Finnish Melodic Hard Rock Band Jo Below Release ‘I Confess’ Single

Helsinki-based rockers Jo Below have released a new single from their upcoming second EP ‘No Control‘ which is set to be released on April 16th 2021 by Inverse Records. Like its predecessor ‘Ms. Death‘ (released in January 2021), ‘I Confess‘ combines heavy low-tuned guitar riffs with catchy vocal hooks in a style similar to Stone Sour, Halestorm and Paramore.

Listen to ‘I Confess‘ single:

Apple Music:

Formed in 2017, Jo Below are a four-piece melodic hard rock group consisting of frontwoman Johanna Kari, guitarist Roni Seppänen, bassist Jonne Lindqvist and drummer Olli Vartiainen. The group combines traditional hard rock sounds with modern influences, calling their style of music ’modern classic rock’.

Pre-save ‘No Control‘ EP to your Spotify playlist:

Track list:
1. Ms. Death
2. Where Are You Now?
3. Another Dimension
4. I Confess
5. No Control

Cover art by: Olli Vartiainen


Johanna Kari – vocals
Roni Seppänen – guitar
Jonne Lindqvist – bass
Olli Vartiainen – drums

Official Website





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