Kingdom Keys Set To Release New Album ‘Violence & Virtue’ On June 4th 2021

Kingdom Keys started life as a pipe dream by singer/songwriter Sam Jason Cook. With a list of influences and a black book full of local musicians, he set out to create the perfect line-up to breath life into the growing repertoire stuck inside his head.

Recruiting Daniel Bareford (guitar/vox), Danny De Ara (guitar), Simon Benefer (piano/vox), Jay Harrison (bass/vox) and recently departed Jake Graham (drums) the sextuplet began working on tracks encompassing their alt rock, prog, pop and funk influences. With so many accomplished musicians involved, work was soon completed on debut EP ‘Beyond What You See‘ in the summer of 2016. After a flurry of high profile shows including a coveted support slot at Europe’s largest un-ticketed music festival – King’s Lynn’s Festival Too, work started on the hotly anticipated debut album. With six busy musicians the going was slow and an unofficial hiatus of sorts was cast over the band.

Passion for the project soon picked up as Kingdom Keys committed to finishing what they started and with a combination of home recording and bringing on board producer Lee Batiuk (Deaf Havana, The First). ‘Violence & Virtue‘ began to take shape. 12 tracks dealing with love, loss and the perils of social media to name but a few, make up an album Kingdom Keys are incredibly proud of. Exploring the heavier side of their influences, whilst keeping true to the heartfelt nature of ‘Beyond What You See‘, ‘Violence & Virtue‘ is a journey through human emotion, portrayed throughout an album that can bring tears, rouse a call to arms, hit the dance floor and then the mosh pit, all threaded together by Sam’s stellar vocal performances and a band playing out of their skin. Kingdom Keys have always been greater than the sum of their parts and ‘Violence & Virtue’ sets to prove this once and for all.

Violence & Virtue‘ is self-released and available on the 4th June 2021


Sam Jason Cook – Vocals

Daniel Bareford – Guitar

Vocals Danny De Ara

Jay Harrison – Bass

Simon Benefer – Piano

Tom Hartley – Drums

Produced – Lee Batiuk/Kingdom Keys

Mastering – Luke Martin/Versed Audio

Visuals – Sam Lance