Review: Backwood Spirit – Fresh From The Can

Review: Backwood Spirit – Fresh From The Can

Pride & Joy Music (23/04/21)

Reviewer: Dan Mann

I had planned on getting this here review of ‘Fresh From The Can‘ onto the website before release date, but alas ‘life’ got in the way. Still, here it is now!

Backwater Spirit return with their new album ‘Fresh From The Can‘, four years after their self-titled debut.

I must admit I really enjoyed the debut and glad the band have released more material. So what are Backwater Spirit like? Well, think American bluesy rock coupled with helpings of British classic rock from the 70’s.

The band was formed by guitarist Kent Engström, and with the exception of new bassist Mats Berglund who replaced Niclas Boson, it is the same line-up on ‘Fresh From The Can‘ as the debut.

Those of you unfamiliar with will probably know, or have heard the name Göran Edman, whose previously worked with the likes of Yngwie Malmsteen, John Norum and Rockposer Dot Com! reviewer David Mark Pearce. He’s one of those vocalists who basically could just sing the phone book (remember them) and you’d listen. His vocals on ‘Fresh From The Can‘ just ooze that laid back bluesy feel.

The album consists of nine tracks, coming in just shy of an hour’s runtime, so ensure you’ve a bottle of Jack Daniels or Jim Beam to hand as you sit back and allow the muisc to wash over you.

And wash over you it does, delivering the sort of wonderful bluesy rock that will certainly appeal to rock fans as thankfully this style of rock has come very much back in favour!

From the opener ‘Catch Your Fire‘ that would not be out of place on any Black Crowes album to the final track ‘Mayflower‘ a multi-layered track nearly eight minutes long and one of my favorites on the album, each song fits neatly in the fold.

With the southern rock sound of ‘Witchwood‘ and the ultra laidback ‘Sweet In The Evening (Lullaby)‘ ‘Fresh From The Can‘ delivers a few different genre influences without the album becoming muddy.

A thoroughly enjoyable album, here’s hoping there’s an album number three…