Stranger Vision Unleash Single & Official Video For the Track ‘Soul Redemption’

talian Power Metal group Stranger Vision’s first single ‘Soul Redemption‘ from the upcoming debut album ‘Poetica‘ is now available digitally on all platforms! ‘Poetica‘ will be released on Pride & Joy Music on March 26th, 2021!

Stranger Vision’s guitar player Riccardo Toni explains: “The lyrics of the song are based on one of my poems and represent a spiritual quest which starts with an existential acknowledgement: we are all born with a burden, a wound which we cannot heal on our own. We share this condition with every other human being, and we try to heal it by going beyond ourselves. This transcendence is the light which can illuminate our soul… ‘Soul Redemption‘, indeed. This concept inspired the making of the video in which a girl, at three different stages of her life, runs away from danger, from a pain to reach the ‘light’. The escape continues throughout her life. So three different phases were represented, only to be reunited in one moment when she finds the redemption of her soul. We chose ‘Soul Redemption‘ as the first single because we think it represents well the sound we want to express. It is a melodic, catchy, powerful and immediate track. The music was born in one of those moments where you take refuge in your guitar. I composed the opening riff, which led me to structure the song, and then Ivan wrote the vocal lines and the lyrics, inspired by my poetry“.

About the band:

Stranger Vision is one of the most exciting new Heavy Metal bands around, bred on a wide range of influences from across and beyond the realms of melodic heavy metal. Facets of melodic and symphonic power metal and melodic death unite in a stunning attack in the vein of Blind Guardian, Savatage, In Flames, among others.

The group was founded in May 2019 by Riccardo Toni (guitars) and Ivan Adami (vocals), aiming to create and realize an extremely personal vision and sound with a strong focus on melodies & harmonies plus a powerful, rich sound. Luca Giacopini (drums), Daniele Morini (bass) and Gabriele Sarti (keyboards) shortly after completed the Stranger Vision line-up.

Adami and Toni then immediately started the song-writing process which was finally completed in June 2020. The recordings for the album ‘Poetica‘ took place at Domination Studio in San Marino from June to August 2020 with recording engineer Simone Bertozzi (Ancient Bards) at the desk. Mixing and mastering followed in September 2020 and were handled by Simone Mularoni (DGM).

Poetica‘ features some prestigious international special guests, such as Zachary Stevens (Savatage, Circle II Circle, Archon Angel), Alessandro Conti (Trick Or Treat, Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody, Twilight Force), Alessia Scolletti (Temperance), Fabio Dessi (Hollow Haze, Arthemis) and Guido Benedetti (Trick Or Treat). Drums, bass and guitars were recorded by Simone Bertozzi at Domination Studio, while the vocals were captured at White Studio in Modena by Ivan AdamiStranger Vision’s frontman. The mixing and mastering duties were handled by Simone Mularoni (DGM) at the renowned Domination Studio in San Marino.

Stranger Vision’s involvement in the contemporary metal scene is testified to the high expectations that already surround the group, after the sensational covers of Space Oddity (David Bowie), Mad World (Tears For Fears) and Moonshield (In Flames), shared freely by Stranger Vision during the difficult times of the lockdown.

Track listing:

1. Awakening Prelude

2. Gates of Tomorrow

3. Human Change

4. Soul Redemption

5. Never Give Up

6. Memories of You

7. The Dying Light

8. Rage

9. Over and Over

10. Before the Law

11. Wish

12. Defying Gravity

13. Hero of the New World

14. Invictus

15. Soul Redemption – Deep Version


Ivan Adami – vocals

Riccardo Toni – guitars

Gabriele Sarti – keyboard

Daniele Morini – bass

Luca Giacopini – drums

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