Review: Kickin Valentina – The Revenge Of Rock

Review: Kickin Valentina – The Revenge Of Rock

Mighty Music (January 22nd 2021)

Reviewer: Dan Mann

Sunset Strip returns with the upcoming release of Kickin Valentina‘s new album, ‘The Revenge Of Rock‘.

Having enjoyed their previous releases, and having had the chance to see them play live a couple of times, I must admit I was looking forward to seeing if there would be much in the way of change over the previous releases.

Simple answer would be yes, but not in an overblown way. Subtle little improvements helped by fine production work by Andy Reilly has helped fill out their sound, but without overblown bass and piercing treble.

Of course no album will win you over without the right songs. From the pounding opener of ‘Freak Show‘, to the Dead Daisies sounding ‘Strange‘ and ‘War‘, to the more mellow ‘Heart Tattoo‘, to the album closing frantic title track ‘The Revenge Of Rock‘, this delivers what a modern hard rock album should deliver while keeping links to the highs of the late 80’s.

Whether the boys manage to make it back over to Blighty this year considering the situation remains to be seen. However, when they do I for one will be looking forward to hearing this material live.

The Revenge Of Rock‘ is without question a great start to 2021!