Review: Gary Moore – How Blue Can You Get

Review: Gary Moore – How Blue Can You Get

Provogue (April 30th 2021)

Reviewer: Dan Mann

Methinks that this new release by Provogue should garner a fair bit of interest. Not just because it’s the legendary Gary Moore, but ‘How Blue Can You Get‘ is an album of previously unreleased material from the sadly missed guitarist.

What we get is eight tracks of blues and blues rock, coming in at just under forty five minutes, from a man who could put more passion & soul into a track then plenty of other blues guitarists.

Can you believe it’s been ten years since Gary Moore‘s death! He left a huge hole in the World of music, ‘How Blue Can You Get‘ goes someways to helping fill that hole a little.

What we get on the album is a range of blues and blues rock numbers, kicking off with a cover of the Freddie King song ‘I’m Torn Down‘, a song that Gary stated was one of his favorite’s to play live, to an astonishing title track, that’s a cover of the BB King hit ‘How Blue Can You Get‘, that’s over seven minutes long!

If we ‘re talking original compositions rather than cover versions then those are forfilled by originals ‘Looking At Your Picture‘, a blues rock track very remenisant of ZZ Top tone wise, and ‘In My Dreams‘, think ‘Parisienne Walkways‘ with added emotion, without doubt my favorite on the album.

Runner up in favorite tracks for me is an alternate take on the song ‘Love Can Make A Fool Of You‘. It raises the hairs on your arms with it’s agonising emotion and soul.

The album rounds off with ‘Living With The Blues‘. Gary’s guitar backed by some subtle Hammond organ. This is another track that runs over seven miutes long and yet somehow you don’t want it to end.

I found the whole album hugely emotional, not just in Gary Moore‘s playing and vocals, but it really hit me emotionally too.

Even if your not really a blues/ blues rock fan at heart, ‘How Blue Can You Get‘ cannot fail to deliver to you an absolute masterclass of guitar playing and musical storytelling!