Review: Troy Redfern /Robert Jon & The Wreck, The Bodega Nottingham, September 22nd 2021

Review: Troy Redfern /Robert Jon & The Wreck,

The Bodega Nottingham, September 22nd 2021

Reviewer: Dan Mann

Wednesday evening was a chance to enjoy some more live music in what I was informed is a ‘cosy’ venue. Alas due to traffic I arrived after the start of support act Troy Redfern‘s set. As I entered the venue it was immediatly obvious why the description cosy had been used! Rammed to the gills would be a suitable description, with a capacity crowd which made photographing a tad tricky to say the least.

I’ve been fortunate to see Troy perform a few times over the years, but not flying solo. Armed with his trusty resonator and only a kick drum for company on stage, hot off the heels of his new album ‘The Fire Cosmic‘ (review here), Troy delivered a superb performance, amply demonstrating why he’s the king of the slide guitar. You’ll get the chance to catch Troy again supporting the Quireboys (details here)

Robert Jon & The Wreck have certainly become more well known after the release of their latest album ‘Shine A Light On Me Brother‘ (review here) and with rave reviews of the dates already played on this UK tour there was certainly a buzz amoungst the crowd.

From the off the band reinforced why they were garnering such rave reviews. With the band somehow shoehorned onto the small stage, we were given a fantastic display of musicianship, and it was plainly obvious the band were enjoying themselves as much as the audience. With material from ‘Shine A Light On Me Brother‘, as well as their previous releases, Robert Jon & The Wreck delivered what was a fantastic night of southern inspired blues rock.

The band have announced a gig at London’s 100 Club next May (details here) which if not already sold out, soon will be, so if possible grab the oppotunity to see a band well and truly embracing the UK music scene as much as we are of them.