Review: Lee Ainley’s Blues Storm – Evolution

Review: Lee Ainley’s Blues Storm – Evolution

Epictronic (Spring 2021)

Reviewer: Dan Mann

Lee Ainley’s Blues Storm are another band that I’ve only just been made aware of, and boy am I glad. Lingering at my prefered end of the blues/blues rock genres, with a stiring beat and just the right amount of grit, this Sussex band are right up my street musically.

Taking care of the vocal side of thing are the pairing of mother and daughter Lee Ainley and Tori Mai Hobbs-Ainley. The vocal styles change as the album progresses, going from the spine tingling ‘Pins & Needles‘, to the upbeat ‘Hell Yeah‘, but that doesn’t mean they don’t blend nicely, not allowing any song to stick out like a sour thumb!

Tori also wealds the rhythm guitar, while the lead guitar parts on the album, according to the attached pdf, are forefiilled by Elliot Young as opposed to usual lead guitarist Dave Moss. If I’ve missunderstood this then no doubt I’ll get corrected, however the guitar playing is full of powerful licks, not just your bog standard blues rock fair, but there are noticible rock influences which enhance the songs no end.

With the engine room of Nat Ainley on bass (and backing vocals plus keyboards/piano) and David Atkin on drums (and backing vocals) delivering a tight, driving beat, ‘Evolution‘ sounds punchy, helped as well by what is an excellent production.

Evolution‘ was originally meant to release back in February last year, but Lee Ainley’s Blues Storm are another band who’ve delayed release until 2021, and hopefully the release can now be backed up by some live dates.

Highly recommended.