Review: Walk The Walk – Walk The Walk

Review: Walk The Walk – Walk The Walk

AOR Heaven (March 26th 2021)

Reviewer: Jason Hopper

Oh my Sweet Lord!  Where did this band come from? Walk The Walk comes kicking in the doors of 2021, pushing other possible contenders for Album of the Year out of the way, grabbing the award, and walking defiantly with head held back out of the same entrance.  I was expecting some great stuff from a bunch of established bands this year, but was not expecting this.

So what makes this album so great?  A singer who at times resembles Sebastian Bach, ripping guitars, sign-along anthems, and awesome layered background vocals in every song.  Those background gang vocals are the strongest aspect of this album.  The production makes them pop.  Some may think they are overused, but they are one of my favorite attributes of hard rock (Huge Def Leppard fan here).

Those background vocals instantly stick out in opening track ‘Heaven’s On It’s Way Down‘. Very reminiscent of Winger’s Can’t Get Enough (especially the “Hey Hey” vocals) with a melody similar to the Saints and Sinners track ‘Walk That Walk’, it’s a slow heavy groove that gets the album off to a great start.

Lead single ‘Running From You‘ is a solid track about sticking by the love of your life, with more great harmonies in the chorus and a smokin’ solo from Paul Alfery, who plays all of the instruments on the album and does an incredible job.  While this would be considered an enviable song by most artists in the genre and a worthy single, this is nowhere near the best track on the album.

It’s track three where the comparisons to Sebastian Bach become more clear. ‘Are You There‘, a song that finds itself somewhere between a mid-tempo rocker and a ballad, reveals lead singer J. Adler to have similar capabilities to Mr. Bach when he pushes his vocals in the chorus. He may not be able to scream like Bach, but can sing like him. Also, kudos to saving the guitar solo for the end of the song. Changes in the verse/bridge/chorus/solo paradigm are always welcome.

As good as those first three songs are, the album really takes off with the start of track four.  ‘Two Miles To Go‘ immediately kicks you in the face with it’s take no prisoners rhythm. Yep, it’s a driving song and what a song it is! Those familiar with the Cold Sweat song ‘Four On The Floor’ will get an idea of what this song sounds like. From here on out, it’s one awesome melody after another.

I won’t go on about every single remaining track. I assure you all of them are worthy of listening to, but I will point out my favorite track on the album, ‘Fight On Your Feet‘. If there is one song you should listen to in order to get a grasp of what this album represents, look no further that this pinnacle of melodic rock prominence.

So are there any critiques? Depending on aural tastes, the only possible critique could be the production. While the lead, background vocals, and guitars sound great, the drums could have used a little more punch. Being that a certain label makes all of their releases sonically similar, I welcome differing production techniques so this does not negatively impact the album

I have a certain way of reviewing albums. I listen to each track two or three times and write small reviews of each before moving on to the next one. I eventually listen to the album straight through again as I write my full review. With ‘Walk The Walk‘, by the time I reached track six, I just stopped reviewing and listened to all the tracks one after another, as I was enthusiastic to get to my next adrenaline rush. It’s early into 2021, but this album will surely make my Top 5 of the year, without question. This is a MUST HAVE ALBUM!