Blacklist Utopia El Puerto Records (October 29th 2021) Reviewer: Jason Hopper David Reece is an artist I have been following since the initial Bangalore Choir release from 1992. Throughout the decades his albums range from stellar (Bangalore Choir’s On Target, Accept, Bonfire) to unremarkable (The other Bangalore Choir releases, various solo releases). I […]